Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Let's Start A Fire

Tuesday's Recap - 

Dante tackles Sam to stop her from going after Jason on Cassadine Island. She gets annoyed, but then Jason comes walking out of the woods. Sam runs into his arms and then Jason explains how he survived the plane crash. He suggests they build a rescue fire, but Ava worries it might draw the wrong attention. Jason ignores Ava and goes to collect fire wood with Dante. In private, Laura and Lulu discuss Nikolas' death. Then Laura notices Lulu wearing Luke's bracelet and Lulu tells her about the skeleton she found. Nearby Ava expresses sadness about Nik's death to Dante, Sam and Jason. Later Laura asks Jason to remember that Nikolas was a good man. Then they spot a rescue boat. Laura feels guilty for leaving Nik and possibly Luke behind, but Lulu says they need to be there for Spencer. 

Nina is greeted by Valentin Cassadine while trying to get into her hotel room at The Metro Court. They have a flirty exchange and then Valentin claims he's interested in Crimson. He mentions an article she did on the Quartermaine's and the Cassadine's. He says his name is Theo Heart and Nina has done great things with the magazine. Nina thinks he's being nice to her just because he's trying to hit on her and they end up having sex. 

Jordan and Valerie knock on Franco's art studio door to question him about the death at GH. Liz tries to defend Franco by saying he's been with her for hours. However Jordan tells him the vile he was holding had traces of the drug used to kill all the victims. Franco swears he just picked up the vile when he visited the patient and she was alive when he left. Then he tells Jordan to get a warrant if she wants to search his studio. Liz tries to convince him to cooperate, but he refuses. In response, Jordan tells Franco she's going to hold him for 24 hour. 

Sonny and Morgan talk on Sonny's deck. They're interrupted by Jocelyn who comes running out saying Jax is in town. Sonny suggests that she let him take her to see Jax. Then Kristina stops by for a visit and assures Sonny she's doing okay. After Kristina and Morgan chat alone and she tells him that Sonny saw her kissing Parker. Kristina says Sonny was very supportive. Morgan remarks that he's jealous that she can date guys and girls. Kristina laughs, but gets a little sad thinking of Parker blowing her off and Aaron stepping away. Kristina confides in Morgan that she was falling in love with Parker. 

At the Metro Court, Jax accuses Carly of lying about dropping the kidney search. He tells Carly that her search is misguided and she needs to stop. Carly gets defensive and says she just wants to help Jocelyn. Jax asks Carly to promise him she'll drop the search, but then Sonny and Jocelyn walk in. Jocelyn is excited to see Jax, but Sonny isn't so thrilled. Jax takes Jocelyn to dinner and after in private, Sonny asks Carly what Jax is up to. Carly says Jax wants her to stop searching. Sonny wants to know what Jax's agenda is. Meanwhile at The Floating Rib, Jax makes a mysterious phone call saying he's handling Carly and Sonny while Jocelyn is in the bathroom. 

Spencer tries to make a sneak phone call to Nikolas from camp and leaves him a message saying he misses him. His message is cut short by a camp counselor who tells Spencer to go back to sleep. However as soon as the counselor leaves, Spencer leaves another message for Nik asking him to come see him perform at camp. At the end, we see the person who ends up listening to Spencer's messages is Valentin Cassadine. 

End of show!

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  1. just want to throw out a thanks for doing these and for doing such a terrific joB!!

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that! :)


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