Friday, August 5, 2016

I Know A Cassadine When I See One

Uncle Sonny meet Uncle Theo!
Friday's Recap - 

Carly gets a visit from Jax at Sonny's place and he wants to talk about the kidney search. Carly tells him that they're on the same side and she won't do anything to hurt Jocelyn. However Jax ends up seeing a text message from Nina to Carly about how she shouldn't let that 'surfer boy' stop her from searching for the kidney donor. Jax gets pissed and tells Carly he's going to push back, because he's tired of her lies. He threatens to take Carly back to family court. Meanwhile Ava sneaks in and overhears them. Jax storms out and after Ava gloats to Carly about how karma is a bitch. Then Ava demands to see her daughter and Carly allows it. After Carly listens to Ava on the baby monitor talking to Avery about much she loves her. At the end, Ava leaves saying maybe she'll look up Jax. 

Alexis gets a visit from Sam at her house and they fill each other in on what's been going on. Sam tells her about how Nik faked his death, but then died for real on the island. She also tells Alexis about Valentin. Alexis said she heard her father might have had a bastard son, but she doesn't know anything about him. Then they talk about what Julian did to Alexis. Sam takes Alexis' side and says she doesn't want anything to do with Julian anymore. Alexis advises Sam to keep out of it, they hug and then Sam goes to leave. On her way out. Sam tells Alexis not to stop fighting Julian. After Jax pays Alexis a visit and she runs into his arms. Jax asks for Alexis' help with his custody issues, but she says she might not be lawyer for long. They end up having a glass of wine and Jax tries to assure Alexis things will be okay. However she's not so sure and ends up crying on his shoulder. At the end, Jax leaves but offers words of support for Alexis on his way out.

Curtis and Nina talk about her one night stand with Valentin at the coffee shop. Nina can't believe her bad judgement with men, but Curtis is full of compliments for her. Then Curtis says he's got news about the kidney search. Curtis shows Nina a picture and claims he's certain that he's found the real kidney donor. Nina decides to email the donor, but Curtis says she can't do that. However Nina emails the potential donor anyway. Right then, Carly calls Nina and asks her to drop the search.

Sonny shows up at Spencer's camp right as Valentin is trying to get Spencer to leave with him. Spencer introduces him to Sonny as Theo, but when Sonny shakes Theo's hand he notices his tattoo. Sonny gets suspicious and stops them from walking out. Sonny convinces Spencer not to leave until his performance is done. Spencer runs off leaving Valentin and Sonny alone. In private, Sonny grabs Valentin's wrist, looks at his tattoo and says, "I know a Cassadine when I see one!" Valentin shows Sonny his gun, then points it at Sonny and insists Sonny give him his gun.

Jordan tells Jason he's free to go at the PCPD. Jason wants to know about how the search for Valentin Cassadine is going, but Jordan advises him to butt out. Then Jason calls Lulu for information on where Spencer is. Later Jason shows up at Spencer's camp just in time to help Sonny with Valentin. Jason punches Valentin out and right after Jordan arrives to arrest Valentin. Sonny and Jason are quite pleased with the outcome. Later Sonny waits for Spencer alone and tells him that Theo is bad news. Spencer tells Sonny that Nikolas is waiting for him, but Sonny has to tell him that's not going to happen. Meanwhile Jordan takes Valentin to the station and he asks for Nina's phone number as his one call. 

Ava visits Julian in the PCPD interrogation room. She can't believe he tried to kill Alexis. Julian gets emotional recounting the story to Ava, but says he hopes he and Alexis can work things out. Then he asks Ava to help him escape from prison, but Ava says she can't do what he's asking. Ava explains that what happened with Nikolas changed her and she can't risk going back to prison. Later Sam comes to visit Julian. Sam is furious and asks Julian to admit that he tried to kill Alexis. Sam tells him she's done with him and he's nothing to her. Julian then reminds Sam that he's Danny's only donor match. However Sam says Jason is the perfect match for Danny and thinks Jason would interpret Julian's words as a threat. Then she goes to leave, but ends up passing out.

End of show!

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