Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Here's What Happened - 

Lulu and Dante toast at The Metro Court to their new home. Lulu has a sparkling cider due to her impending fertility treatments. Then she talks about missing Nikolas and asks Dante if he thinks Nik is really dead. Dante says yes. Lulu thinks she should contact Lucky to let him know what happened to Nikolas. Later they head to the park and Lulu talks more about Lucky and Nikolas. She wants to name their baby after Nik.

Jason finds the shed where Ava and Nikolas were hiding and he runs into a security guard. The guard pulls a gun on Jason and Jason deduces the guy works for Hocksley. Jason makes a grab for the gun, the two men struggle and then Jason gets the upper hand. He takes the gun and fires a warning shot. Jason then handcuffs the guard and tells him to deliver a message to Hocksley that Nikolas and Ava are no longer his problem or Jason will kill him. 

At the airport, Ava and Nikolas talk about what's next. Nikolas tells Ava he plans on continuing on alone. Ava lobbies for them to travel together. She hopes it would give her enough time to find another buyer for the Weeping Nyad, thus throwing Hocksley off her trail. Ava thinks Nikolas will eventually want to go back home, but he thinks it's better if he remains dead. Ava says she likes traveling with him, because it's like a blank slate. At the end, Nik says he's enjoyed Ava's "unexpected company" and they leave together. 

Alexis texts Sam not to worry about her from her bathtub. Meanwhile Julian tries to stifle thoughts of killing Alexis as he walks into the bathroom. Downstairs Sonny rings the doorbell so Alexis runs to answer the door while keeping the voice recorder on her phone activated. When she answers the door, Sonny wants to know why she's still covering for Julian. Then Julian comes down and Sonny and Julian argue. Alexis freaks out and tells Julian she wants him out. Julian grudgingly walks out and after Alexis tells Sonny he blew her chances of recording Julian. Sonny worries that Julian will try to kill Alexis. 

Julian goes to The Metro Court and starts drinking. He can't stop thinking about his thoughts of killing Alexis. Meanwhile back at Alexis' place, she tells Sonny she has to tell him something. Later Sonny goes to The Metro Court and runs into Dante and Lulu. They tell him how excited they are to be closing on their new house. After Sonny approaches Julian at the bar. 

Kristina reaches out to Parker on the phone at the park. Aaron walks up behind her and asks who Parker is. Kristina is reluctant to talk about it, but tells him that Parker is her ex. Aaron is compassionate and says social media makes it easier to keep in touch with ex's these days. He says he'd like to date her and later they kiss. However Kristina pulls back saying she needs to check on her mom. Then she leaves and avoids making plans to see Aaron again. At the end, Kristina goes home and tells Alexis no matter how bad things seem there is a way out of her situation with Julian. Meanwhile Sonny tells Julian at The Metro Court that Alexis is pregnant!

End of show!

Alexis pregnant...hmmm, that's a stretch.

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  1. PLEASE TPTB BRING BACK THE REAL PRINCE NIKOLAS (TYLER CHRISTOPHER)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the one and only Prince. This new guy is terrible!!!!!!!!! Bring Tyler back. Watched two episodes with new guy turned the TV off and will not watch GH again until the real Prince Nikolas is returned to our TV screens. Know quite a few people who have turned GH off and won't tune in again until the real Prince is back on GH!!


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