Friday, August 12, 2016

Love Conquers All

You only love yourself!
Friday's Recap - 

At the hospital Dr. Finn tells Jason about his condition. Jason is more concerned about Sam's health. Finn says he can't tell him about that, but Jason is fine and free to go. Out in the hallway, Sam talks to Liz about her pregnancy concerns. Liz advises her to tell Jason about the baby asap. Right then Jason walks over and asks to talk to Liz about Franco. Liz tells him she doesn't want to talk about it. Meanwhile Sam gets her test results from Dr. Finn and he tells her there are no signs of malaria. Later Sam and Jason go home and he notices that Sam is keeping a secret, but she won't spill the beans. 

Franco tells Dr. Obrecht by the hospital elevators that he got fired from GH. He says he wishes he could get the benefit of the doubt at least once in his life, but everyone thinks he's the patient killer. Then he talks about Elizabeth thinking the worst of him. Dr. O says Franco shouldn't waste his time on Liz and wishes him well in his new found artistic freedom. After Dr. Obrecht is approached by Dr. Finn who tells her that Liz is the person who cleared Franco. Later Dr. O takes a mysterious phone call about Dr. Finn and then she tries to confront Finn about his recent trip. Finn ends up accusing Dr. O of being the hospital killer. Meanwhile Liz confronts Franco by the elevators about his choice to not talk to her. He says he got fired from GH and is leaving. At the end, Franco learns from Dr. O that Liz was the person who cleared him. 

Kristina realizes that Alexis convinced Parker to leave town at the coffee shop. Alexis admits to speaking with Parker and tries to explain what the conversation was about. Alexis tells her that Parker said she couldn't see a future with Kristina and she never meant to hurt her. Kristina says it wasn't Alexis' decision to make and she's trying to control her. Alexis thinks that if Parker really cared she would fight for Kristina and she only did what she did because she loves Kristina. 

Julian reaches for the keys to escape in his prison cell when Nina walks in and steps on his hand. She picks up the keys and tells him she found out that the papers he signed turning Crimson over to her before had some under handed small print. Nina has new papers for him to sign, which were drawn up by her attorney, and tells Julian to sign or she'll expose him for trying to escape. Julian agrees and signs. Then she advises Julian to plead guilty, but Julian believes that he's going to get released and will return to Alexis. Nina thinks he's delusion. Julian swears that Alexis still loves him and love conquers all. Nina says he only loves himself. 

Lulu tells Dante at the station that she wants to talk to Valentin. Dante doesn't like the idea, but Lulu says she has questions about what happened on the island. Later Dante and Lulu talk to Valentin together. Lulu wants to know if Valentin knows about the envelope Helena left for her and the skeleton she found in the tunnels. Valentin says he doesn't know about the skeleton and says he never met Luke. He goes on to say that he hates the Cassadine's not the Spencer's. Lulu gets angry and yells at Valentin for killing Nikolas. At the end, Nina pays Valentin a visit. She asks if he slept with her, because he was covering something up. However Valentin says he slept with her because she's beautiful and he's taken with her. Nina tells him that she was the one who turned him in, but Valentin says he doesn't regret sleeping with Nina. He thinks they will see each other again.

End of show!

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