Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jason and I Are Having Another Baby

Today's Show - 

Jocelyn's supposed kidney donor shows up at Sonny's door and tells Carly, Sonny, Michael and Jax that she was told Carly wanted to meet her. She explains that Nina sent her an email and sent her Carly's address. Jax gets upset so Michael takes the donor, Nell, outside. In private, Nell asks why Michael is so nice when Carly, Sonny and Jax are uptight. Later Nina confirms to Jax that she emailed Nell without Carly's consent. After everyone listens to Nell's story about her kidney removal. Nell implies that her parents sold her kidney on the black market. Sonny is suspicious of her story, but Carly is sympathetic. Jax thinks they should pay her off and send Nell on her way, but Carly wants to run a DNA test. At the end, Carly asks Nell if she's willing to prove she's Jocelyn's donor. 

Sabrina is thrilled to find out that Teddy is ready to go home at GH. Then Joe, Carlos' brother, shows up in hospital garb. He tells her that he's now working at the hospital on a research grant. Then they talk about Teddy and Joe hopes Sabrina will allow him to spend time with Teddy. Sabrina wonders if Joe might have come to Port Charles for her, but he says he came because of how good a hospital GH is. Later Joe asks Sabrina to join him for dinner in the hospital cafeteria and she agrees. Meanwhile she ends up missing a call from Michael. 

Hayden returns to Windermere to find Lulu waiting for her. Lulu explains that Nikolas faked his death, but then died for real on Cassadine Island. Hayden realizes that Spencer knew all along. Later in private, Hayden gets a visit from Liz. Hayden wonders if Liz knew all along that Nik was going to fake his death. Liz accuses Hayden of trying to trick Nikolas into marrying her. Hayden blames Liz's secret about Jason as the reason Nik went down a dark path. Liz tells Hayden she blew it with Nikolas, because he really did love her. 

Dillon takes pills for his STI at the Quartermaine's. Tracy walks in and asks what he's doing. After a little pressure, Tracy realizes he has an STI and thinks Kiki gave it to him. Dillon refuses to confirm anything. Later Lulu stops by and asks Tracy if she's heard from Luke. Lulu explains about the skeleton she found on Cassadine Island with Luke's jewelry on it. Lulu says she'd like to run a DNA test to be sure so Dillon goes to get Luke's old baseball hat for a DNA sample. Tracy tells Lulu she thinks Luke is alive and well. Later Tracy also tells Dillon she believes Luke is very much alive. 

Jason tries calling Sam from the coffee shop with Liz nearby to find out if she's okay. Liz tells him Sam fainted and is on the 10th floor of the hospital. Meanwhile Sam learns from Dr. Finn at the hospital that she's pregnant. She seems pleased and happily says, "Jason and I are having another baby!" Later Jason shows up to check on Sam, but gets light headed himself. Finn checks him out and determines that Jason has a fever. Finn decides to run a blood test on Jason to make sure he's okay. At the end, Dr. Finn tells Sam he thinks Jason might have malaria. Finn also says Sam might have been exposed to Malaria too, which could create problems with her pregnancy. 

End of show!

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