Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Married People Argue

Here's What Happened - 

Dr. Finn goes to Wyndermere and checks in on Hayden about Nik's death. Hayden says she wishes she could hate Nikolas, but instead she's very sad. Finn hugs her and says he understands Hayden's regret, because of what happened to his wife. Then Hayden asks about his condition and how he's doing with his meds. Finn says he acquired a three month supply of what he needs and he hopes he'll find a cure when the three months are up.

Ava goes to her apartment and finds Scotty and Lucy there fooling around. Ava asks why the place is a mess so Scotty and Lucy explain that they had vodka and got wild. Ava ends up telling Lucy that Kevin was shot on Cassadine Island with Laura. Lucy takes off to check on Kevin. In private, Ava tells Scotty he'll be sorry for crossing her. Then Ava talks about losing Nikolas and how that effected her. After Ava ends up kicking Scotty out. 

Kiki gets a visit from Morgan at Nina's apartment and he wants to discuss her conversation with Ava. Kiki tells him that Ava knows about their STI, but that Kiki ended up telling Ava off. They bond over that and end up having sex. After Morgan leaves to supposedly pick up take out, but decides to go see Ava instead. Morgan tells Ava that he plans to marry Kiki. After he leaves, Ava says to herself that Morgan will marry Kiki over her dead body.

Carly asks Nell to take a test to prove she's Jocelyn's donor at Sonny's house. Nell asks why they think she's lying and says she's not looking for money. Nell gets defensive and runs out. Michael goes after her. In private, Jax tells Carly and Sonny he hopes Nell never comes back. Carly argues with Jax, but Sonny agrees with Jax. Meanwhile Michael tracks down Nell at the coffee shop. Jocelyn sees them and approaches Nell when she's alone. They end up bonding over a phone gif app. 

Back at Sonny's place, Jocelyn comes home to find Jax, Carly and Sonny arguing. Carly explains that sometimes people that used to be married still fight. Jax ends up taking Jocelyn off with him to the coffee shop. In private, Sonny says he thinks Carly needs to be very careful with Nell. Later Michael convinces Nell to stick around and they return to Sonny's house together. Nell then tells Carly she'll take the tests. 

End of show!

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