Friday, August 26, 2016

I Got A Call From Luke

Here's What Happened -

Sonny grills Alexis about her fight with Kristina at her house. He's concerned about the media article and what's going with Kristina. Sonny wants Alexis to find a way to make it right. Later Kristina comes home and tells Alexis she was right about Parker. She's angry and storms upstairs saying Alexis got what she wanted. Later Kristina comes back down and Alexis says she was wrong to interfere in Kristina's relationship. Kristina says she feels totally lost. Alexis thinks she's courageous and they will help each other find their way. 

Ava goes to visit Julian in jail. He tells her he's accepted that he's going to prison. Ava doesn't think Julian should give up and urges him to fight with everything he has left. After Sonny stops by to see Julian. He advises Julian to plead guilty and if he does, Sonny will protect him in prison. Sonny warns him that if he doesn't play along, Julian will find life in prison very difficult. Julian thinks Alexis won't allow Sonny to bully him.

Franco brings Elizabeth a snack at the hospital. She tells him she can't stop thinking about Hayden's diamonds. Franco says he wishes she was thinking of their next date and then they make plans to get together. Nearby Kevin tries to text Laura and notices Liz and Franco talking. Kevin then goes to get Franco for a session about his possible reinstatement. Franco hopes dating Liz will help him look good to the hospital board and asks for Kevin's advice for taking a cheap, but wonderful date. Kevin tells him he's in no position to give dating advice. After Kevin speaks with Liz and says he thinks Franco is taken with her. Liz decides to ask Kevin for some roundabout advice on the diamonds. Later she makes a call to the authorities.

At The Metro Court, Hayden and her mother, Naomi, have lunch. She tells Hayden that she's paying for lunch via a credit card scam. Then her mom tells her the diamonds could ease her financial problems. After Hayden says she will return to the city with her mother. Naomi steps away to take a mysterious phone call from Heather. Later Naomi goes to see Heather at the prison, who is quick to tell her that she wants more money or else. Right then Franco walks in and wants to know what's going on. Naomi quickly departs and after Franco asks Heather for a loan. Heather says her funds have dried up and admits that Naomi was her banker. She ends up saying that Naomi had a "brat" with Jeff Webber. 

Laura ignores a call from Kevin at Wyndermere. After there is a knock on the door and to Laura's surprise, it's Robert Scorpio. He tells Laura that he got a call from Luke about the trouble on Cassadine Island. Laura is happy to hear that Luke is alive, but wonders what else Robert has to say. Robert then says he came with a warning about Valentin Cassadine from Luke. Robert is worried that Spencer might be in danger and suggests she put extra security on him. Later Hayden returns to Wyndermere and learns from Laura that she's taking Spencer to boarding school. Hayden doesn't think its good for Spencer, but asks Laura to say goodbye for her nonetheless. Then Kevin stops by and asks Laura to hear him out. She tells him she's leaving for awhile to let things cool down. Kevin hopes they can make things right when she gets back. 

Paul and Tracy wait for Dillon to join them for lunch at The Metro Court. Paul bitches that Dillon is late and he's in the middle of the high profile case. Dillon happens to hear and gets offended. Later they sit down to eat and Tracy tries to mediate the tension between Dillon and Paul. Dillon thinks Paul has been ignoring him so Paul gets defensive about his parenting. Then Paul rushes off after getting a text from Ava, but not before giving Dillon some advice about his recent STI trouble. After Paul runs into Robert Scorpio. Robert wants to know, on Anna's behalf, if Julian is really going to jail. Paul assures him that Julian is doomed. Paul then goes to the PCPD, sees Ava and warns her that he'll use the flash drive against her if she doesn't turn on Julian. At the end, Sonny also approaches Paul about Julian's trial at the PCPD and Paul assures him that Julian is definitely going down. Meanwhile Ava goes to the Metro Court and runs into Hayden at the bar. Ava calculatedly tells Hayden that Elizabeth has her diamonds. 

End of show!

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