Thursday, June 23, 2016

You're Just As Bad As Ever

Why would I kiss you?
Today's Show - 

Anna gets a drink at the Metro Court while she waits for her online date to arrive. She asks the bartender to read her signal if she needs an excuse to get away by pulling her ear. Then Paul sits down and Anna immediately starts pulling her ear. Paul asks what she's doing there. Anna relunctantly says she's waiting for her date. Paul says he wants to stay nearby to keep an eye on her date. Anna agrees to give him a few details and says her date is named Sawyer and she met him online. Paul laughs and thinks he needs to chaperone her. Anna refuses his aid, but Paul thinks deep down Anna really likes him. However Anna doesn't agree and brings up how different he seems since splitting with his wife Jenny. She advises Paul to try and make some new friends in town. At the end, Anna realizes her date stood her up, she tells Paul to try listening to her going forward and then she leaves. 

At Crimson, Dillon walks in as Nina is looking at the vibrator she received in the mail. Dillon asks about it so Nina says he and Kiki should try it out for a spin. Dillon says he and Kiki might not work out. Nina realizes that Kiki must still be interested in Morgan. Dillon tells Nina about his botched date with Kiki that Morgan interrupted. It leads to a conversation about Nina's relationship with Franco. Dillon says he thinks Franco is bad for Nina. However Nina thinks she and Franco were really great together. Later Nina advises Dillon to fight for Kiki.

Kiki runs into Morgan at GH and wants to clear the air about their relationship. Morgan says he wishes he could take back the things he said to her. He wonders if they should be friends or get back together. Morgan also wonders if he's already lost Kiki to Dillon, but she says things aren't that serious with Dillon yet. Morgan asks if she'll give him another chance, but before Kiki can answer, an acquaintance from Morgan's therapy group approaches them. When Morgan introduces Kiki, the acquaintance starts talking about how Morgan couldn't stop talking about Kiki at the hospital. At the end, Kiki tells Morgan they should go on a date.

Ava and Nikolas struggle to pick the lock at Hocksley's manor. Ava manages to open the door successfully, but then is stopped by a large blonde woman named, Margarette. She proceeds to taser Ava and then charges at them with a fire poker. Meanwhile Sam and Jason go looking for clues at the manor. Sam worries that if Jason gets caught snooping he'll go to jail, but she decides to take the risk with him anyway. They go inside and Jason grabs Hocksley. Jason demands to know where Ava is. Then they hear groaning from inside the den and when they look they see Margarette tied up. However Ava and Nik are gone. They all agree to search for Nik and Ava together. At the end, we see Ava and Nikolas are holding up in a garden shed. Ava finds a bottle of liquor so they start drinking. 

Franco kisses Elizabeth at her place. At first she kisses him back, but then Liz pulls away and asks what he's doing. She asks why she would kiss him. Franco answers that she must be trying to make Jason jealous. Liz thinks Franco is the one who wants to stick it to Jason, because he likes to play games. Then Liz snaps at him and says Franco is just as bad as he ever was. However then she takes it back saying she knows he's changed, but that he still makes her nervous. Franco says Liz makes him feel like she believes in him. Later Liz thinks he kissed her, because he's still upset about Nina. Franco thinks Liz kissed him back, because she misses Nikolas. Franco then gets a text from Nina asking if he's made a decision yet. At the end, Franco and Liz agree not to talk about their kiss and he walks out. 

End of show!

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