Friday, July 8, 2016


We're not done, Alexis!
Friday's Recap - 

Spencer tries to convince Laura and Kevin to leave him alone at GH after getting a stomach ache from a hot dog eating contest. However Laura thinks Spencer is acting oddly and tells Kevin so privately. She thinks Spencer's attitude toward death seems off. Meanwhile Spencer tries to make another call to Nikolas. Then Kevin tries to get Spencer to open up to him. He tells Spencer that Laura is upset and needs to leave a message for Nik like he does. Kevin suggests that Spencer give Laura his phone. Spencer says Laura has her own phone to use and Kevin should leave he and Laura alone. After it turns out that Spencer actually has two cell phones. Laura checks his secret phone and threatens to hit redial to find out who Spencer has been talking to. 

Sonny asks Carly to meet him at The Metro Court and tells her he knows where Jocelyn's kidney came from. Carly says she got in touch with Jax and he doesn't want to revisit the issue. Carly agrees, but decides to investigate the lead anyway. Sonny then brings a nurse, Ramona, over who oversaw Jocelyn's transplant for Carly to talk with. Carly ends up talking with Ramona privately. Ramona tells Carly that a woman approached her back in the day about Jocelyn's kidney. Carly shows her a picture of Helena and Ramona confirms that was the woman she met with. However at the end, Ramona makes a secret phone call saying Carly believed her story. 

Anna, Paul and Jordan investigate Alexis' house and find the evidence bag where Helena's dagger was kept. Jordan orders an APB for Julian. Then Molly comes home and asks where Alexis is. Meanwhile Aaron asks Kristina about her relationship with Parker at his apartment. Kristina tells him that Parker was her professor, but then is interrupted by an urgent call from Molly. Kristina rushes home where Jordan, Anna and Paul explain to her and Molly about the wire Alexis wore. Jordan promises the girls they will find Alexis. Later when alone, Molly and Kristina try to comfort each other while they worry about their mother. Then Aaron comes over to support Kristina.

On the docks, Julian holds Alexis hostage by holding Helena's dagger to her neck. Alexis tries to convince him not to kill her, because of the baby she's carrying. However Julian says he knows she's not pregnant and calls her a liar. Alexis then begs him not to kill her and tells him he'll have to look her in the eye if he's going to kill her. Right then, Sonny shows up and points a gun at Julian. The men end up fighting, Julian drops the knife and Alexis makes a grab for it. She impulsively stabs Julian in the back and he falls to the ground as Alexis cries. After Sonny checks Julian's pulse and says he's not dead yet. He arranges the scene to look like an accident and they wait for the police. When the police show up, Sonny takes the blame for stabbing Julian. 

Later Julian is taken to GH where Griffin begins treating him. Jordan wants to take a statement from Alexis, but Sonny convinces Jordan to let Alexis go home. Alexis thanks Sonny for coming to her rescue. After she heads home and is greeted by a very happy Molly and Kristina. Meanwhile back at the hospital, the doctor comes to tell Anna, Sonny and Jordan that Julian is going to live. Then we see Julian open his eyes and whisper that he and Alexis aren't done yet.   

On Cassadine Island, Sam, Jason, Ava and NuNikolas wait for the storm to pass before they can leave. Jason reminds Nik that his only option is to return to Port Charles. Nik claims Helena won't let Jason take him back to PC, because of the curse she put on all of them. Later the rain, thunder and lightening loom and suddenly Nik disappears. He escapes through a secret passageway to the wine cellar. Jason goes looking for Nikolas and finds him unconscious. Jason brings Nik back upstairs and in private Nik shows Ava that he snagged Jason's phone. At the end, Sam asks Jason if Helena could be behind everything odd that's been happening. Then we see an unknown person is watching them. 

End of show!

I really dislike the demise of Julexis. I think they should have been a solid couple for awhile, especially given how long it took for them to finally get married. It's almost as if Julian had a complete personality switch. I just hope it doesn't turn out that he has a brain tumor or something. In other news, I thought Laura looked great today!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. PLEEEEEEEEEASE bring back Tyler Christopher as Prince Nikolas!!!!! Myself a quite a few friends have stopped watching GH. We will not tune back in until Tyler returns. If he doesn't return all of us will stop watching. We will then get on social media, i.e. facebook, twitter, etc. and advise fans to do the same. One of us has chosen to keep watching. We are told the new Prince is terrible and the chemistry that Ava and the Prince had when Tyler was on is not there and the new actor is not good. We fans want our true Prince Nikolas back. This new storyline should have only been filmed with the real Nikolas not this imposter. So TPTB bring back the real Prince Nikolas or you will loose many long time fans. This storyline had great potential with Tyler now we are all tuning out because it is horrible!!!!!!! BRING BACK THE REAL PRINCE NIKOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT BEING TYLER CHRISTOPHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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