Thursday, June 16, 2016

London's Calling

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Today's Show - 

Andre goes to see Jordan at her office and tells her that he's in love with her. Jordan wonders why he's had a sudden change of heart since their fight earlier. Andre says he wanted to let her know how he really feels and asks for her forgiveness about their fight over Anna. At first Jordan is skeptical, but then she ends up kissing him and thanking him for telling her. 

Dr. Finn and Monica speak privately at the hospital about the syringe found in his locker. Finn refuses to explain what the syringe is for so Monica suspends him. However Tracy walks in and defends Dr. Finn. Tracy thinks suspending Dr. Finn will destroy Monica's Chief of Staff status. Monica defends her actions and explains all the evidence mounting against Dr. Finn. 

At The Floating Rib, Valerie and Curtis make romantic plans for their evening. However Hayden drops in and wants Curtis' immediate aid. Curtis says he's busy and introduces Valerie to Hayden. Hayden makes a crack about Curtis being broke so he quickly rushes Valerie away. Meanwhile TJ tells Molly nearby that he got a paid internship at GH. Molly is happy for him and they hug. Then TJ introduces Molly to Curtis. Later Valerie tells Curtis she wants to party with her friends so Curtis heads to Jordan's office. He asks her to help him become a cop again. Jordan worries about his sobriety, but Curtis feels he's beyond his past. He apologizes for telling Jordan's husband about her affair with Shawn. 

The bartender at The Floating Rib orders Dr. Finn to leave when he sees him with Roxie. Hayden sees it, defuses the situation and then asks to pet Roxie. Hayden is kind to Roxie and says she used to have a Bearded Dragon named Mr. Darcy. Then Hayden asks what's really wrong with Finn. He takes ill and asks for her help to get back to his hotel. Nearby TJ tells Molly about the bad blood between Curtis and Jordan. Molly talks about Alexis' problems with Julian. TJ suggests that they live together. Molly agrees and they decide to go tell their parents about it. TJ heads to Jordan's office and overhears Curtis telling Jordan about how Shawn is TJ's real father.

Sam and Jason bask in the afterglow of love making at the safe house. Sam says life on the run is exciting and turns her on. Later Sam leaves and heads to the pawn shop where Nikolas got a fake ID. She breaks in and hacks into the computer. She finds Nik's information, but then the store owner finds her and points a gun at Sam. He tells Sam to be nice to him or else so she fakes going in for a kiss and then slaps his gun away. Somehow Sam takes him down, kicks him and then Jason shows up to help her. Sam goes back to the computer and gets Nik's location successfully. They head back to the safe house and Sam says they're headed to London.

Ava follows Nikolas to his hotel in London and taunts him about his new identity, Nile. He wonders what she's hiding and what she wants with him. Ava says she'd like a dinner companion and an explanation for why he faked his death. Later Hocksley randomly shows up and joins them. He insists that they join him for dinner at his manor. However "Nile" refuses. In private, Ava thinks Hocksley's reappearance isn't a coincidence. She tells Nik she's on his side and they agree to ride to the airport tomorrow together. Meanwhile Hocksley overhears their conversation and plans to meet up with them tomorrow as well. 

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