Monday, June 13, 2016

Tied the Knot

Monday's Recap - 

Spinelli waits for news on Claudette at Maxie's place when Nathan walks in. They get into a conversation about Nathan's marriage to Claudette and his recent secret keeping. Spinelli scolds Nathan for hurting Maxie. Nathan wonders why Spinelli suddenly showed up to help Maxie. Spinelli assures him that he still loves Ellie, but warns Nathan to shape up or he'll have to answer to him. Then Spinelli walks out. 

Maxie tells Griffin at GH about her troubles with Nathan and asks for his help as a priest. She mentions Nathan shooting someone and Griffin says Nathan probably acted in the heat of the moment. Maxie thinks he's making excuses for Nathan. Griffin says he hates guns and violence, but he thinks Nathan was blinded by jealousy. Maxie says Nathan isn't the man she thought he was. Griffin says one mistake doesn't define a man's life. He convinces Maxie to give Nathan a second chance. 

Sam returns to the safe house and tells Jason that Dante is suspicious of her. Jason then tells her that he thinks Spencer knows Nikolas is alive after hearing his conversation with Emma at Nik's funeral. Sam can't believe how Nikolas could have changed so much. Jason remembers that Nikolas saved his life during the hotel fire years ago and thinks maybe they should try to help Nik. 

Later Jason shows Sam that he took Nik's laptop from Wyndermere and Sam goes to work to look for information on where Nik might have gone. However Sam can't get into Nik's computer. Spinelli shows up to help and Jason tells him that he's starting to remember what a great friend Spinelli has been to him. Spinelli wants to hug Jason, but he resists so Spinelli hugs Sam instead. After Spinelli tries a new method to crack Nik's computer and gives them a lead on Nik's potential whereabouts. 

At Wyndermere, Hayden and her mother talk about Nikolas. Hayden says her love for Nikolas was real and they had great sexual chemistry. Then Hayden shows her mother the last picture Nik sent her of the diamonds. Later the FBI show up to question Hayden about the diamonds. They want to take Hayden into headquarters, but Hayden's mother, Naomi, convinces them not to. At the end, Naomi tells Hayden to remember her when she finds the diamonds. Then she leaves to go back home and tells Hayden she's truly sorry for her loss.

Alexis scolds Julian for offering their house for Lucas' wedding without telling her first. Julian asks her to play along for Lucas' sake. Then Brad, Lucas, Bobby and Carly arrive for the wedding ceremony. Brad is super thankful to Alexis for allowing them to use the house. Alexis decides to play along, but Carly senses something is wrong. In private, she condemns Alexis for covering for Julian. Carly thinks the more Alexis protects Julian the worse things will be for her. Later Alexis changes for the wedding.

Meanwhile Ava shows up at Julian's and tells him that the cops want him for Carlos' murder. Julian confides in Ava that he's having trouble with Alexis and warns Ava to steer clear of the mess for her own sake. Ava decides to show some art overseas to avoid the cops and hugs Julian goodbye. After Julian heads back inside and the wedding ceremony begins. Right then Nathan shows up with a warrant to search the house. Nathan allows the ceremony to go on while they search the upstairs first. Carly looks on with contempt. Then Brad and Lucas say their vows, everyone is touched and they are officially married. Everyone toasts and then Nathan begins to search the living room. Nathan finds Helena's dagger and studies it curiously, making Alexis and Julian nervous. 

Ava gets on a plane and awaits take off. She calls Sonny and asks to speak with Avery before leaving. Sonny complies and Ava tells Avery she loves her over the phone. At the end, it turns out the passenger next to Ava on the plane is a very much alive Nikolas Cassadine.

End of show!

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