Friday, June 3, 2016

You Can Always Talk to Me

Love these two!
Friday's Recap - 

At Wyndermere, Liz eavesdrops as Jordan questions Hayden about her diamonds. Jordan lets Hayden know the FBI are coming to see her. Then Liz walks in and in private Liz and Hayden get into an argument. Liz thinks Hayden hired someone to kill Nikolas because of her diamonds. Jordan returns with the FBI and they began searching Wyndermere. Once their alone again, Liz and Hayden get into another argument. The FBI come back in with a list claiming the diamonds are Hayden's father's assets. Later Hayden tries to leave town, but Liz stops her and they end up having a cat fight. At the end, Rachel's mother walks in and sees her fighting with Liz. 

Monica talks to Dr. Mays by the Nurses' station about Lucas' condition. Dr. Obrecht interrupts and yells at Monica about letting Dr. Finn get away with murder. Dr. Mays defends Monica as a competent Chief of Staff. Dr. O says that she heard rumors that Dr. Finn was a drug addict from his last employer. Monica gets snarky and says she heard rumors that Dr. O used to be a man. Dr. O says she wants to involve the police, but Monica forbids her from doing so. Dr. Mays chimes in as well, but Dr. Obrecht refuses to back down. 

Carly asks Dr. Finn in the hospital chapel if he's responsible for what happened to Lucas. Finn gets defensive and wonders why Carly would believe Dr. Obrecht. Carly says he lied to her about being diabetic. Dr. Finn swears he's not a drug addict, but he doesn't want to discuss why he's injecting himself. He asks Carly to trust him and tells her to come with him. They go to the nurses' station where Finn thinks he knows a way to wake Lucas up. Dr. Obrecht, Dr. Mays and Monica get involved. Monica advocates they all listen to Dr. Finn's idea, despite Dr. O and Dr. Mays objections. 

Brad sits by Lucas' bedside and talks to him while he's in a coma. Brad cries about how he would be so grateful if Lucas wakes up, even if he'll always be an imperfect person. He says Lucas made him a better man and he loves him. Thankfully Lucas starts to move his hand and begins to wake up. However when Brad gets Dr. O, Dr. Finn, Monica, Dr. Mays and Carly to come into the room, Lucas seems to be out of it again. Carly screams for him to wake and Lucas finally talks. At the end, Lucas says he knows what happened to him. 

Laura tells Spencer at the park that the police are still looking for Nikolas. Spencer acts indifferent and says there is no way his father is coming back. He believes a fall from the window to the rocks would be fatal. Then Kevin shows up and Spencer suspects that Laura is setting him up to speak with a counselor. Spencer goes off to play and Kevin tells Laura he thinks Spencer is avoiding the possibility that Nik might be dead. Kevin thinks maybe Spencer's denial isn't a terrible way to deal with his grief. Then Kevin talks about recovering from the pain of his divorce from Lucy. 

He also tells Laura he's available to give her whatever support she needs. He asks if Laura thinks Nikolas is dead, but Laura says she feels there is still hope. He assures her she can always talk to him. Laura says the thought of losing Nikolas reminds her of leaving Nikolas as a baby. She talks about her past with Cassadines and her guilt over not being part of Nik's life. She brings up how Nikolas saved Lulu's life when she was a baby and how he forgave Laura for leaving him behind. She cries and Kevin hugs her. 

Sam and Jason go over the timeline in a safe house of what happened to Nikolas. Jason thinks they need to focus on who has motive to want Nik dead. Sam thinks Hayden is the obvious choice, but Jason doesn't agree. He thinks maybe the Quartermaine's are involved, but Sam isn't convinced. Back at the PCPD, Jordan issues a warrant to arrest Jason. Meanwhile over at the safe house, Jason wonders if Nikolas set up his own disappearance. 

End of show!

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