Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm Dying

Monday's Recap - 

Nathan goes to Alexis' house to arrest her for Carlos' murder. Sonny is there and insists that Julian is the murderer, but Nathan arrests her nonetheless. Alexis tells Sonny to call Diane as Nathan escorts her outside. At the PCPD, Anna tells Paul and Jordan she's going to dig deeper into Alexis as a suspect in Carlos' murder. Later Nathan brings Alexis into the station. Sonny follows and wants to speak with Alexis. Anna backs him up so Jordan reluctantly allows him to talk to Alexis. Sonny tells Alexis that Diane isn't available for hours. Jordan doesn't care and takes Alexis into interrogation anyway. In private, Sonny questions Anna about why Alexis was arrested. 

In the interrogation room, Jordan and Paul tell Alexis they're going to rip her house apart looking for evidence. Alexis refuses to say anything without a lawyer present. Later Jordan and Paul tell Anna they think Alexis is worried about something. Anna wants to speak with her and goes into the interrogation room. Once alone together, Anna tells Alexis she's after Julian, not her. Anna is compassionate toward Alexis saying she knows what it's like to love a man who breaks the law. Anna says she hopes Julian loves Alexis as much as she loves him. 

Dr. Finn wakes up to find Hayden still in his hotel room. She tells him that he was a mess the night before so she had to help him. Hayden then gets a little sad talking about Nikolas and says she misses him. Later Finn wants to go back to work, but gets light headed. Hayden insists that he rest. Finn is anxious to get a notebook from his locker at the hospital so Hayden offers to go get it for him. Once alone, Finn tells Roxy he might not make it. 

Maxie finds Griffin shirtless in the hospital locker room while she's looking for Lucas. She tells him she's looking for men to recruit for Crimson's real men issue. Later by the nurses' station, Griffin wants to tell Nathan something. However Maxie shows up. Griffin then looks woeful when Maxie sees Nathan and hugs him. After Maxie asks Griffin to marry her and Nathan. However Griffin says he can't. Meanwhile Hayden sneaks into the hospital locker room, gets Finn's notebook, but is then interrupted by Liz. Hayden claims she needed anti-depressants for her grief over Nik and walks out. After Liz gets curious and starts rummaging through the lockers. 

Nina and Julian fall to the floor while preparing for his modeling shoot at Crimson. They fall into a compromising position as Olivia walks in. Nina gets uncomfortable and leaves. Once alone, Olivia asks why Julian missed their tour of preschools for Leo. Julian apologizes and says they can reschedule. Then Olivia asks what is going on with him and Alexis, because she noticed he's staying at the hotel. Julian swears everything is fine, but Olivia pushes and asks if he's back in the mob. Julian denies it. She holds his hand and offers to be there for him. Right then Sonny walks in and says he needs to speak with Julian alone. 

Franco talks to Liz at the Nurses' station about the recent murders at the hospital. The way he talks about murder makes Liz feel awkward and she walks away. Later Nina comes to the hospital and talks with Franco. She asks if he'd like to get naked for her magazine. They remark how great each other's bodies are and Nina says she wants to have sex with him. Franco asks if he's her friend with benefits now. Nina says yes, if he wants to be. Franco offers to think about it. After Franco goes into the locker room and sees Liz going through the lockers. He's shirtless and says she's going to need some tools to get into the locker.

At the end, Sonny tells Julian that Alexis has been arrested for murder at Crimson. At GH, Griffin covers when Nathan asks what he wanted to tell him by saying he advised Maxie to work on their relationship. In Dr. Finn's hotel room, Hayden won't give him his notebook unless he tells her what's really wrong with him. Finn answers, "I'm dying!" Meanwhile over at the PCPD, Alexis tells Anna to go to hell. Then Sonny brings Julian to the station and Julian demands to speak with Alexis. 

End of show!

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  1. What do you think Griffen was really going to tell Nathan. Is it that he's the person who was cheating with his wife and the person who he was looking for all those years ago, to find out what happened to them and why they never went to the police. Or is it something we have no idea about just yet as them being connected because of claudette may be too obvious but what other connection could they have that links nathan and griffen.

    1. I think Griffin is the guy Nathan shot who Claudette was sleeping with, but I suppose TPTB could take it in a different direction.


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