Friday, July 1, 2016

Inject Me

Here's What Happened - 

Liz sees Hayden rifling in the hospital mail bin, but doesn't recognize her because she's wearing scrubs. Then Dr. Mays calls Liz away and vents to her at the Nurses' station about keeping patients alive unnecessarily. After Liz sees Hayden in her plain clothes and rushes to ask what she's doing at GH. Liz also notes that Hayden is carrying a "mystery package" and wants to know why Hayden was talking with Dr. Finn earlier. Hayden gets nervous, which makes Liz realize she's onto something. Later Liz checks on a dying patient and once again has a weird encounter with Dr. Mays, who comes in complaining about how unfortunate it is that the patient is being kept alive. At the end, Liz goes back to check on the patient again and finds Dr. Mays laying on the floor.

In Jordan's office, Curtis picks up Valerie for a date. After TJ comes to confront Jordan about Shawn being his father. Jordan ends up telling TJ that she'd lie all over again if she had the choice, because she was trying to protect him. Jordan felt it would have been too confusing for TJ after Tommy, the man he thought was his father, died. TJ doesn't like her explanation and storms off. After Jordan leaves TJ a tearful voice message imploring him not to act out in anger. Meanwhile at The Metro Court, Valerie and Curtis are in a rush to get through dinner so they can go fool around. However TJ comes storming in all worked out about Jordan. Valerie lets Curtis talk to him in private. TJ rants that Curtis isn't even his real uncle. Curtis advises him to act like a man and give Jordan a break. 

Nina and Julian talk about Alexis being pregnant at The Metro Court. Nina is consumed with thinking about sex and lost love. Julian says he wants to feel in love again. Meanwhile Anna tries to convince Alexis to wear a wire on Julian at her house. Alexis is worried that she can't keep her cool to pull it off so Anna suggests that she convince Julian she still loves him. Then Alexis apologizes to Anna for keeping Julian's secret of having had Duke killed. Anna thinks she can make it right by wearing the wire. Later Alexis places a call to Julian asking him to come by tomorrow to talk. Anna listens in testing out the wire.

In his jail cell, Dr. Finn lays unconscious. Then a guard comes, sees Finn's condition and calls for an ambulance. Dr. Finn wakes up right then and says he doesn't want to go to the hospital. He convinces the guard he's okay, but once alone Finn is paralyzed again by his withdrawals. Later Hayden finally gets to Finn with his drugs, but he's too weak to inject himself. He tells Hayden to inject him instead. She reluntantly does so and once fully injected, Dr. Finn begins to scream. After he calms down, Hayden strokes his hair and Finn tells her she probably saved his life. At the end, Hayden agrees to come back tomorrow to check on him.

Franco pays Heather a visit in jail to get her opinion on Elizabeth. Heather is quick to remind him that Liz is "Steven Lars" half sister. Heather thinks Franco wants to have an affair with Liz. Franco says he glad to have made a friend in Liz, but isn't sure if he wants more or not. Later Heather offers him money to the tune of 1.5 million dollars. Franco insists on knowing where she got that kind of money from. Heather claims she got the money from a man who taught her to invest. However Franco thinks he's got a better idea and walks out. At the end, he goes to the hospital and oddly watches Liz as she does CPR on Dr. Mays. 

End of show!

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