Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Let's Make Peace

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Here's What Happened - 

Julian receives a package from his associate at the park that he hopes will clear Alexis' name. Meanwhile Alexis talks to Anna at her house on her cell phone about the wire she's wearing. Anna waits with Jordan and Paul in a van a block from her house. They assure her everything will be fine, but Alexis is nervous nonetheless. Then Julian knocks on the door with flowers for her. Alexis tells him they have to work things out and they start having a pleasant conversation. Julian shows her what was in the package, which is Helena's dagger. Julian says by the time the police realize its gone, the dagger will be destroyed. Alexis is anxious, but thanks him. Then she asks if he framed her for murder. Julian says no, because he thought he wiped all the blood of the knife. He says he loves her and he'd never intentionally set her up. Julian also says he killed Carlos so he didn't roll over on him. Hearing that from the van, Anna thinks she's finally got Julian. Jordan goes to get a warrant to arrest him. At the end, Julian goes to hug Alexis and she impulsively jumps back, making him suspicious.

Sonny and Carly hang out with Avery at Sonny's place for 4th of July. Sonny tells Carly about Anna's plan to have Alexis wear a wire on Julian. He also tells Carly that Alexis is pregnant. After they watch the fireworks from Sonny's deck and he remarks how perfect the moment is. Then they have a talk about the miraculous way that Dante and Lulu ended up getting their new house. Carly realizes that Sonny intervened on their behalf. At the end, Carly goes to put Avery to bed so they have have some private time. 

Sam and Jason break into the Cassadine villa on Cassadine island. Meanwhile Nikolas takes Ava into his wine cellar. Ava sees a rat, screams and alerts Sam and Jason to their presence. Nik comes to Ava's rescue and they have a close moment. Then he ends up picking out a wine and they head back upstairs. Once in the living room, Nik tells Ava a bit about his childhood on the island and they toast to no more surprises. However right then, Sam and Jason stroll in. Jason threatens to beat Nikolas up if he doesn't go home. Ava chimes in saying they have no authority to take Nikolas anywhere. However Jason forces Nik to take a pic with today's newspaper and then he texts it to the PCPD. Later Ava mentions to Sam that Alexis is pregnant, which makes Sam anxious to return to Port Charles. At the end, Sam makes Nik feel guilty for faking his death so he decides to go back to town, but they have to wait for the incoming storm to pass before anyone can leave. 

Nathan gets a surprise visit from Claudette at The Metro Court. She apologizes for tricking him into coming to the hotel and says she has something to tell him. Then Claudette tells him that Maxie just hired her to work at Crimson. Nathan doesn't like what he hears and insists that Claudette leave town. She refuses to leave and they end up having an argument about their financial troubles in the past. Nathan says, "you set me up!" However Claudette says she just needs a job and she knows Nathan is a good man. Later Nathan tells Claudette he told Maxie all about her. They talk about the past and her lover that Nathan shot. She apologizes for hurting him and swears she's not trying to black mail Nathan. Claudette claims she wants to make peace. Nathan doesn't believe her and says she has to leave tonight. Then he steps out. At the end, Nathan comes back to escort Claudette out of town and he finds Maxie there. 

End of show!

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  1. I am sick to death of St. Sam and St. Jason!!! Please this is getting ridiculous Jason threatening to beat up Nikolas and Sam just thinks it is all ok??????? Am I missing something here? Please get those two off of my TV screen because I am ready to turn GH off. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease bring back Tyler!!!!! This imposter is terrible! This Ava-Nik storyline would have been so much better with Tyler. His Nik had chemistry with Ava. The writers really need to do something about the two hypocrites Sam and Jason or should I say the con artist, hooker and the mob enforcer and they pass judgement on everyone else such foolishness. Turning GH off not watching till Tyler is back on the screen and those two dopes Sam and Jason take their kid and go on an extended or if we're lucky permanent vacation.


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