Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I'm Still Your Friend

Wednesday's Recap - 

Alexis wears a low cut robe, pops some pills and removes her wedding ring at her house. Then she gets a visit from Sonny. They sit down and have coffee while talking about Julian. Sonny tells her that he's her friend and he doesn't like seeing her in pain. After Alexis talks about all her mistakes with men that resulted in her children, but says Julian has really dragged her down. Sonny tells her that wearing a wire on Julian was very brave of her as was her stabbing of him during Sonny's fight with him. Alexis says she's glad Julian lived so he can spend his life in jail. At the end, Sonny makes a private phone call to someone and makes unknown arrangements. Meanwhile Alexis looks curiously at her telephone calendar. 

Hayden tells Tracy she doesn't want to be Finn's drug mule at The Metro Court. Tracy gets annoyed and says Hayden can tell that to Dr. Finn herself. Meanwhile in his hotel room, Dr. Finn climbs the walls and frantically looks for his drugs. Then he vents to Roxie that he needs to find the extra drugs he thinks he stashed somewhere. Later Tracy and Hayden come to see Finn. He tells them he'd prefer neither of them get involved. While there, Hayden swipes a piece of Finn's mail and hides it in her purse. Right then, Finn finds his secret stash and injects himself after kicking Tracy and Hayden out. At the end, Hayden shows Tracy that she knows what drugs Finn needs now and says she also knows someone who help them get it. 

Claudette meets up with Nina at Crimson for her first day of work. Then Maxie walks in and let's Nina know Claudette is actually Nathan's ex. Upon hearing that, Nina promptly fires her. Maxie intervenes and asks to speak with Nina privately. Maxie then tells Nina she wants Claudette close so she can keep an eye on her. Meanwhile Curtis stops in at Crimson and Nina ends up tells Claudette she can keep the job afterall. After Nina talks to Curtis privately and remarks that Claudette is going to get what she deserves. Then she asks him to investigate doctors performing bad plastic surgery. Curtis agrees, but also wants to investigate Claudette at the same time. 

Nathan approaches Griffin at the hospital and says he's off the suspect list for the murder of Dr. Mays. Later Nathan talks to Epiphany and says he plans on bringing the hospital killer to justice. Meanwhile at Crimson, Claudette tries to convince Maxie that she means no threat to her relationship with Nathan. After we see Claudette looking at a picture of Nathan and Maxie on her phone. Back at the hospital, Maxie finds Nathan and asks him to take Claudette to lunch. Nearby, Finn comes to the hospital and tells Griffin not to monitor him at work. 

Franco approaches Liz at the nurses' station and she asks why he signed Jake up for a summer camp. Liz is worried about how she can pay for it, especially when Cameron and Aiden want to go to camp too. Liz gets annoyed and tells Franco he should have checked with her first. Later Liz asks Epiphany to schedule her shifts when Franco isn't working. After Franco approaches Epiphany feeling frustrated and says he's done being nice to people. At the end, Franco gets on the elevator with Elizabeth and pulls the emergency stop thus trapping her inside with him. 

End of show!

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