Thursday, July 14, 2016

Elevator Bonding

What the hell are you doing?
Today's Show - 

Kristina introduces Aaron to Carly outside of Perks coffee shop, Sonny's new venture that Aaron will run. Kristina tells them how supportive Aaron has been to her. Sonny is impressed with him. Then Molly and TJ show up and everyone is eager to try out the coffee. Later TJ gets a text from Curtis advising him to make peace with Jordan. Molly encourages him to listen to Curtis so he takes off. After Molly asks Kristina about her feelings for Aaron and Parker. Kristina says Parker is married and the sex with Aaron is great. Nearby Carly tells Sonny about her deal with Nina to tell Jocelyn's story to Crimson. Sonny offers to help so no one takes advantage of Carly. At the end, Sonny tells Aaron he should come to see him if he has any problems. Nearby Kristina learns that Parker is coming to speak at Port Charles University. 

Jordan has a conversation with Curtis after leaving a sweet voice message for Andre at The Metro Court. Curtis talks about how he misses his life as a cop, but has decided to work as a private detective. Then Jordan talks about TJ and how he's cut her out of his life again. Curtis thinks Jordan's actions were her own best interest. Later TJ comes to meet up with Jordan and says he'd love to know why she never told him the truth about his father. Jordan says she thought she was doing the right thing and asks if he can forgive her. TJ ends up telling her that he knows she didn't mean to hurt him and Curtis advised him to make peace with her. 

Maxie asks Nathan to take Claudette to lunch at GH, but he doesn't like the idea. Then Valerie approaches Nathan and asks if she can help with hospital murder case. He agrees and then he tells Maxie no to her idea for him to have lunch with Claudette. However Maxie tells him she already text Claudette to meet him and shows him that she swiped a key to Claudette's room. Later Maxie sneaks into Claudette's room and finds a picture of Claudette and Nathan from their wedding day. 

Claudette gets a text from Nathan, although its really from Maxie, to meet him for lunch. She's pleased and goes to The Metro Court. She asks for a private table and orders a martini while she waits. Nearby Curtis watches her and decides to go check out her room. When he does he finds Maxie there. They decide to search the room together. Maxie tells him she's afraid Claudette is out to hurt Nathan. Meanwhile Nathan shows up his lunch with Claudette and she apologizes for cheating on him. Claudette then says their marriage was the best thing that ever happened to her. Nathan tries to stall for time, knowing Maxie is searching her room, so he reminds Claudette about the good times they shared. Then Nathan says he needs to know the name of who he shot to get closure on their past. 

Valerie has a chat with Griffin in the hospital conference room about the hospital murders. They briefly talk about Franco as a potential suspect. Valerie wonders if Franco is still the "freak" he was before. Griffin says he likes to think people can change and Franco's problems were likely because of the tumor he had. Later Valerie gets word that Franco trapped a woman in the elevator so she runs to investigate. 

Franco traps Elizabeth in the hospital elevator with him and puts his shirt over the camera. Liz is instantly uncomfortable and asks what the hell he's doing. Franco says he needs to talk to her and asks if she's afraid of him. He tells her that he heard her ask Epiphany to change her shifts and he wonders if she thinks he would hurt her. Liz gets frustrated and explains she doesn't trust herself or her feelings for him. They end up resolving their issues and Franco says he needs her in his life. At the end Valerie is ready to arrest Franco, but Liz lies for him. She says the elevator just got stuck and Franco would never hurt her. 

End of show!

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