Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Fisherman

Here's What Happened - 

Anna confronts Julian in his hospital room and accuses him of not loving Alexis like Duke loved her. She thinks he tried to pretend to be like Sonny, but Julian isn't as strong. Julian thinks she's a hypocrite, because she tried to kill Carlos. Anna says she hates him and she's leaving town to visit Robin. Then she walks out in tears. Griffin sees her and offers words of comfort. Anna says her vengeance toward Julian is a dead weight, but thinks now she can let it go. Then Griffin asks Anna if Duke would have liked him and she says he would have loved him. They share a sweet moment and hug. At the end, Nurse Amy goes to check on Julian and tells him she has mace and isn't afraid to use it. 

Dante and Lulu chat with Laura at The Metro Court and she tells them that Nikolas is alive. Dante wants Laura to tell them where Nik is. Laura suggests they all head to Cassadine Island to look for Nikolas together. Dante and Lulu agree to accompany her. At the end, Dante tells Lulu he's only going to Cassadine Island to help her and Laura. Meanwhile Laura leaves a message for Kevin telling him she's leaving town to find Nik and his friendship has meant everything to her. 

Hayden tries to get Tracy to help her with Dr. Finn's drugs at The Metro Court. Tracy agrees to offer her assistance. Meanwhile Dr. Finn goes back to his hotel room feeling weak and he tells Roxie he's running out of time. Later Tracy and Hayden come to see him. Tracy tells him that she considers him a friend and he should have asked for her help. Dr. Finn says he needs a drug mule so Tracy offers her and Hayden to be his mules. 

On Cassadine Island, Jason continues to be skeptical of the fisherman who showed up on the island. In Helena's bedroom, Ava tries to get Nikolas to open up about killing Helena. Then Jason brings the fisherman to see Nikolas. Sam returns Ava and Nik's shoes and everyone heads down to the living room together. Nik asks the fisherman how he knows him and the man claims he met Nikolas when he was a teenager on the island. Later we see the fisherman shares the same marking that's on the Cassadine family history book in the form of a tattoo on his wrist.

End of show!

The first half of GH was interrupted by a special news report today so this recap is condensed.

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