Friday, July 15, 2016

Not Going Anywhere

Here's What Happened - 

On Cassadine Island, Nikolas tries to convince Jason and Sam to leave him there. Nik thinks Jason can prove he's alive without bringing him back to Port Charles. Ava makes mention of Nik's diamonds. Jason then tells Theo the fisherman he can leave so he takes off smirking on his way out. After Nik warns Jason he's only getting the diamonds over his dead body. Then Theo briefly returns to say their charter boat arrived. Ava tries to convince Nikolas to go home with Jason.

Darby returns today and joins Dillon for coffee at Perks. She tells him that Morgan is a nutcase and Kiki is a drama queen. Nearby Kiki sits with Morgan and he tells her that he's working at Perks now. Later Kiki has a moment alone with Dillon and asks if he's dating that "slutty train wreck" Darby. Dillon decides to take Darby and leave. After Morgan talks more about his job with Kiki, but senses she's upset. Meanwhile Darby dumps Dillon saying she's not interested in having more drama with Kiki. However Dillon tries to convince her otherwise by kissing her. Darby ends up inviting him inside her apartment. 

At the Metro Court, Nathan tries to get Claudette to tell him her real agenda and demands the name of the man he shot. They have an awkward conversation about closure. Meanwhile Curtis and Maxie continue to search Claudette's room. He leaves ahead of time and warns Maxie to be careful before she leaves. Later Maxie goes to the restaurant and Nathan impulsively kisses her in front of Claudette. It leads to Claudette making a dramatic exit. Later Claudette returns to her room and realizes Maxie broke in. 

Curtis goes to GH and chats with Griffin. They end up having a strange conversation about Griffin being a priest. Curtis wonders if Griffin left the priesthood over a woman. Griffin gets defensive and walks off. Meanwhile back at The Metro Court, Maxie tells Nathan that Curtis found her snooping in Claudette's room. Maxie also tells Nathan she found a wedding picture of Claudette and him in Claudette's room. 

Kevin surprises Laura, Dante and Lulu in Greece when he drops in on them. Laura is touched that he came to help. Kevin also brings Laura a picture that came for her of the Ice Princess. Seeing it makes Laura thinks something else is going besides Nik's troubles. Laura thinks its a dare for her to return to Cassadine Island. Later they head to the island with Lulu and Dante and find Nik alive. Lulu immediately hugs Nik, but Laura is bit more cold toward him. She scolds him for his actions, but ends up hugging him nonetheless. At the end, Theo returns once again with a gun. He tells everyone the party is just getting started and no one is leaving. 

End of show!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Haven't watched GH and won't until the real Prince Nikolas is back (Tyler Christopher). I hope TPTB speed things up and bring Tyler back. Have heard from a friend that Genie Francis has been knocking it out of the ball park with Prince Nik's supposed demise at the hands of Valentin. Most of us missed it because we are no longer watching until Tyler is returned to his rightful role. Please TPTB end this silliness so we can start watching again.

    1. hopefully he'll be back soon. Hang in!


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