Monday, August 1, 2016

Jax is Back!

Here's What Happened - 

At GH, Jordan, Valerie, Nurse Amy and Curtis discuss the recent death. Amy accuses Franco and then Jordan learns that Franco's fingerprints were on the vile found in the dead patient's room. Curtis tries to question Amy, but Jordan tells him she'll take care of it. Then Jordan says she needs to find Franco so Amy tells her and Valerie that Franco is on a date with Liz. Jordan is concerned for Liz's safety. Andre then walks off the elevators and Jordan asks for his help to evaluate Franco's mental health. He relunctantly agrees to help her saying it will be in a strictly professional sense. Later Jordan finds a sketch book of Franco's where he drew death masks for all the hospital victims. Andre thinks Franco might have been just using art to cope, but Jordan isn't convinced.

Nina gets emotional at The Floating Rib while she looks over all the responses she got for Jocelyn's kidney search. Later Curtis shows up and sits with her. Nina asks if he wants to help her find Jocelyn's organ donor. They also talk about Nina's relationship with Franco. She says she thinks she outgrew Franco and that she thinks there is a part of Franco that even he can't control. Then Jordan walks in and asks Nina if she knows where Liz and Franco are. Valerie comes in and tells Jordan she learned Franco is at his art studio and they walk out. After Nina feels bad that Franco moved on so quickly. Curtis is quick to remind her that she's a smart beautiful woman who shouldn't pine over Franco. At the end, Andre walks in and Curtis stops him. He tells Andre to go easy on Jordan. Andre cops an attitude and says he didn't ask for Curtis' advice.

Franco takes Liz to his art studio (oddly it's clearly a remodeled version of Liz's old art studio) and she asks him what he wants from her. He says he wanted to bring her somewhere he felt comfortable. He also tells Liz that the cell reception in his studio doesn't work. Liz looks concerned while Franco gets some glasses for champagne. Then Franco talks about his strange art over the years and says he wants to show Liz something special he's been working on. He explains that he's nervous to show her, because the painting is of her. Franco shows Liz the painting and she's awestruck and says, "it's beautiful!" Liz ends up telling him about how she used to dream of becoming an artist. He asks if he can paint her again. Liz agrees if she can also paint him in return. At the end, their date is interrupted by Jordan and Valerie knocking on the door. 

Dr. Finn surprises Carly at The Metro Court while she's tending to Roxy by giving Roxy smooches. Then Carly tells him that Roxy was great company while he was out of town. Later Carly gets called away on business and while Dr. Finn is talking to Roxy, Jax walks in. He tells Finn that Roxy is lovely and pets her. Carly returns, sees Jax and looks surprised. She asks what Jax is doing there and introduces Finn to Jax. Then Carly tells Jax that Finn is helping locate Jocelyn's kidney donor. Jax politely asks Finn to stop the search, because that is Jocelyn's wish. Carly chimes in claiming she also agrees they should stop looking. Finn tells Carly that's the wrong choice and walks away. In private, Jax asks Carly if she's truly giving up the search and says he knows she's lying. Meanwhile Finn heads to GH and asks nurse Amy to help him reestablish his lab. Nurse Amy tells him to talk to Dr. Obrecht. 

On Cassadine Island, the gang is stranded on an island while waiting for help. Sam wants to go look for Jason, but Dante warns Sam that Jason might not have made it. Ava tells Sam that Jason must be dead. Sam says she made the mistake of giving up Jason before and she won't do it again. Dante and Ava ask Sam to at least wait for the sun to come up, but she refuses and charges off. However she doesn't make it far before she passes out. Dante, Laura and Lulu help Sam wake up. Then Ava hears a boat. Meanwhile Lulu shows Dante Luke's bracelet that she found on a skeleton. At the end, Sam is determined to find Jason and darts off into the woods again. Dante chases after her and appears to tackle her.

End of show!

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