Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Luke's DNA Results

Luke's not dead!
Here's What Happened - 

At GH, Laura and Tracy wait to hear about the test results for Luke's DNA. Tracy feels confident that Luke's not dead and Laura agrees. They talk about Nikolas while they wait and Tracy says she's sorry for his loss. Later Laura asks if Tracy still loves Luke. Tracy answers that she hasn't been able to shake him. Laura is understanding and recounts her relationships with Luke and Scotty. She says she thinks she was always treated like a child by them and now she feels grown up. Laura says she's ready to define herself now. After they found out that the DNA didn't match Luke and they're thrilled. Tracy is still worried about why Luke hasn't returned her calls. She thinks Laura should go looking for Luke. However Laura says not this time and advises Tracy to go get Luke if she loves him. At the end, Tracy ends up leaving another message for Luke and pleads with him to call her back.

Lulu brings Dante an "ugly" toy to put in the new baby's room at the PCPD. He wonders if she's jumping the gun, since she's not pregnant yet. Lulu says she's trying to distract herself, because she's waiting to hear about the DNA results on Luke's bracelet. Later Lulu gets a call from the doctor saying she's malaria free and can start her hormone treatment. After Laura calls to tell her that the DNA didn't match Luke. Lulu is extremely relieved. Then Olivia comes in and Lulu tells her that she's starting fertility treatments. Olivia is thrilled and says she knows they're going to give her a granddaughter. In private, Lulu tells Dante that having a baby girl feels right. 

Franco hides in Liz's car and scares her when she goes to drive. Liz jumps out in fear. Then he explains that he wanted to thank her for coming to his defense with the police. They end up talking about their date, but Liz admits that his past is hard for her to look past. He says he's trying really hard to be someone different. Liz tells him she understands, but she doesn't think they should see each other anymore. Liz says they're not a realistic couple and they should stop before they hurt each other. He says she's an angel and that's why he painted her. Franco tells Liz she makes him full of hope. Liz responds by saying no one can be his angel, because he needs to save himself. He takes it well and gives her a sweet kiss goodbye.

Alexis and Diane wait to hear about Alexis' disbarment at the courthouse. Then they go into the hearing and Olivia bursts in. Olivia defends Alexis and tells the story of how Alexis helped her with Mayor Lomax during the 'boobgate' incident. After Alexis speaks on her own behalf. During a break, Alexis thanks Olivia for coming to help her and they commiserate about Julian. Later Alexis learns that her license is being suspended for one year. At the end, Diane and Alexis go to the Metro Court for dirty martinis. Alexis is upset and says she doesn't know how to not be a lawyer. 

Kristina leaves a nasty drunken message on Parker's voice mail at the coffee shop. Molly sees her, grabs the phone and tosses it in the bushes. Kristina gets upset and rants about how she's done with Alexis controlling her life. Molly tries to talk some sense to Kristina and says she thinks Parker just used her. However Kristina is too drunk to process her words and gets nasty to Molly. She yells at Molly to leave her alone so Molly walks away. Kristina then starts crying, but Molly comes back and hugs her. At the end, Molly suggests they go home, order pizza and binge watch TV. Kristina agrees, but then we see that Parker is calling her phone as it lays in the bushes.

End of show!

I loved Laura and Tracy's scenes today. So great to hear Laura talking about being an independent woman!

Have a great night!

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