Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Meet New Maxie

Tuesday's Recap - 

Hayden brings Dr. Finn his drugs to the PCPD and this time he can inject himself. Then Tracy strolls in saying Dr. Mays died at the hospital. Finn is surprised how happy Tracy seems about it, but she reminds him that since he was in jail at the time, it should take him off the suspect list. In private, Dr. Finn tells Hayden he doesn't want her taking anymore risks for him. Later Tracy comes back and tells Hayden she's willing to give her another chance since Dr. Finn likes her. 

Tracy heads over to the hospital and ends up having a confrontation with Dr. Obrecht about rehiring Dr. Finn. Dr. O says all of Finn's work was destroyed when he was suspended. Tracy thinks Dr. O should be in a jail cell for doing that. Tracy tells her she wants Dr. Finn reinstated immediately. Meanwhile Dr. Finn and Hayden go to get some food from The Metro Court. While there, Finn gets a call that his life saving drugs will no longer be accessible. 

On Cassadine Island, NuNikolas and Ava arrive at the main villa. Ava is impressed with the place and stumbles across the Cassadine family history book. Nik says he's the white sheep of the family. Later Nik leaves Ava alone for a moment to get food and Ava gets spooked by a loud noise. When Nik returns, he assures Ava that no one will find them there. Meanwhile in Greece, Sam meets Jason at a bar and tells him she came back to help him. Then they sit down to discuss where they think Nikolas might be. Jason wonders if he might be on Cassadine Island. At the end, Jason and Sam make their way there.

Spencer acts detached at The Metro Court while having lunch with Laura and Kevin about enjoying The Fourth of July without Nikolas. Laura and Kevin aren't sure what to think, but decide to leave Spencer alone for a moment with a sundae. Once alone, Spencer gets a call from Nikolas. Nikolas tells him to go pack a bag, because he's going to send someone for him. Right then Laura and Kevin return. Laura asks if he was talking to Nikolas. Spencer claims he likes to leave messages on Nik's voice mail as a means of feeling closer to him. However Laura thinks he might have really been talking to Nikolas. 

Kiki and Morgan pick a good spot at the park to watch the fireworks. She sports her American flag bikini, but Morgan gets distracted by her scar. Kiki reminds him her getting shot wasn't his fault. Then she has Morgan put sunscreen on her back, but she keeps thinking of Dillon. Later Morgan tells Kiki things have changed for him and he can't really party anymore. He worries she might find that boring. 

Nathan interviews Elizabeth at GH about the death of Dr. Mays. Liz tells him what happened and then says Franco showed up. Meanwhile in the hospital hallway, Dr. Obrecht angrily vents to Franco while waiting to be interviewed by Nathan. Dr. O offers to be Franco's alibi. Then Griffin comes over to say since Finn was in jail at the time, he can't be the murderer. In private, Franco wants to know if Dr. O was responsible. 

After Franco is questioned by Nathan followed by Dr. Obrecht. Then Nathan interviews Griffin, but he's interrupted by a mysterious phone call requesting that he go to the Metro Court asap. Meanwhile by the nurses' station, Franco asks Liz if she believes that he didn't kill anyone. Liz says the toaster won her over. At the end, Franco and Liz run into each other at the park and Liz invites him to watch the fireworks with her and the boys. 

NuMaxie debuts today as a brunette of all things. She has lunch with Dillon at The Metro Court. Then they are greeted by C.J. Bolton who arrives for an interview with Maxie. C.J. notices Maxie's engagement ring so Maxie shows her a picture of Nathan. Later Dillon shows C.J. his portfolio and she makes the same assessment about it that Maxie did. Maxie is impressed and hires C.J. to work at Crimson. C.J. accepts and later in private, Maxie guesses that Dillon is upset about Kiki. At the end, Nathan arrives at The Metro Court and finds Claudette aka C.J. Bolton waiting for him in a hotel room.

End of show!

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