Thursday, August 18, 2016

Knocked Out

Who stole the cuff link?
Today's Show - 

Dr. Munro gets a message at the hospital from Claudette, but he tosses it in the garbage. Then he goes to the lab to talk to Dr. Finn. However Dr. Finn politely tells him to mind his business. After Finn makes a recording about his findings saying he's found a promising compound and then injects himself. He talks to a "Rico" saying he's sorry he couldn't save him. Finn starts talking about Hayden, but then Valerie walks in and surprises him. She tells him she's conducting a swept. Valerie finds a cuff link that Finn says isn't his, then he takes off. 

At Wyndermere, Dante, Laura, Lulu, Kevin, Hayden and Curtis convene post Nik's off camera funeral that Lucky supposedly attended and then quickly left town again for. Hayden thanks Curtis for being her friend and he leaves. After Lulu and Hayden end up fighting with each other so her and Dante take off. In private, Laura thanks Hayden for not telling Lulu about Nik's dark side. Later Laura overhears Hayden on the phone with her mother discussing her prenup with Nik. Laura gets upset and threatens Hayden that she will fight her if she tries to take anything from Nikolas. Hayden swears it was her mother pushing the issue and she has no intention of doing anything, but Laura doesn't buy it. 

Curtis goes to the hospital and runs into Dr. Finn. He asks why Finn didn't go to Nik's funeral. Dr. Finn says he didn't know Nik. Curtis makes sure to let him know that Hayden could use a friend. Then Curtis asks where Valerie is so Finn tells him to look in the lab. Meanwhile in the lab, Valerie gets knocked out by an unseen person. After Curtis finds her and revives her. Valerie tells him she didn't see who hit her, but then she notices the cuff link she found is missing. Valerie thinks the cuff link must be connected to the hospital murders. 

Back at Wyndermere, Hayden is jarred from her fight with Laura and runs to the door. When she opens it, Finn is there with a cactus. Finn asks her out for a drink. Meanwhile Kevin tries to calm Laura down in the living room. Laura cries about how she abandoned Nik on Cassadine Island when he was a baby. She cries that she sacrificed him for her own freedom and she lost so many years with him. Laura thinks what happened to Nik is her fault. Kevin hugs her and consoles her. They get close and it leads to a kiss.

Maxie and Nathan wake up and Maxie talks about having a dream of their wedding day. She says in her dream Claudette was out of their lives. However Nathan says Claudette has made it clear she's not leaving town. Nathan tries to ease her concerns with some sex. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Nina makes a call inquiring about Valentin. Then she runs into Claudette who is quick to tell Nina that she's staying in town. Later Maxie joins Lulu at The Metro Court, where Lulu notices a hickey on Maxie's neck. After Lulu advises Maxie to trust Nathan and forget Claudette. Lulu also mentions that she's trying to get pregnant again. 

In the hospital conference room, Griffin finds Claudette waiting in there. She tells him that she got a job at GH. Griffin is surprised to see her and then says he's going to tell Nathan that he's the man he shot. Claudette doesn't like the idea and admits that she came to PC with an agenda. She says seeing Griffin changed her agenda and she never stopped loving him. Griffin says they can't go back. Claudette thinks he's just guilty because he really wants to be with her. Griffin ends up kissing her. Meanwhile at the PCPD, Nathan and Dante talk about the hospital killer case. After Nathan asks Dante to be his best man and Dante says yes. Nathan also says they bumped up their wedding day because of Claudette. After Dante and Nathan meet up with Lulu and Maxie at the hospital. 

Sonny goes to Alexis' house and wakes her up. She realizes that she missed Nikolas' funeral. Sonny deduces that Alexis is a little hung over and he demands to know what's going on with her. Alexis says she's not in the mood to talk about it. Then Sonny asks her to review some contracts for the coffee shop so Alexis has to tell him about her license being suspended. Later Nina stops by and tells Sonny and Alexis that she caught Julian trying to escape. Sonny leaves and once in private, Nina tells Alexis that Julian thinks she's still in love with him. Meanwhile Sonny goes to the Metro Court to meet an associate and puts an order on Julian to be watched. 

End of show!

I just want to say that I'm loving Laura lately and love, love, love her with Kevin!

Have a great night!

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