Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gone Fishing

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Odd Man Out

Here's What Happened - 

Nina asks Nathan at the coffee shop if he still has feelings for Claudette. Nathan says he's not in love with Claudette, but she does make him angry. Nina tries to explain to him why Claudette makes Maxie feel insecure. Nina says when someone feels like the, "odd man out," it's a terrible feeling. She advises him to make amends with Maxie.

Maxie goes over wedding details with Felicia at The Floating Rib, but says she needs to let go of her wedding dreams. Felicia insists that Maxie should fight for Nathan. She asks Maxie what it would take for her to believe in Nathan again. Later Nathan walks in so Felicia leaves to give them time to talk. Nathan explains to Maxie that what she interpreted as him being "in love" with Claudette was just his bruised ego overreacting. To prove his love Nathan tosses his ring from Claudette in the garbage. Maxie says they can work things out as long as Claudette is out of the picture. 

Meanwhile back at the coffee shop, Felicia bumps into Nina. They end up having a conversation about Nathan and Maxie. Nina tries to convince Felicia that Nathan doesn't love Claudette, but Felicia kindly questions why Nathan wasn't just honest to begin with. They agree that Nathan and Maxie make a good couple and at the end, they both get text messages from Maxie and Nathan that they worked things out. They hug to celebrate being future in laws. Right then Claudette happens by.

Monica talks to Andre and Dr. Finn at GH about the hospital murders and then the power goes out. Monica finds it odd that the generator takes awhile to come on and calls the police. Later she finds out from Andre that someone tampered with the electricity. Meanwhile in the hospital stairwell, someone pushes Liz down the stairs. Liz is bloodied and dazed. As her view comes into focus, she sees Hayden walking down the steps. Then Franco rushes down to Liz's aid just as she passes out. He orders Hayden to get help. Hayden runs out the door and bumps into Paul. Hayden runs past him to get help and Paul goes to look at Liz. 

Griffin gets surprised in the hospital locker room by Claudette, who is holding his underwear. Then the lights go off. He accuses her of fooling with the lights and asks her to leave. However Claudette thinks they have unfinished business. Griffin says all she is to him is a bullet scar and she always makes selfish choices. Claudette says she can be better with him. Griffin demands to know what she wants from Nathan. Before she can answer, Andre calls Griffin to help Liz. 

At the PCPD, Ava remembers that Paul was wearing the cuff link that Jordan showed her. She calls in a favor from one of her associates. Then Ava goes to Paul's room at the Metro Court and searches for the cuff links. Instead she finds the drug that was used to subdue the murdered patients at the hospital. Meanwhile at the hospital, Dr. Finn rushes to help Liz while Paul questions Hayden about Liz's fall. Andre and Griffin come to help so Dr. Finn goes to the Nurse's station. Monica asks him to keep on eye on things and then Finn asks Hayden in private if she's hiding anything. Then Liz is rushed to the ER and Franco blames Hayden for her getting hurt. At the end, Paul follows Monica when she's alone in the locker room with a syringe. 

End of show!

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Monday, August 29, 2016

That Bitch Has My Diamonds

Monday's Recap - 

Dante hears Lulu on the phone at their house arguing with someone about what was recovered in the explosion at Creighton-Clark last year. Then Robert Scorpio knocks on the door to tell Lulu that Luke is very much alive. Robert comes in and Dante asks if Luke said anything about visiting his family. Dante gets irked when Robert says he doesn't know, but Lulu comes to Luke's defense. Later Robert says Luke wanted to warn them about Valentin Cassadine as well. Then Lulu asks if Robert can find out if her embryos were found in the Creighton-Clark explosion. Robert agrees to help. After he leaves, Dante tells Lulu that he's on board with her search. 

Andre comes to the PCPD and surprises Jordan with a book about collectible currency. Jordan wonders why he's so interested, but Andre says he's a nerd and happens to know about stuff like that. After Jordan calls Ava to the PCPD. She asks for Ava to look at the cuff link picture. Ava says she thinks she's seen it before. Jordan says she also feels like she's seen it before. At the end, Ava remembers that she saw Paul wearing the cuff link.

At GH, Liz places a call to Jordan and asks if she can come by later to talk to her. Dr. Finn happens by and after she gets off the phone, he asks why she's going to the police station. Liz tells him she has to drop something off to Dante. After Finn runs into Monica and asks to file a complaint against Dr. Obrecht. However Monica advises him not to pick a fight with her. Right then another patient goes into arrest. Dr. Finn, Liz and Monica run into to check and find Andre doing CPR. Unfortunately the patient dies. Monica gets suspicious of Andre and calls the police. Paul comes to the hospital, but Andre refuses to talk to him without a lawyer. However at the end, they find out the patient died of natural causes. 

At The Metro Court, Ava tells Hayden that Elizabeth has her diamonds and wants to tell the FBI about it. Hayden angrily spouts, "That bitch has my diamonds!?!" Hayden thinks she's done for if Liz turns her in. She decides to leave and go find Liz to stop her. Hayden goes to the hospital, calls Liz a bitch and demands her diamonds. They end up having an argument and Hayden slaps Liz. Dr. Finn sees them, rushes in and stops them from fighting more. Liz storms off saying she's going to the police. After Hayden tells Dr. Finn that Liz wants to destroy her. Meanwhile Liz goes looking for Monica and finds Paul in her Monica's office. When Liz turns her back, we see that Paul is holding a syringe. At the end, Paul worries that Liz saw him so he goes looking for her. 

Heather tells Franco from prison that Naomi and Jeff Webber had a little brat together. Heather is reluctant to explain what she means. Heather says she promised Naomi she'd keep quiet in return for money. Franco decides to speak in hypothetical terms and gets Heather to admit that she followed Jeff back in the day and saw him with Naomi. She tells Franco that Hayden is the result and is also Liz's sister. Franco wants to tell Elizabeth, but Heather warns him not to. She tells him if the truth comes out, Naomi will stop paying her. However Franco heads off the hospital looking to tell Liz anyway. At the end, the hospital has a power failure while Liz is alone in the stairwell. Then someone comes up behind her and pushes her down the stairs. 

End of show!

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Friday, August 26, 2016

I Got A Call From Luke

Here's What Happened -

Sonny grills Alexis about her fight with Kristina at her house. He's concerned about the media article and what's going with Kristina. Sonny wants Alexis to find a way to make it right. Later Kristina comes home and tells Alexis she was right about Parker. She's angry and storms upstairs saying Alexis got what she wanted. Later Kristina comes back down and Alexis says she was wrong to interfere in Kristina's relationship. Kristina says she feels totally lost. Alexis thinks she's courageous and they will help each other find their way. 

Ava goes to visit Julian in jail. He tells her he's accepted that he's going to prison. Ava doesn't think Julian should give up and urges him to fight with everything he has left. After Sonny stops by to see Julian. He advises Julian to plead guilty and if he does, Sonny will protect him in prison. Sonny warns him that if he doesn't play along, Julian will find life in prison very difficult. Julian thinks Alexis won't allow Sonny to bully him.

Franco brings Elizabeth a snack at the hospital. She tells him she can't stop thinking about Hayden's diamonds. Franco says he wishes she was thinking of their next date and then they make plans to get together. Nearby Kevin tries to text Laura and notices Liz and Franco talking. Kevin then goes to get Franco for a session about his possible reinstatement. Franco hopes dating Liz will help him look good to the hospital board and asks for Kevin's advice for taking a cheap, but wonderful date. Kevin tells him he's in no position to give dating advice. After Kevin speaks with Liz and says he thinks Franco is taken with her. Liz decides to ask Kevin for some roundabout advice on the diamonds. Later she makes a call to the authorities.

At The Metro Court, Hayden and her mother, Naomi, have lunch. She tells Hayden that she's paying for lunch via a credit card scam. Then her mom tells her the diamonds could ease her financial problems. After Hayden says she will return to the city with her mother. Naomi steps away to take a mysterious phone call from Heather. Later Naomi goes to see Heather at the prison, who is quick to tell her that she wants more money or else. Right then Franco walks in and wants to know what's going on. Naomi quickly departs and after Franco asks Heather for a loan. Heather says her funds have dried up and admits that Naomi was her banker. She ends up saying that Naomi had a "brat" with Jeff Webber. 

Laura ignores a call from Kevin at Wyndermere. After there is a knock on the door and to Laura's surprise, it's Robert Scorpio. He tells Laura that he got a call from Luke about the trouble on Cassadine Island. Laura is happy to hear that Luke is alive, but wonders what else Robert has to say. Robert then says he came with a warning about Valentin Cassadine from Luke. Robert is worried that Spencer might be in danger and suggests she put extra security on him. Later Hayden returns to Wyndermere and learns from Laura that she's taking Spencer to boarding school. Hayden doesn't think its good for Spencer, but asks Laura to say goodbye for her nonetheless. Then Kevin stops by and asks Laura to hear him out. She tells him she's leaving for awhile to let things cool down. Kevin hopes they can make things right when she gets back. 

Paul and Tracy wait for Dillon to join them for lunch at The Metro Court. Paul bitches that Dillon is late and he's in the middle of the high profile case. Dillon happens to hear and gets offended. Later they sit down to eat and Tracy tries to mediate the tension between Dillon and Paul. Dillon thinks Paul has been ignoring him so Paul gets defensive about his parenting. Then Paul rushes off after getting a text from Ava, but not before giving Dillon some advice about his recent STI trouble. After Paul runs into Robert Scorpio. Robert wants to know, on Anna's behalf, if Julian is really going to jail. Paul assures him that Julian is doomed. Paul then goes to the PCPD, sees Ava and warns her that he'll use the flash drive against her if she doesn't turn on Julian. At the end, Sonny also approaches Paul about Julian's trial at the PCPD and Paul assures him that Julian is definitely going down. Meanwhile Ava goes to the Metro Court and runs into Hayden at the bar. Ava calculatedly tells Hayden that Elizabeth has her diamonds. 

End of show!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016


No regrets!
Thursday's Recap - 

Laura and Kevin wake up in bed together in his hotel room and Kevin wonders if Laura has any regrets. However Laura says the only thing she regrets is his getting shot on the island. The conversation makes Laura thinks of Nikolas, but she says Kevin makes the pain bearable. Later Kevin leaves to get them breakfast. Once alone, Laura accidentally discovers some of Kevin's papers. She seems upset looking through them and it turns out that Kevin is writing a book about her and has a publishing deal. When Kevin returns he sees her reading the documents. Kevin explains that he had the book deal before he started working with her and she inspired him to change the story. Kevin swears he was going to get her approval before going forward, but Laura doesn't believe him and storms out. 

At The Metro Court, Sam and Jason tell Sonny and Carly that they're getting married. They say they want to get married on September 2nd and plan to keep it simple. Carly insists that they get married at their house. Then Nell walks in so Carly introduces her to Jason and Sam. Later Sonny and Jason speak in private. Sonny guesses there is more going on with Jason than just getting married. Jason says there is and asks Sonny to be his best man. Sonny agrees and wishes him well. Meanwhile Nell and Carly go back to Sonny's house and Nell asks Carly not to tell everyone she's Jocelyn's kidney donor. Carly thinks Nell is being very mature. At the end, Nell gets a call saying that she lost her job and she'll have to go home tomorrow. 

Kristina goes back to school to see Parker, because Parker called her. However Parker explains it was just a pocket dial mishap, but says she wants to speak with her. They sit down and Parker tells her that she is genuinely attracted to her. Kristina assumes that means they should be together, but Parker explains they can never be a couple. Then she tells Kristina that she's going back to her wife. Kristina gets upset, calls Parker weak and selfish and says she doesn't want to see her again.

Alexis goes to see Jordan at her apartment. Jordan shows her media coverage of her argument with Kristina on her tablet via a website called TMI. Apparently the scathing article goes into detail and suggests that Alexis is just as violent as Julian is. Jordan is very upset and thinks this will cast doubts on Alexis' testimony against him. Jordan also wonders if maybe Alexis did this on purpose, but Alexis swears that's not the case. Alexis gets defensive and tells Jordan to go to hell. Then Alexis walks out. Later Andre stops by and can see Jordan is upset. He urges her to open up to him.

Meanwhile Alexis goes home and gets a visit from Sam. She tells Alexis that Carly convinced her to have the wedding at Sonny's house. Alexis says it's probably for the best. Alexis is tense so Sam asks what's going on, but Alexis says she doesn't want to talk about it. Sam then asks Alexis to be her best girl at the wedding and Alexis agrees. Later Sam goes back to The Metro Court to see Jason and he says he's covered the person who is going to marry them. Back at Alexis' house, Sonny stops over and demands to know what happened with the media story on TMI.

End of show!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pill Popping

Bad Ava!
Today's Show - 

Sonny comes to support Morgan at the coffee shop in how he handled the incident with the man who hit on Kiki. Morgan explains to Sonny that he wanted to hurt the guy, but he was able to pull himself back. Sonny says he's proud of him. Later Morgan shows Sonny the social media marketing strategy for the coffee shop. Sonny says seeing Morgan have passion for business is a beautiful thing. After Morgan talks about how he felt lost before, but is slowly getting clarity now and he feels like he has a future. Meanwhile Ava swaps Morgan's pills out upstairs in Sonny's house. Then she goes downstairs and says her goodbyes to Nell, who is waiting alone in the living room on her way out. 

Kevin can't believe that Laura never saw Raiders of the Lost Ark on their date at The Metro Court. She explains that she was busy in 1981 and those were adventurous days in her life. Kevin wonders if dinner with him is boring in comparison, but she insists it's exactly what she wants now. Kevin then suggests that she join him for a night cap, but just for good conversation. Laura says, "let's go!" Later they head up to his room and have a toast. They end up playing video games and laughing. It leads to a passionate kiss. They fall back on the bed, but then Kevin pulls back wondering if they're moving too fast. However Laura convinces him she's a grown up and very much ready. Then she kisses him. 

Liz finds a mysterious box from Cassadine Island at Wyndermere. Then Ava stops by and says she wanted to thank Laura for inviting her to Nik's funeral. Liz and Ava get to talking and Ava tells Liz about her recent friendship with Nikolas and consoles Liz on losing him. Ava notices the box and convinces Liz to open it. Inside they find the jacket Nikolas was wearing the night he died and one boot he was wearing. Liz gets upset seeing it. Ava asks if she can keep the boot in remembrance of Nik. Liz gets suspicious, searches it and finds Hayden's diamonds stuffed in the lining. She wants to take the diamonds to the police, but Ava pleads with her not to in the name of Nik's namesake. Then Ava walks out as Liz just stares at the diamonds wondering what to do. 

Franco eats a sandwich at his apartment and then gets a visit from Nina. She says she came to get the last box of her things. Then he tells her about his suspension from GH. She offers to help him, but Franco refuses. Then Nina says even though they didn't work out, she doesn't wish him ill will. Later Franco makes her a sandwich and they eat together. Nina ends up telling Franco that she thinks he's good at a lot of things and he should be confident. He tells Nina she should be proud of her hard work at Crimson. It leads to a conversation about Nina meeting a tall, dark and handsome stranger. Franco wonders if she's making it up to make him jealous. Nina gets annoyed and tells Franco she had incredible sex with this man, but he turned out to be Valentin Cassadine. Despite his criminal nature, Nina says she doesn't regret meeting Valentin. Nina then asks about Liz so Franco explains that he scares Liz and he's in limbo with her. At the end, they agree that better things are ahead for both of them. Nina leaves and Liz sees her as she's approaching the door. She tries to hide, but Franco notices Liz and asks what's she's doing there. She tells him she wanted to talk to someone. 

Carly asks Nell to babysit for her at Sonny's. Nell says she has to go back to her job. However Carly insists she stay and calls her job for a reference. After Carly officially hires Nell and then Sonny and Morgan come in. Avery starts crying so Nell offers to check on her. Morgan escorts Nell up to the baby's room. In private, Sonny expresses a little disappointment about Nell babysitting to Carly. She convinces him that Nell is very capable so Sonny agrees. Later Nell promises Sonny she'll take good care of Avery. At the end, Nell leaves and Sonny asks Carly if she really likes Nell. Carly says yes. Then Sonny tells Carly about Morgan's good behavior of late. Meanwhile Morgan goes to his room and pops the pills Ava planted.

End of show!

I could watch Kevin and Laura all day. Love them!!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Back Soon

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Friday, August 19, 2016


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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Knocked Out

Who stole the cuff link?
Today's Show - 

Dr. Munro gets a message at the hospital from Claudette, but he tosses it in the garbage. Then he goes to the lab to talk to Dr. Finn. However Dr. Finn politely tells him to mind his business. After Finn makes a recording about his findings saying he's found a promising compound and then injects himself. He talks to a "Rico" saying he's sorry he couldn't save him. Finn starts talking about Hayden, but then Valerie walks in and surprises him. She tells him she's conducting a swept. Valerie finds a cuff link that Finn says isn't his, then he takes off. 

At Wyndermere, Dante, Laura, Lulu, Kevin, Hayden and Curtis convene post Nik's off camera funeral that Lucky supposedly attended and then quickly left town again for. Hayden thanks Curtis for being her friend and he leaves. After Lulu and Hayden end up fighting with each other so her and Dante take off. In private, Laura thanks Hayden for not telling Lulu about Nik's dark side. Later Laura overhears Hayden on the phone with her mother discussing her prenup with Nik. Laura gets upset and threatens Hayden that she will fight her if she tries to take anything from Nikolas. Hayden swears it was her mother pushing the issue and she has no intention of doing anything, but Laura doesn't buy it. 

Curtis goes to the hospital and runs into Dr. Finn. He asks why Finn didn't go to Nik's funeral. Dr. Finn says he didn't know Nik. Curtis makes sure to let him know that Hayden could use a friend. Then Curtis asks where Valerie is so Finn tells him to look in the lab. Meanwhile in the lab, Valerie gets knocked out by an unseen person. After Curtis finds her and revives her. Valerie tells him she didn't see who hit her, but then she notices the cuff link she found is missing. Valerie thinks the cuff link must be connected to the hospital murders. 

Back at Wyndermere, Hayden is jarred from her fight with Laura and runs to the door. When she opens it, Finn is there with a cactus. Finn asks her out for a drink. Meanwhile Kevin tries to calm Laura down in the living room. Laura cries about how she abandoned Nik on Cassadine Island when he was a baby. She cries that she sacrificed him for her own freedom and she lost so many years with him. Laura thinks what happened to Nik is her fault. Kevin hugs her and consoles her. They get close and it leads to a kiss.

Maxie and Nathan wake up and Maxie talks about having a dream of their wedding day. She says in her dream Claudette was out of their lives. However Nathan says Claudette has made it clear she's not leaving town. Nathan tries to ease her concerns with some sex. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Nina makes a call inquiring about Valentin. Then she runs into Claudette who is quick to tell Nina that she's staying in town. Later Maxie joins Lulu at The Metro Court, where Lulu notices a hickey on Maxie's neck. After Lulu advises Maxie to trust Nathan and forget Claudette. Lulu also mentions that she's trying to get pregnant again. 

In the hospital conference room, Griffin finds Claudette waiting in there. She tells him that she got a job at GH. Griffin is surprised to see her and then says he's going to tell Nathan that he's the man he shot. Claudette doesn't like the idea and admits that she came to PC with an agenda. She says seeing Griffin changed her agenda and she never stopped loving him. Griffin says they can't go back. Claudette thinks he's just guilty because he really wants to be with her. Griffin ends up kissing her. Meanwhile at the PCPD, Nathan and Dante talk about the hospital killer case. After Nathan asks Dante to be his best man and Dante says yes. Nathan also says they bumped up their wedding day because of Claudette. After Dante and Nathan meet up with Lulu and Maxie at the hospital. 

Sonny goes to Alexis' house and wakes her up. She realizes that she missed Nikolas' funeral. Sonny deduces that Alexis is a little hung over and he demands to know what's going on with her. Alexis says she's not in the mood to talk about it. Then Sonny asks her to review some contracts for the coffee shop so Alexis has to tell him about her license being suspended. Later Nina stops by and tells Sonny and Alexis that she caught Julian trying to escape. Sonny leaves and once in private, Nina tells Alexis that Julian thinks she's still in love with him. Meanwhile Sonny goes to the Metro Court to meet an associate and puts an order on Julian to be watched. 

End of show!

I just want to say that I'm loving Laura lately and love, love, love her with Kevin!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Luke's DNA Results

Luke's not dead!
Here's What Happened - 

At GH, Laura and Tracy wait to hear about the test results for Luke's DNA. Tracy feels confident that Luke's not dead and Laura agrees. They talk about Nikolas while they wait and Tracy says she's sorry for his loss. Later Laura asks if Tracy still loves Luke. Tracy answers that she hasn't been able to shake him. Laura is understanding and recounts her relationships with Luke and Scotty. She says she thinks she was always treated like a child by them and now she feels grown up. Laura says she's ready to define herself now. After they found out that the DNA didn't match Luke and they're thrilled. Tracy is still worried about why Luke hasn't returned her calls. She thinks Laura should go looking for Luke. However Laura says not this time and advises Tracy to go get Luke if she loves him. At the end, Tracy ends up leaving another message for Luke and pleads with him to call her back.

Lulu brings Dante an "ugly" toy to put in the new baby's room at the PCPD. He wonders if she's jumping the gun, since she's not pregnant yet. Lulu says she's trying to distract herself, because she's waiting to hear about the DNA results on Luke's bracelet. Later Lulu gets a call from the doctor saying she's malaria free and can start her hormone treatment. After Laura calls to tell her that the DNA didn't match Luke. Lulu is extremely relieved. Then Olivia comes in and Lulu tells her that she's starting fertility treatments. Olivia is thrilled and says she knows they're going to give her a granddaughter. In private, Lulu tells Dante that having a baby girl feels right. 

Franco hides in Liz's car and scares her when she goes to drive. Liz jumps out in fear. Then he explains that he wanted to thank her for coming to his defense with the police. They end up talking about their date, but Liz admits that his past is hard for her to look past. He says he's trying really hard to be someone different. Liz tells him she understands, but she doesn't think they should see each other anymore. Liz says they're not a realistic couple and they should stop before they hurt each other. He says she's an angel and that's why he painted her. Franco tells Liz she makes him full of hope. Liz responds by saying no one can be his angel, because he needs to save himself. He takes it well and gives her a sweet kiss goodbye.

Alexis and Diane wait to hear about Alexis' disbarment at the courthouse. Then they go into the hearing and Olivia bursts in. Olivia defends Alexis and tells the story of how Alexis helped her with Mayor Lomax during the 'boobgate' incident. After Alexis speaks on her own behalf. During a break, Alexis thanks Olivia for coming to help her and they commiserate about Julian. Later Alexis learns that her license is being suspended for one year. At the end, Diane and Alexis go to the Metro Court for dirty martinis. Alexis is upset and says she doesn't know how to not be a lawyer. 

Kristina leaves a nasty drunken message on Parker's voice mail at the coffee shop. Molly sees her, grabs the phone and tosses it in the bushes. Kristina gets upset and rants about how she's done with Alexis controlling her life. Molly tries to talk some sense to Kristina and says she thinks Parker just used her. However Kristina is too drunk to process her words and gets nasty to Molly. She yells at Molly to leave her alone so Molly walks away. Kristina then starts crying, but Molly comes back and hugs her. At the end, Molly suggests they go home, order pizza and binge watch TV. Kristina agrees, but then we see that Parker is calling her phone as it lays in the bushes.

End of show!

I loved Laura and Tracy's scenes today. So great to hear Laura talking about being an independent woman!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nell's Your Donor

Tuesday's Recap - 

Paul talks to Tracy at The Metro Court about Dillon. She tells him about Dillon's STI, which Paul isn't happy to hear. He gets angry at Tracy for not including him in Dillon's life. Tracy blames him for keeping his distance. Then Tracy brings up Paul's daughter, Susan, but he orders her not to talk about Susan. Tracy is taken aback, but then apologizes for bringing up his past. Then Tracy offers to set up a lunch with Paul, her and Dillon, but she seems suspicious of Paul's intensity about his children. 

Ava tries to convince Dillon to go after Kiki at Crimson. Ava says that Morgan made Kiki feel sorry for him and that's why she ended up going back into a relationship with him. Dillon wonders if Ava is telling him this just because she wants Morgan back. However Ava swears that Morgan is dangerous for Kiki and she has no interest in him other than protecting Kiki. Dillon doesn't buy it and tells Ava she's just trying to use him to control Kiki. Then he storms off. 

In her office, Nina asks Curtis to find her a baby. She gives him background on her attempt to take Ava's baby and why that makes adoption impossible for her. Curtis is apprehensive to take on her request. Nina makes a heartfelt plea and hopes he can find someone who needs her to raise their baby. Curtis isn't comfortable trying to find someone to buy a baby from, but he ends up changing his mind at the end and agrees to help her.

Morgan tells Andre in his office that he feels great and is happy with Kiki, but Andre senses something else is going on. Morgan ends up opening up and tells Andre that he's afraid of losing Kiki. However Morgan says he can't go back to the clinic. Andre tells him to stay on his meds and stick to his routine. Ava happens to overhear part of their conversation. Then she sees Morgan leave his pills in his backpack and then walk away. Ava ends up taking the pills and runs off with them. 

Kiki finds that her tire is flat in the hotel parking garage. She can't get assistance for another two hours so she decides to change it herself. Later Dillon sees her struggling to change the tire and steps in to help. Dillon ends up telling Kiki that Ava wanted him to break up her relationship with Morgan. Kiki gets upset, but then Morgan calls her. After Kiki tells Dillon that she's very happy with Morgan so Dillon wishes her well. 

Jason asks Sam to marry him again at their penthouse. Sam is thrilled, says yes and they kiss. After she wonders if he only asked her to marry him because she's pregnant. Jason says only in part, but that he always wanted to marry her again. Sam is worried that something could be wrong with the baby, but Jason tells her to think good thoughts. Then Sam gets a call from the hospital telling her that the baby doesn't have malaria. At the end, Jason asks Sam to promise to always tell him if something is wrong. They agree to handle their relationship right this time. 

At the hospital, Jocelyn learns that Nell is her kidney donor. She gets emotional and thanks Nell. Then Jocelyn asks Carly how they found Nell. Jax, Michael and Carly explain how it all came to pass. Jocelyn gets upset that no one told her who Nell was right away. Then she realizes that's why Jax and Carly have been fighting and storms off. Nell goes after Jocelyn and tells her that her family just wanted to protect her. 

Meanwhile Sonny talks to Michael in private and says he doesn't trust Jax. Nearby Jax and Carly talk in private as well. Jax says no matter what, he's glad they were able to save Jocelyn's life. Later Jocelyn returns and hugs Carly. Then Nell says she's going back home, but will be in touch because she wants the best for Jocelyn. Michael asks if he can keep in touch with Nell and she agrees. Carly and Jocelyn then hug Nell goodbye. Jax makes a phone call in private to someone unknown saying that Nell isn't a threat afterall. However at the end to his surprise, Carly asks Nell to stay in town. 

End of show!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Manic Monday

I'm deep in projects today and won't be able to blog for GH. Enjoy the show!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Love Conquers All

You only love yourself!
Friday's Recap - 

At the hospital Dr. Finn tells Jason about his condition. Jason is more concerned about Sam's health. Finn says he can't tell him about that, but Jason is fine and free to go. Out in the hallway, Sam talks to Liz about her pregnancy concerns. Liz advises her to tell Jason about the baby asap. Right then Jason walks over and asks to talk to Liz about Franco. Liz tells him she doesn't want to talk about it. Meanwhile Sam gets her test results from Dr. Finn and he tells her there are no signs of malaria. Later Sam and Jason go home and he notices that Sam is keeping a secret, but she won't spill the beans. 

Franco tells Dr. Obrecht by the hospital elevators that he got fired from GH. He says he wishes he could get the benefit of the doubt at least once in his life, but everyone thinks he's the patient killer. Then he talks about Elizabeth thinking the worst of him. Dr. O says Franco shouldn't waste his time on Liz and wishes him well in his new found artistic freedom. After Dr. Obrecht is approached by Dr. Finn who tells her that Liz is the person who cleared Franco. Later Dr. O takes a mysterious phone call about Dr. Finn and then she tries to confront Finn about his recent trip. Finn ends up accusing Dr. O of being the hospital killer. Meanwhile Liz confronts Franco by the elevators about his choice to not talk to her. He says he got fired from GH and is leaving. At the end, Franco learns from Dr. O that Liz was the person who cleared him. 

Kristina realizes that Alexis convinced Parker to leave town at the coffee shop. Alexis admits to speaking with Parker and tries to explain what the conversation was about. Alexis tells her that Parker said she couldn't see a future with Kristina and she never meant to hurt her. Kristina says it wasn't Alexis' decision to make and she's trying to control her. Alexis thinks that if Parker really cared she would fight for Kristina and she only did what she did because she loves Kristina. 

Julian reaches for the keys to escape in his prison cell when Nina walks in and steps on his hand. She picks up the keys and tells him she found out that the papers he signed turning Crimson over to her before had some under handed small print. Nina has new papers for him to sign, which were drawn up by her attorney, and tells Julian to sign or she'll expose him for trying to escape. Julian agrees and signs. Then she advises Julian to plead guilty, but Julian believes that he's going to get released and will return to Alexis. Nina thinks he's delusion. Julian swears that Alexis still loves him and love conquers all. Nina says he only loves himself. 

Lulu tells Dante at the station that she wants to talk to Valentin. Dante doesn't like the idea, but Lulu says she has questions about what happened on the island. Later Dante and Lulu talk to Valentin together. Lulu wants to know if Valentin knows about the envelope Helena left for her and the skeleton she found in the tunnels. Valentin says he doesn't know about the skeleton and says he never met Luke. He goes on to say that he hates the Cassadine's not the Spencer's. Lulu gets angry and yells at Valentin for killing Nikolas. At the end, Nina pays Valentin a visit. She asks if he slept with her, because he was covering something up. However Valentin says he slept with her because she's beautiful and he's taken with her. Nina tells him that she was the one who turned him in, but Valentin says he doesn't regret sleeping with Nina. He thinks they will see each other again.

End of show!

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Married People Argue

Here's What Happened - 

Dr. Finn goes to Wyndermere and checks in on Hayden about Nik's death. Hayden says she wishes she could hate Nikolas, but instead she's very sad. Finn hugs her and says he understands Hayden's regret, because of what happened to his wife. Then Hayden asks about his condition and how he's doing with his meds. Finn says he acquired a three month supply of what he needs and he hopes he'll find a cure when the three months are up.

Ava goes to her apartment and finds Scotty and Lucy there fooling around. Ava asks why the place is a mess so Scotty and Lucy explain that they had vodka and got wild. Ava ends up telling Lucy that Kevin was shot on Cassadine Island with Laura. Lucy takes off to check on Kevin. In private, Ava tells Scotty he'll be sorry for crossing her. Then Ava talks about losing Nikolas and how that effected her. After Ava ends up kicking Scotty out. 

Kiki gets a visit from Morgan at Nina's apartment and he wants to discuss her conversation with Ava. Kiki tells him that Ava knows about their STI, but that Kiki ended up telling Ava off. They bond over that and end up having sex. After Morgan leaves to supposedly pick up take out, but decides to go see Ava instead. Morgan tells Ava that he plans to marry Kiki. After he leaves, Ava says to herself that Morgan will marry Kiki over her dead body.

Carly asks Nell to take a test to prove she's Jocelyn's donor at Sonny's house. Nell asks why they think she's lying and says she's not looking for money. Nell gets defensive and runs out. Michael goes after her. In private, Jax tells Carly and Sonny he hopes Nell never comes back. Carly argues with Jax, but Sonny agrees with Jax. Meanwhile Michael tracks down Nell at the coffee shop. Jocelyn sees them and approaches Nell when she's alone. They end up bonding over a phone gif app. 

Back at Sonny's place, Jocelyn comes home to find Jax, Carly and Sonny arguing. Carly explains that sometimes people that used to be married still fight. Jax ends up taking Jocelyn off with him to the coffee shop. In private, Sonny says he thinks Carly needs to be very careful with Nell. Later Michael convinces Nell to stick around and they return to Sonny's house together. Nell then tells Carly she'll take the tests. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jason and I Are Having Another Baby

Today's Show - 

Jocelyn's supposed kidney donor shows up at Sonny's door and tells Carly, Sonny, Michael and Jax that she was told Carly wanted to meet her. She explains that Nina sent her an email and sent her Carly's address. Jax gets upset so Michael takes the donor, Nell, outside. In private, Nell asks why Michael is so nice when Carly, Sonny and Jax are uptight. Later Nina confirms to Jax that she emailed Nell without Carly's consent. After everyone listens to Nell's story about her kidney removal. Nell implies that her parents sold her kidney on the black market. Sonny is suspicious of her story, but Carly is sympathetic. Jax thinks they should pay her off and send Nell on her way, but Carly wants to run a DNA test. At the end, Carly asks Nell if she's willing to prove she's Jocelyn's donor. 

Sabrina is thrilled to find out that Teddy is ready to go home at GH. Then Joe, Carlos' brother, shows up in hospital garb. He tells her that he's now working at the hospital on a research grant. Then they talk about Teddy and Joe hopes Sabrina will allow him to spend time with Teddy. Sabrina wonders if Joe might have come to Port Charles for her, but he says he came because of how good a hospital GH is. Later Joe asks Sabrina to join him for dinner in the hospital cafeteria and she agrees. Meanwhile she ends up missing a call from Michael. 

Hayden returns to Windermere to find Lulu waiting for her. Lulu explains that Nikolas faked his death, but then died for real on Cassadine Island. Hayden realizes that Spencer knew all along. Later in private, Hayden gets a visit from Liz. Hayden wonders if Liz knew all along that Nik was going to fake his death. Liz accuses Hayden of trying to trick Nikolas into marrying her. Hayden blames Liz's secret about Jason as the reason Nik went down a dark path. Liz tells Hayden she blew it with Nikolas, because he really did love her. 

Dillon takes pills for his STI at the Quartermaine's. Tracy walks in and asks what he's doing. After a little pressure, Tracy realizes he has an STI and thinks Kiki gave it to him. Dillon refuses to confirm anything. Later Lulu stops by and asks Tracy if she's heard from Luke. Lulu explains about the skeleton she found on Cassadine Island with Luke's jewelry on it. Lulu says she'd like to run a DNA test to be sure so Dillon goes to get Luke's old baseball hat for a DNA sample. Tracy tells Lulu she thinks Luke is alive and well. Later Tracy also tells Dillon she believes Luke is very much alive. 

Jason tries calling Sam from the coffee shop with Liz nearby to find out if she's okay. Liz tells him Sam fainted and is on the 10th floor of the hospital. Meanwhile Sam learns from Dr. Finn at the hospital that she's pregnant. She seems pleased and happily says, "Jason and I are having another baby!" Later Jason shows up to check on Sam, but gets light headed himself. Finn checks him out and determines that Jason has a fever. Finn decides to run a blood test on Jason to make sure he's okay. At the end, Dr. Finn tells Sam he thinks Jason might have malaria. Finn also says Sam might have been exposed to Malaria too, which could create problems with her pregnancy. 

End of show!

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016

I Know A Cassadine When I See One

Uncle Sonny meet Uncle Theo!
Friday's Recap - 

Carly gets a visit from Jax at Sonny's place and he wants to talk about the kidney search. Carly tells him that they're on the same side and she won't do anything to hurt Jocelyn. However Jax ends up seeing a text message from Nina to Carly about how she shouldn't let that 'surfer boy' stop her from searching for the kidney donor. Jax gets pissed and tells Carly he's going to push back, because he's tired of her lies. He threatens to take Carly back to family court. Meanwhile Ava sneaks in and overhears them. Jax storms out and after Ava gloats to Carly about how karma is a bitch. Then Ava demands to see her daughter and Carly allows it. After Carly listens to Ava on the baby monitor talking to Avery about much she loves her. At the end, Ava leaves saying maybe she'll look up Jax. 

Alexis gets a visit from Sam at her house and they fill each other in on what's been going on. Sam tells her about how Nik faked his death, but then died for real on the island. She also tells Alexis about Valentin. Alexis said she heard her father might have had a bastard son, but she doesn't know anything about him. Then they talk about what Julian did to Alexis. Sam takes Alexis' side and says she doesn't want anything to do with Julian anymore. Alexis advises Sam to keep out of it, they hug and then Sam goes to leave. On her way out. Sam tells Alexis not to stop fighting Julian. After Jax pays Alexis a visit and she runs into his arms. Jax asks for Alexis' help with his custody issues, but she says she might not be lawyer for long. They end up having a glass of wine and Jax tries to assure Alexis things will be okay. However she's not so sure and ends up crying on his shoulder. At the end, Jax leaves but offers words of support for Alexis on his way out.

Curtis and Nina talk about her one night stand with Valentin at the coffee shop. Nina can't believe her bad judgement with men, but Curtis is full of compliments for her. Then Curtis says he's got news about the kidney search. Curtis shows Nina a picture and claims he's certain that he's found the real kidney donor. Nina decides to email the donor, but Curtis says she can't do that. However Nina emails the potential donor anyway. Right then, Carly calls Nina and asks her to drop the search.

Sonny shows up at Spencer's camp right as Valentin is trying to get Spencer to leave with him. Spencer introduces him to Sonny as Theo, but when Sonny shakes Theo's hand he notices his tattoo. Sonny gets suspicious and stops them from walking out. Sonny convinces Spencer not to leave until his performance is done. Spencer runs off leaving Valentin and Sonny alone. In private, Sonny grabs Valentin's wrist, looks at his tattoo and says, "I know a Cassadine when I see one!" Valentin shows Sonny his gun, then points it at Sonny and insists Sonny give him his gun.

Jordan tells Jason he's free to go at the PCPD. Jason wants to know about how the search for Valentin Cassadine is going, but Jordan advises him to butt out. Then Jason calls Lulu for information on where Spencer is. Later Jason shows up at Spencer's camp just in time to help Sonny with Valentin. Jason punches Valentin out and right after Jordan arrives to arrest Valentin. Sonny and Jason are quite pleased with the outcome. Later Sonny waits for Spencer alone and tells him that Theo is bad news. Spencer tells Sonny that Nikolas is waiting for him, but Sonny has to tell him that's not going to happen. Meanwhile Jordan takes Valentin to the station and he asks for Nina's phone number as his one call. 

Ava visits Julian in the PCPD interrogation room. She can't believe he tried to kill Alexis. Julian gets emotional recounting the story to Ava, but says he hopes he and Alexis can work things out. Then he asks Ava to help him escape from prison, but Ava says she can't do what he's asking. Ava explains that what happened with Nikolas changed her and she can't risk going back to prison. Later Sam comes to visit Julian. Sam is furious and asks Julian to admit that he tried to kill Alexis. Sam tells him she's done with him and he's nothing to her. Julian then reminds Sam that he's Danny's only donor match. However Sam says Jason is the perfect match for Danny and thinks Jason would interpret Julian's words as a threat. Then she goes to leave, but ends up passing out.

End of show!

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

One Night With Theo

Here's What Happened - 

Sonny goes to the station to find Jason in handcuffs. Jordan tells Sonny that Jason is wanted for Nikolas' murder. Then Dante and Lulu walk in and tell Jordan that Nik faked his death, but then died for real on Cassadine Island. Dante tells Jordan about Valentin Cassadine so she goes to contact Interpol. After Lulu tells Sonny, Dante and Jason about the skeleton she found that could be Luke. Sonny thinks you can never count Luke out and promises he'll check it out. Sonny decides to investigate Valentin himself and takes off. Later Jordan gets a file on Valentin from Interpol that shows he's a very dangerous criminal. She releases Jason, but warns him to stay out of the investigation into Valentin. 

Nina wakes up naked in her bed and surprised to see Valentin aka Theo Heart in her room. Nina can't remember much and says she never had a one night stand before. Valentin says they are just two sexy adults who don't need a commitment. They end up having sex again. After Curtis knocks on the door and pushes his way into the room. Nina is embarrassed, hands Valentin a newspaper and steps outside with Curtis. In private, Curtis tells Nina he came to check on her. Nina asks him not to judge her and he promises he won't. Meanwhile Valentin looks at the newspaper and sees that his island captives all got back to Port Charles safely. Valentin ends up rushing out and leaves his cell phone behind. 

 Kiki accuses Morgan of having a manic episode at Sonny's house. She asks if he's still taking his medication. Morgan insists he's just happy and wants to be with her. Kiki tells him she's not the same girl she used to be and he needs to understand who she is now. Kiki thinks he's moving too fast and they need to act like adults now. Meanwhile Darby and Dillon talk about their night together at the coffee shop. Darby tells him to get tested for an STI (Not STD) called MG. Dillon is shocked and then asks if she told Morgan. She tells him she tried to reach Morgan, but he won't return her calls. Later Dillon researches MG on his phone. Then Morgan shows up and Dillon tells him about the STI situation. Later everyone meets at the hospital where Darby tells Kiki about spreading around her STI. Kiki gets upset and storms off. Morgan chases after her while Darby tells Dillon she's just as good as they are. At the end, Dillon sees Kiki and Morgan hugging.

Griffin sees Claudette in the exam room at GH. She's shocked to see him and they hug. She's pleased to see he's working at the hospital. Griffin tells her he took a break from the cloth. Claudette thinks them running into each other means they were meant to see each other, but they end up having an argument about their past. Griffin thinks she liked the idea of getting caught when they cheated together, but Claudette says she fell in love with him. Griffin says his feelings for her were real too. Later Griffin accuses Claudette of only being in town for Nathan and wants to know what she's really up to. Claudette claims she really loved him, but Griffin just storms out. 

In the hospital hallway, Nathan pressures Maxie to marry him right now. Maxie thinks its sudden and rushing into the wedding will disappointment a lot of people. Nathan keeps pressuring her so Maxie asks if he's overcompensating for spending the night with Claudette. Nathan says he has nothing to feel guilty about and he just wanted to make Maxie feel better. Maxie suggests they compromise and move the wedding up to next month. At the end, Maxie and Nathan tell Claudette they're moving up their wedding date. She tells them she's decided to stay in Port Charles. 

Nina gets curious and looks through Valentin's messages. She ends up hearing the messages Spencer left for Nikolas. Curtis says the phone is a burner and they realize its Nikolas Cassadine's phone. They end up taking the phone to Jordan at the station. Nina then identifies Valentin as Theo Heart from a picture. Meanwhile at Camp, Spencer practices for his play as Richard III and leaves another message on Nik's phone. Then his counselor comes in and ushers him off to the stage. Later Spencer gets a visit from Valentin. He tells Spencer he's his uncle Theo Cassadine. He claims that Nikolas sent him. Spencer is suspicious so Theo shows him his tattoo. Theo tells Spencer they have to leave right now to go see Nikolas. Spencer agrees, however Sonny shows up right then surprising them. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Real Maxie Returns

I know what you want!
Today's Show - 

Nathan brings Claudette to GH to have her ankle looked at, but quickly leaves her with Liz so he can call Maxie. Meanwhile Maxie comes to GH, runs into Griffin and then runs into Nathan. She hugs Nathan and then they talk privately. He tells her about how he got stranded with Claudette, which ticks Maxie off. Nathan then gets called off to work and after Claudette comes out to confront Maxie. However Maxie quickly snaps at Claudette while Claudette condescends to Maxie saying she has special memories of her and Nathan together. Maxie tells Claudette she's not going to play her game anymore and tries to force her into a wheelchair. Nathan then returns and decides to take Claudette back to the exam room. At the end, Nathan asks Maxie to marry him today.

Liz asks Griffin to have a look at the patient (Claudette) in the exam room. However Valerie stops him before he goes into the room. She wants to question he and Liz about the patient who died. Valerie puts Liz and Griffin in the conference room to wait for Nathan and they talk about Franco. Liz says she thought maybe she and Franco had a chance, but now she's not sure. Meanwhile we see that Claudette isn't really very injured in the exam room and looks at a picture of Griffin on her phone. Later Nathan comes to talk with Liz and Griffin. Liz remembers a detail that might exonerate Franco. Nathan checks it out and after says the information will allow Franco to be released. At the end, Griffin finally makes it to the exam room and sees Claudette. 

Morgan and Kiki talk at the coffee shop and Morgan says being with Kiki made him remember how much he loves her. Then Lucy shows up with enthusiasm to show them the new apartment Morgan picked out for them. Lucy tells Kiki about her new career as a real estate agent, but Kiki is shocked and speechless. Kiki asks to speech with Morgan alone, which Lucy says is fine because her next client, Dillon, is there. Dillon looks hurt at the idea of Kiki and Morgan moving in together. Kiki pulls Morgan aside for a private talk. They head to Sonny's house and end up having an argument. Kiki thinks he's moving too fast. Morgan assumes that Kiki must think he's off his meds. Meanwhile Dillon tells Lucy back at the coffee shop that he needs more time to find an apartment. Then he runs into Valerie and tells her he's seeing someone casually. At the end, Dillon gets an urgent text from Darby.

Franco meditates in the police interrogation room and wishes Liz would come visit him. However Scotty shows up instead and tells Franco he's in big trouble with the police. Scotty says the police are getting search warrants for his place and asks if Franco has anything incriminating they might find. Franco tells Scotty he should believe him, because Scotty is his father. Then he has Scotty call Elizabeth, but Liz doesn't want to talk to Franco. After Scotty asks about what happened with Nina so Franco tells him that Nina told the calls where to find him. He thinks no one believes in him. Later Scotty learns that Franco is free to go. After Scotty goes to the coffee shop and runs into Lucy. He invites her to have a drink with him. Meanwhile Franco heads to the hospital to see Liz and tells her he's going to leave her alone from now on. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Let's Start A Fire

Tuesday's Recap - 

Dante tackles Sam to stop her from going after Jason on Cassadine Island. She gets annoyed, but then Jason comes walking out of the woods. Sam runs into his arms and then Jason explains how he survived the plane crash. He suggests they build a rescue fire, but Ava worries it might draw the wrong attention. Jason ignores Ava and goes to collect fire wood with Dante. In private, Laura and Lulu discuss Nikolas' death. Then Laura notices Lulu wearing Luke's bracelet and Lulu tells her about the skeleton she found. Nearby Ava expresses sadness about Nik's death to Dante, Sam and Jason. Later Laura asks Jason to remember that Nikolas was a good man. Then they spot a rescue boat. Laura feels guilty for leaving Nik and possibly Luke behind, but Lulu says they need to be there for Spencer. 

Nina is greeted by Valentin Cassadine while trying to get into her hotel room at The Metro Court. They have a flirty exchange and then Valentin claims he's interested in Crimson. He mentions an article she did on the Quartermaine's and the Cassadine's. He says his name is Theo Heart and Nina has done great things with the magazine. Nina thinks he's being nice to her just because he's trying to hit on her and they end up having sex. 

Jordan and Valerie knock on Franco's art studio door to question him about the death at GH. Liz tries to defend Franco by saying he's been with her for hours. However Jordan tells him the vile he was holding had traces of the drug used to kill all the victims. Franco swears he just picked up the vile when he visited the patient and she was alive when he left. Then he tells Jordan to get a warrant if she wants to search his studio. Liz tries to convince him to cooperate, but he refuses. In response, Jordan tells Franco she's going to hold him for 24 hour. 

Sonny and Morgan talk on Sonny's deck. They're interrupted by Jocelyn who comes running out saying Jax is in town. Sonny suggests that she let him take her to see Jax. Then Kristina stops by for a visit and assures Sonny she's doing okay. After Kristina and Morgan chat alone and she tells him that Sonny saw her kissing Parker. Kristina says Sonny was very supportive. Morgan remarks that he's jealous that she can date guys and girls. Kristina laughs, but gets a little sad thinking of Parker blowing her off and Aaron stepping away. Kristina confides in Morgan that she was falling in love with Parker. 

At the Metro Court, Jax accuses Carly of lying about dropping the kidney search. He tells Carly that her search is misguided and she needs to stop. Carly gets defensive and says she just wants to help Jocelyn. Jax asks Carly to promise him she'll drop the search, but then Sonny and Jocelyn walk in. Jocelyn is excited to see Jax, but Sonny isn't so thrilled. Jax takes Jocelyn to dinner and after in private, Sonny asks Carly what Jax is up to. Carly says Jax wants her to stop searching. Sonny wants to know what Jax's agenda is. Meanwhile at The Floating Rib, Jax makes a mysterious phone call saying he's handling Carly and Sonny while Jocelyn is in the bathroom. 

Spencer tries to make a sneak phone call to Nikolas from camp and leaves him a message saying he misses him. His message is cut short by a camp counselor who tells Spencer to go back to sleep. However as soon as the counselor leaves, Spencer leaves another message for Nik asking him to come see him perform at camp. At the end, we see the person who ends up listening to Spencer's messages is Valentin Cassadine. 

End of show!

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Jax is Back!

Here's What Happened - 

At GH, Jordan, Valerie, Nurse Amy and Curtis discuss the recent death. Amy accuses Franco and then Jordan learns that Franco's fingerprints were on the vile found in the dead patient's room. Curtis tries to question Amy, but Jordan tells him she'll take care of it. Then Jordan says she needs to find Franco so Amy tells her and Valerie that Franco is on a date with Liz. Jordan is concerned for Liz's safety. Andre then walks off the elevators and Jordan asks for his help to evaluate Franco's mental health. He relunctantly agrees to help her saying it will be in a strictly professional sense. Later Jordan finds a sketch book of Franco's where he drew death masks for all the hospital victims. Andre thinks Franco might have been just using art to cope, but Jordan isn't convinced.

Nina gets emotional at The Floating Rib while she looks over all the responses she got for Jocelyn's kidney search. Later Curtis shows up and sits with her. Nina asks if he wants to help her find Jocelyn's organ donor. They also talk about Nina's relationship with Franco. She says she thinks she outgrew Franco and that she thinks there is a part of Franco that even he can't control. Then Jordan walks in and asks Nina if she knows where Liz and Franco are. Valerie comes in and tells Jordan she learned Franco is at his art studio and they walk out. After Nina feels bad that Franco moved on so quickly. Curtis is quick to remind her that she's a smart beautiful woman who shouldn't pine over Franco. At the end, Andre walks in and Curtis stops him. He tells Andre to go easy on Jordan. Andre cops an attitude and says he didn't ask for Curtis' advice.

Franco takes Liz to his art studio (oddly it's clearly a remodeled version of Liz's old art studio) and she asks him what he wants from her. He says he wanted to bring her somewhere he felt comfortable. He also tells Liz that the cell reception in his studio doesn't work. Liz looks concerned while Franco gets some glasses for champagne. Then Franco talks about his strange art over the years and says he wants to show Liz something special he's been working on. He explains that he's nervous to show her, because the painting is of her. Franco shows Liz the painting and she's awestruck and says, "it's beautiful!" Liz ends up telling him about how she used to dream of becoming an artist. He asks if he can paint her again. Liz agrees if she can also paint him in return. At the end, their date is interrupted by Jordan and Valerie knocking on the door. 

Dr. Finn surprises Carly at The Metro Court while she's tending to Roxy by giving Roxy smooches. Then Carly tells him that Roxy was great company while he was out of town. Later Carly gets called away on business and while Dr. Finn is talking to Roxy, Jax walks in. He tells Finn that Roxy is lovely and pets her. Carly returns, sees Jax and looks surprised. She asks what Jax is doing there and introduces Finn to Jax. Then Carly tells Jax that Finn is helping locate Jocelyn's kidney donor. Jax politely asks Finn to stop the search, because that is Jocelyn's wish. Carly chimes in claiming she also agrees they should stop looking. Finn tells Carly that's the wrong choice and walks away. In private, Jax asks Carly if she's truly giving up the search and says he knows she's lying. Meanwhile Finn heads to GH and asks nurse Amy to help him reestablish his lab. Nurse Amy tells him to talk to Dr. Obrecht. 

On Cassadine Island, the gang is stranded on an island while waiting for help. Sam wants to go look for Jason, but Dante warns Sam that Jason might not have made it. Ava tells Sam that Jason must be dead. Sam says she made the mistake of giving up Jason before and she won't do it again. Dante and Ava ask Sam to at least wait for the sun to come up, but she refuses and charges off. However she doesn't make it far before she passes out. Dante, Laura and Lulu help Sam wake up. Then Ava hears a boat. Meanwhile Lulu shows Dante Luke's bracelet that she found on a skeleton. At the end, Sam is determined to find Jason and darts off into the woods again. Dante chases after her and appears to tackle her.

End of show!

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