Friday, July 15, 2016

Not Going Anywhere

Here's What Happened - 

On Cassadine Island, Nikolas tries to convince Jason and Sam to leave him there. Nik thinks Jason can prove he's alive without bringing him back to Port Charles. Ava makes mention of Nik's diamonds. Jason then tells Theo the fisherman he can leave so he takes off smirking on his way out. After Nik warns Jason he's only getting the diamonds over his dead body. Then Theo briefly returns to say their charter boat arrived. Ava tries to convince Nikolas to go home with Jason.

Darby returns today and joins Dillon for coffee at Perks. She tells him that Morgan is a nutcase and Kiki is a drama queen. Nearby Kiki sits with Morgan and he tells her that he's working at Perks now. Later Kiki has a moment alone with Dillon and asks if he's dating that "slutty train wreck" Darby. Dillon decides to take Darby and leave. After Morgan talks more about his job with Kiki, but senses she's upset. Meanwhile Darby dumps Dillon saying she's not interested in having more drama with Kiki. However Dillon tries to convince her otherwise by kissing her. Darby ends up inviting him inside her apartment. 

At the Metro Court, Nathan tries to get Claudette to tell him her real agenda and demands the name of the man he shot. They have an awkward conversation about closure. Meanwhile Curtis and Maxie continue to search Claudette's room. He leaves ahead of time and warns Maxie to be careful before she leaves. Later Maxie goes to the restaurant and Nathan impulsively kisses her in front of Claudette. It leads to Claudette making a dramatic exit. Later Claudette returns to her room and realizes Maxie broke in. 

Curtis goes to GH and chats with Griffin. They end up having a strange conversation about Griffin being a priest. Curtis wonders if Griffin left the priesthood over a woman. Griffin gets defensive and walks off. Meanwhile back at The Metro Court, Maxie tells Nathan that Curtis found her snooping in Claudette's room. Maxie also tells Nathan she found a wedding picture of Claudette and him in Claudette's room. 

Kevin surprises Laura, Dante and Lulu in Greece when he drops in on them. Laura is touched that he came to help. Kevin also brings Laura a picture that came for her of the Ice Princess. Seeing it makes Laura thinks something else is going besides Nik's troubles. Laura thinks its a dare for her to return to Cassadine Island. Later they head to the island with Lulu and Dante and find Nik alive. Lulu immediately hugs Nik, but Laura is bit more cold toward him. She scolds him for his actions, but ends up hugging him nonetheless. At the end, Theo returns once again with a gun. He tells everyone the party is just getting started and no one is leaving. 

End of show!

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Elevator Bonding

What the hell are you doing?
Today's Show - 

Kristina introduces Aaron to Carly outside of Perks coffee shop, Sonny's new venture that Aaron will run. Kristina tells them how supportive Aaron has been to her. Sonny is impressed with him. Then Molly and TJ show up and everyone is eager to try out the coffee. Later TJ gets a text from Curtis advising him to make peace with Jordan. Molly encourages him to listen to Curtis so he takes off. After Molly asks Kristina about her feelings for Aaron and Parker. Kristina says Parker is married and the sex with Aaron is great. Nearby Carly tells Sonny about her deal with Nina to tell Jocelyn's story to Crimson. Sonny offers to help so no one takes advantage of Carly. At the end, Sonny tells Aaron he should come to see him if he has any problems. Nearby Kristina learns that Parker is coming to speak at Port Charles University. 

Jordan has a conversation with Curtis after leaving a sweet voice message for Andre at The Metro Court. Curtis talks about how he misses his life as a cop, but has decided to work as a private detective. Then Jordan talks about TJ and how he's cut her out of his life again. Curtis thinks Jordan's actions were her own best interest. Later TJ comes to meet up with Jordan and says he'd love to know why she never told him the truth about his father. Jordan says she thought she was doing the right thing and asks if he can forgive her. TJ ends up telling her that he knows she didn't mean to hurt him and Curtis advised him to make peace with her. 

Maxie asks Nathan to take Claudette to lunch at GH, but he doesn't like the idea. Then Valerie approaches Nathan and asks if she can help with hospital murder case. He agrees and then he tells Maxie no to her idea for him to have lunch with Claudette. However Maxie tells him she already text Claudette to meet him and shows him that she swiped a key to Claudette's room. Later Maxie sneaks into Claudette's room and finds a picture of Claudette and Nathan from their wedding day. 

Claudette gets a text from Nathan, although its really from Maxie, to meet him for lunch. She's pleased and goes to The Metro Court. She asks for a private table and orders a martini while she waits. Nearby Curtis watches her and decides to go check out her room. When he does he finds Maxie there. They decide to search the room together. Maxie tells him she's afraid Claudette is out to hurt Nathan. Meanwhile Nathan shows up his lunch with Claudette and she apologizes for cheating on him. Claudette then says their marriage was the best thing that ever happened to her. Nathan tries to stall for time, knowing Maxie is searching her room, so he reminds Claudette about the good times they shared. Then Nathan says he needs to know the name of who he shot to get closure on their past. 

Valerie has a chat with Griffin in the hospital conference room about the hospital murders. They briefly talk about Franco as a potential suspect. Valerie wonders if Franco is still the "freak" he was before. Griffin says he likes to think people can change and Franco's problems were likely because of the tumor he had. Later Valerie gets word that Franco trapped a woman in the elevator so she runs to investigate. 

Franco traps Elizabeth in the hospital elevator with him and puts his shirt over the camera. Liz is instantly uncomfortable and asks what the hell he's doing. Franco says he needs to talk to her and asks if she's afraid of him. He tells her that he heard her ask Epiphany to change her shifts and he wonders if she thinks he would hurt her. Liz gets frustrated and explains she doesn't trust herself or her feelings for him. They end up resolving their issues and Franco says he needs her in his life. At the end Valerie is ready to arrest Franco, but Liz lies for him. She says the elevator just got stuck and Franco would never hurt her. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I'm Still Your Friend

Wednesday's Recap - 

Alexis wears a low cut robe, pops some pills and removes her wedding ring at her house. Then she gets a visit from Sonny. They sit down and have coffee while talking about Julian. Sonny tells her that he's her friend and he doesn't like seeing her in pain. After Alexis talks about all her mistakes with men that resulted in her children, but says Julian has really dragged her down. Sonny tells her that wearing a wire on Julian was very brave of her as was her stabbing of him during Sonny's fight with him. Alexis says she's glad Julian lived so he can spend his life in jail. At the end, Sonny makes a private phone call to someone and makes unknown arrangements. Meanwhile Alexis looks curiously at her telephone calendar. 

Hayden tells Tracy she doesn't want to be Finn's drug mule at The Metro Court. Tracy gets annoyed and says Hayden can tell that to Dr. Finn herself. Meanwhile in his hotel room, Dr. Finn climbs the walls and frantically looks for his drugs. Then he vents to Roxie that he needs to find the extra drugs he thinks he stashed somewhere. Later Tracy and Hayden come to see Finn. He tells them he'd prefer neither of them get involved. While there, Hayden swipes a piece of Finn's mail and hides it in her purse. Right then, Finn finds his secret stash and injects himself after kicking Tracy and Hayden out. At the end, Hayden shows Tracy that she knows what drugs Finn needs now and says she also knows someone who help them get it. 

Claudette meets up with Nina at Crimson for her first day of work. Then Maxie walks in and let's Nina know Claudette is actually Nathan's ex. Upon hearing that, Nina promptly fires her. Maxie intervenes and asks to speak with Nina privately. Maxie then tells Nina she wants Claudette close so she can keep an eye on her. Meanwhile Curtis stops in at Crimson and Nina ends up tells Claudette she can keep the job afterall. After Nina talks to Curtis privately and remarks that Claudette is going to get what she deserves. Then she asks him to investigate doctors performing bad plastic surgery. Curtis agrees, but also wants to investigate Claudette at the same time. 

Nathan approaches Griffin at the hospital and says he's off the suspect list for the murder of Dr. Mays. Later Nathan talks to Epiphany and says he plans on bringing the hospital killer to justice. Meanwhile at Crimson, Claudette tries to convince Maxie that she means no threat to her relationship with Nathan. After we see Claudette looking at a picture of Nathan and Maxie on her phone. Back at the hospital, Maxie finds Nathan and asks him to take Claudette to lunch. Nearby, Finn comes to the hospital and tells Griffin not to monitor him at work. 

Franco approaches Liz at the nurses' station and she asks why he signed Jake up for a summer camp. Liz is worried about how she can pay for it, especially when Cameron and Aiden want to go to camp too. Liz gets annoyed and tells Franco he should have checked with her first. Later Liz asks Epiphany to schedule her shifts when Franco isn't working. After Franco approaches Epiphany feeling frustrated and says he's done being nice to people. At the end, Franco gets on the elevator with Elizabeth and pulls the emergency stop thus trapping her inside with him. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Fisherman

Here's What Happened - 

Anna confronts Julian in his hospital room and accuses him of not loving Alexis like Duke loved her. She thinks he tried to pretend to be like Sonny, but Julian isn't as strong. Julian thinks she's a hypocrite, because she tried to kill Carlos. Anna says she hates him and she's leaving town to visit Robin. Then she walks out in tears. Griffin sees her and offers words of comfort. Anna says her vengeance toward Julian is a dead weight, but thinks now she can let it go. Then Griffin asks Anna if Duke would have liked him and she says he would have loved him. They share a sweet moment and hug. At the end, Nurse Amy goes to check on Julian and tells him she has mace and isn't afraid to use it. 

Dante and Lulu chat with Laura at The Metro Court and she tells them that Nikolas is alive. Dante wants Laura to tell them where Nik is. Laura suggests they all head to Cassadine Island to look for Nikolas together. Dante and Lulu agree to accompany her. At the end, Dante tells Lulu he's only going to Cassadine Island to help her and Laura. Meanwhile Laura leaves a message for Kevin telling him she's leaving town to find Nik and his friendship has meant everything to her. 

Hayden tries to get Tracy to help her with Dr. Finn's drugs at The Metro Court. Tracy agrees to offer her assistance. Meanwhile Dr. Finn goes back to his hotel room feeling weak and he tells Roxie he's running out of time. Later Tracy and Hayden come to see him. Tracy tells him that she considers him a friend and he should have asked for her help. Dr. Finn says he needs a drug mule so Tracy offers her and Hayden to be his mules. 

On Cassadine Island, Jason continues to be skeptical of the fisherman who showed up on the island. In Helena's bedroom, Ava tries to get Nikolas to open up about killing Helena. Then Jason brings the fisherman to see Nikolas. Sam returns Ava and Nik's shoes and everyone heads down to the living room together. Nik asks the fisherman how he knows him and the man claims he met Nikolas when he was a teenager on the island. Later we see the fisherman shares the same marking that's on the Cassadine family history book in the form of a tattoo on his wrist.

End of show!

The first half of GH was interrupted by a special news report today so this recap is condensed.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

See You Tomorrow

No recap today, I'll be back!

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P. S. It's Haley Pullos birthday today!

Friday, July 8, 2016


We're not done, Alexis!
Friday's Recap - 

Spencer tries to convince Laura and Kevin to leave him alone at GH after getting a stomach ache from a hot dog eating contest. However Laura thinks Spencer is acting oddly and tells Kevin so privately. She thinks Spencer's attitude toward death seems off. Meanwhile Spencer tries to make another call to Nikolas. Then Kevin tries to get Spencer to open up to him. He tells Spencer that Laura is upset and needs to leave a message for Nik like he does. Kevin suggests that Spencer give Laura his phone. Spencer says Laura has her own phone to use and Kevin should leave he and Laura alone. After it turns out that Spencer actually has two cell phones. Laura checks his secret phone and threatens to hit redial to find out who Spencer has been talking to. 

Sonny asks Carly to meet him at The Metro Court and tells her he knows where Jocelyn's kidney came from. Carly says she got in touch with Jax and he doesn't want to revisit the issue. Carly agrees, but decides to investigate the lead anyway. Sonny then brings a nurse, Ramona, over who oversaw Jocelyn's transplant for Carly to talk with. Carly ends up talking with Ramona privately. Ramona tells Carly that a woman approached her back in the day about Jocelyn's kidney. Carly shows her a picture of Helena and Ramona confirms that was the woman she met with. However at the end, Ramona makes a secret phone call saying Carly believed her story. 

Anna, Paul and Jordan investigate Alexis' house and find the evidence bag where Helena's dagger was kept. Jordan orders an APB for Julian. Then Molly comes home and asks where Alexis is. Meanwhile Aaron asks Kristina about her relationship with Parker at his apartment. Kristina tells him that Parker was her professor, but then is interrupted by an urgent call from Molly. Kristina rushes home where Jordan, Anna and Paul explain to her and Molly about the wire Alexis wore. Jordan promises the girls they will find Alexis. Later when alone, Molly and Kristina try to comfort each other while they worry about their mother. Then Aaron comes over to support Kristina.

On the docks, Julian holds Alexis hostage by holding Helena's dagger to her neck. Alexis tries to convince him not to kill her, because of the baby she's carrying. However Julian says he knows she's not pregnant and calls her a liar. Alexis then begs him not to kill her and tells him he'll have to look her in the eye if he's going to kill her. Right then, Sonny shows up and points a gun at Julian. The men end up fighting, Julian drops the knife and Alexis makes a grab for it. She impulsively stabs Julian in the back and he falls to the ground as Alexis cries. After Sonny checks Julian's pulse and says he's not dead yet. He arranges the scene to look like an accident and they wait for the police. When the police show up, Sonny takes the blame for stabbing Julian. 

Later Julian is taken to GH where Griffin begins treating him. Jordan wants to take a statement from Alexis, but Sonny convinces Jordan to let Alexis go home. Alexis thanks Sonny for coming to her rescue. After she heads home and is greeted by a very happy Molly and Kristina. Meanwhile back at the hospital, the doctor comes to tell Anna, Sonny and Jordan that Julian is going to live. Then we see Julian open his eyes and whisper that he and Alexis aren't done yet.   

On Cassadine Island, Sam, Jason, Ava and NuNikolas wait for the storm to pass before they can leave. Jason reminds Nik that his only option is to return to Port Charles. Nik claims Helena won't let Jason take him back to PC, because of the curse she put on all of them. Later the rain, thunder and lightening loom and suddenly Nik disappears. He escapes through a secret passageway to the wine cellar. Jason goes looking for Nikolas and finds him unconscious. Jason brings Nik back upstairs and in private Nik shows Ava that he snagged Jason's phone. At the end, Sam asks Jason if Helena could be behind everything odd that's been happening. Then we see an unknown person is watching them. 

End of show!

I really dislike the demise of Julexis. I think they should have been a solid couple for awhile, especially given how long it took for them to finally get married. It's almost as if Julian had a complete personality switch. I just hope it doesn't turn out that he has a brain tumor or something. In other news, I thought Laura looked great today!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Let's Make Peace

I'm sorry!
Here's What Happened - 

Julian receives a package from his associate at the park that he hopes will clear Alexis' name. Meanwhile Alexis talks to Anna at her house on her cell phone about the wire she's wearing. Anna waits with Jordan and Paul in a van a block from her house. They assure her everything will be fine, but Alexis is nervous nonetheless. Then Julian knocks on the door with flowers for her. Alexis tells him they have to work things out and they start having a pleasant conversation. Julian shows her what was in the package, which is Helena's dagger. Julian says by the time the police realize its gone, the dagger will be destroyed. Alexis is anxious, but thanks him. Then she asks if he framed her for murder. Julian says no, because he thought he wiped all the blood of the knife. He says he loves her and he'd never intentionally set her up. Julian also says he killed Carlos so he didn't roll over on him. Hearing that from the van, Anna thinks she's finally got Julian. Jordan goes to get a warrant to arrest him. At the end, Julian goes to hug Alexis and she impulsively jumps back, making him suspicious.

Sonny and Carly hang out with Avery at Sonny's place for 4th of July. Sonny tells Carly about Anna's plan to have Alexis wear a wire on Julian. He also tells Carly that Alexis is pregnant. After they watch the fireworks from Sonny's deck and he remarks how perfect the moment is. Then they have a talk about the miraculous way that Dante and Lulu ended up getting their new house. Carly realizes that Sonny intervened on their behalf. At the end, Carly goes to put Avery to bed so they have have some private time. 

Sam and Jason break into the Cassadine villa on Cassadine island. Meanwhile Nikolas takes Ava into his wine cellar. Ava sees a rat, screams and alerts Sam and Jason to their presence. Nik comes to Ava's rescue and they have a close moment. Then he ends up picking out a wine and they head back upstairs. Once in the living room, Nik tells Ava a bit about his childhood on the island and they toast to no more surprises. However right then, Sam and Jason stroll in. Jason threatens to beat Nikolas up if he doesn't go home. Ava chimes in saying they have no authority to take Nikolas anywhere. However Jason forces Nik to take a pic with today's newspaper and then he texts it to the PCPD. Later Ava mentions to Sam that Alexis is pregnant, which makes Sam anxious to return to Port Charles. At the end, Sam makes Nik feel guilty for faking his death so he decides to go back to town, but they have to wait for the incoming storm to pass before anyone can leave. 

Nathan gets a surprise visit from Claudette at The Metro Court. She apologizes for tricking him into coming to the hotel and says she has something to tell him. Then Claudette tells him that Maxie just hired her to work at Crimson. Nathan doesn't like what he hears and insists that Claudette leave town. She refuses to leave and they end up having an argument about their financial troubles in the past. Nathan says, "you set me up!" However Claudette says she just needs a job and she knows Nathan is a good man. Later Nathan tells Claudette he told Maxie all about her. They talk about the past and her lover that Nathan shot. She apologizes for hurting him and swears she's not trying to black mail Nathan. Claudette claims she wants to make peace. Nathan doesn't believe her and says she has to leave tonight. Then he steps out. At the end, Nathan comes back to escort Claudette out of town and he finds Maxie there. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Meet New Maxie

Tuesday's Recap - 

Hayden brings Dr. Finn his drugs to the PCPD and this time he can inject himself. Then Tracy strolls in saying Dr. Mays died at the hospital. Finn is surprised how happy Tracy seems about it, but she reminds him that since he was in jail at the time, it should take him off the suspect list. In private, Dr. Finn tells Hayden he doesn't want her taking anymore risks for him. Later Tracy comes back and tells Hayden she's willing to give her another chance since Dr. Finn likes her. 

Tracy heads over to the hospital and ends up having a confrontation with Dr. Obrecht about rehiring Dr. Finn. Dr. O says all of Finn's work was destroyed when he was suspended. Tracy thinks Dr. O should be in a jail cell for doing that. Tracy tells her she wants Dr. Finn reinstated immediately. Meanwhile Dr. Finn and Hayden go to get some food from The Metro Court. While there, Finn gets a call that his life saving drugs will no longer be accessible. 

On Cassadine Island, NuNikolas and Ava arrive at the main villa. Ava is impressed with the place and stumbles across the Cassadine family history book. Nik says he's the white sheep of the family. Later Nik leaves Ava alone for a moment to get food and Ava gets spooked by a loud noise. When Nik returns, he assures Ava that no one will find them there. Meanwhile in Greece, Sam meets Jason at a bar and tells him she came back to help him. Then they sit down to discuss where they think Nikolas might be. Jason wonders if he might be on Cassadine Island. At the end, Jason and Sam make their way there.

Spencer acts detached at The Metro Court while having lunch with Laura and Kevin about enjoying The Fourth of July without Nikolas. Laura and Kevin aren't sure what to think, but decide to leave Spencer alone for a moment with a sundae. Once alone, Spencer gets a call from Nikolas. Nikolas tells him to go pack a bag, because he's going to send someone for him. Right then Laura and Kevin return. Laura asks if he was talking to Nikolas. Spencer claims he likes to leave messages on Nik's voice mail as a means of feeling closer to him. However Laura thinks he might have really been talking to Nikolas. 

Kiki and Morgan pick a good spot at the park to watch the fireworks. She sports her American flag bikini, but Morgan gets distracted by her scar. Kiki reminds him her getting shot wasn't his fault. Then she has Morgan put sunscreen on her back, but she keeps thinking of Dillon. Later Morgan tells Kiki things have changed for him and he can't really party anymore. He worries she might find that boring. 

Nathan interviews Elizabeth at GH about the death of Dr. Mays. Liz tells him what happened and then says Franco showed up. Meanwhile in the hospital hallway, Dr. Obrecht angrily vents to Franco while waiting to be interviewed by Nathan. Dr. O offers to be Franco's alibi. Then Griffin comes over to say since Finn was in jail at the time, he can't be the murderer. In private, Franco wants to know if Dr. O was responsible. 

After Franco is questioned by Nathan followed by Dr. Obrecht. Then Nathan interviews Griffin, but he's interrupted by a mysterious phone call requesting that he go to the Metro Court asap. Meanwhile by the nurses' station, Franco asks Liz if she believes that he didn't kill anyone. Liz says the toaster won her over. At the end, Franco and Liz run into each other at the park and Liz invites him to watch the fireworks with her and the boys. 

NuMaxie debuts today as a brunette of all things. She has lunch with Dillon at The Metro Court. Then they are greeted by C.J. Bolton who arrives for an interview with Maxie. C.J. notices Maxie's engagement ring so Maxie shows her a picture of Nathan. Later Dillon shows C.J. his portfolio and she makes the same assessment about it that Maxie did. Maxie is impressed and hires C.J. to work at Crimson. C.J. accepts and later in private, Maxie guesses that Dillon is upset about Kiki. At the end, Nathan arrives at The Metro Court and finds Claudette aka C.J. Bolton waiting for him in a hotel room.

End of show!

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

GH will be a repeat today. See you tomorrow!

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Inject Me

Here's What Happened - 

Liz sees Hayden rifling in the hospital mail bin, but doesn't recognize her because she's wearing scrubs. Then Dr. Mays calls Liz away and vents to her at the Nurses' station about keeping patients alive unnecessarily. After Liz sees Hayden in her plain clothes and rushes to ask what she's doing at GH. Liz also notes that Hayden is carrying a "mystery package" and wants to know why Hayden was talking with Dr. Finn earlier. Hayden gets nervous, which makes Liz realize she's onto something. Later Liz checks on a dying patient and once again has a weird encounter with Dr. Mays, who comes in complaining about how unfortunate it is that the patient is being kept alive. At the end, Liz goes back to check on the patient again and finds Dr. Mays laying on the floor.

In Jordan's office, Curtis picks up Valerie for a date. After TJ comes to confront Jordan about Shawn being his father. Jordan ends up telling TJ that she'd lie all over again if she had the choice, because she was trying to protect him. Jordan felt it would have been too confusing for TJ after Tommy, the man he thought was his father, died. TJ doesn't like her explanation and storms off. After Jordan leaves TJ a tearful voice message imploring him not to act out in anger. Meanwhile at The Metro Court, Valerie and Curtis are in a rush to get through dinner so they can go fool around. However TJ comes storming in all worked out about Jordan. Valerie lets Curtis talk to him in private. TJ rants that Curtis isn't even his real uncle. Curtis advises him to act like a man and give Jordan a break. 

Nina and Julian talk about Alexis being pregnant at The Metro Court. Nina is consumed with thinking about sex and lost love. Julian says he wants to feel in love again. Meanwhile Anna tries to convince Alexis to wear a wire on Julian at her house. Alexis is worried that she can't keep her cool to pull it off so Anna suggests that she convince Julian she still loves him. Then Alexis apologizes to Anna for keeping Julian's secret of having had Duke killed. Anna thinks she can make it right by wearing the wire. Later Alexis places a call to Julian asking him to come by tomorrow to talk. Anna listens in testing out the wire.

In his jail cell, Dr. Finn lays unconscious. Then a guard comes, sees Finn's condition and calls for an ambulance. Dr. Finn wakes up right then and says he doesn't want to go to the hospital. He convinces the guard he's okay, but once alone Finn is paralyzed again by his withdrawals. Later Hayden finally gets to Finn with his drugs, but he's too weak to inject himself. He tells Hayden to inject him instead. She reluntantly does so and once fully injected, Dr. Finn begins to scream. After he calms down, Hayden strokes his hair and Finn tells her she probably saved his life. At the end, Hayden agrees to come back tomorrow to check on him.

Franco pays Heather a visit in jail to get her opinion on Elizabeth. Heather is quick to remind him that Liz is "Steven Lars" half sister. Heather thinks Franco wants to have an affair with Liz. Franco says he glad to have made a friend in Liz, but isn't sure if he wants more or not. Later Heather offers him money to the tune of 1.5 million dollars. Franco insists on knowing where she got that kind of money from. Heather claims she got the money from a man who taught her to invest. However Franco thinks he's got a better idea and walks out. At the end, he goes to the hospital and oddly watches Liz as she does CPR on Dr. Mays. 

End of show!

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