Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Know Something About Getting Out Of Jams

Here's What Happened - 

Nina has fantasies about Franco coming to seduce her as Don Juan at Crimson. However Maxie walks into Nina's office and orders her to snap out of it. Maxie tells her that she got a designer to let her pick out a wedding dress and gushes about marrying Nathan. Hearing Maxie talk about how happy she is makes Nina upset. She starts crying and says she's going to end up alone and she shouldn't have broken up with Franco. Nina tells Maxie that she asked Franco for a "booty call" but now she realizes she wants to get back together with him. Later Nina hears an odd buzzing sound coming from a package on her desk. Maxie jokes that bombs tick, but then both of them panic. However Maxie realizes its a marketing company that sent them a vibrator. Nina is curious about it, but at the end decides to send Franco a text message. 

Morgan goes to see Kiki and despite her bad cold, they hug. Then he tells her that breaking up with her was a big mistake and he's sorry. Morgan confesses that Ava convinced him that he's bad for her. Kiki is upset that her mother interfered, but Morgan says he wasn't in a good place. He thinks he's better now. Morgan tells Kiki he saw her kissing Dillon at the ball and wonders what Dillon is to Kiki. Right then Dillon walks in with soup and Kiki's cold prescription. Morgan feels awkward and leaves. After Kiki and Dillon eat soup, but Dillon senses she's distracted. He tells Kiki to take as much time as she needs and when she's ready to text him. Then he walks out. At the end, Kiki goes to GH and runs into Morgan again. 

Hocksley demands that Ava give him the Weeping Nyad statue he wants at his manor, but Ava insists the real statue he just broke. Ava swears she's not lying so Nik chimes in saying Ava definitely is lying. Ava then says she left the statue back in her hotel room in London. Hocksley ties them up and tells Ava if the statue isn't there her and Nik are in trouble. Once alone, Ava tells Nik she doesn't have the statue in her hotel room. Nik worries what will happen to Spencer if he really does die and says they need to try and free themselves. Then they work together to get themselves untied with the help of a letter opener. 

In London, Sam and Jason go looking for clues in Ava's hotel room. They find a business card for an art broker Sam hopes has news about Ava's whereabouts. She calls the broker, but learns Ava never showed up for the appointment she had. Sam thinks Nik and Ava took off together for an affair, but Jason thinks something seems suspicious. Later Hocksley shows up at Ava's hotel room. Sam and Jason hide as Hocksley searches Ava's room and talks on the phone to an unknown person. Once Hocksley comes up empty he leaves. Sam and Jason decide to follow him. Meanwhile back at Hocksley's manor, Ava and Nik free themselves and Ava tries to pick the lock to the door saying she knows about getting out of jams.  

Liz moves into her new place and remarks to Jake how excited she is to have a new toaster. Then Franco knocks on the door with a new toaster as a present for her. Franco says he just wanted to see Jake, because Jason hasn't been available. The three of them go into the kitchen and make toast. Jake asks Liz why Jason hasn't called yet so Franco says Jake should draw Jason a special picture. Jake agrees and goes to draw. In private, Franco tells Liz about his relationship dilemma with Nina. He says he doesn't know what he wants and that Jason's hatred of him reminds him of the bad person he used to be. Liz advises him not to be a whiner. Liz tells him he's not the person he used to be and he only gives her the creeps occasionally these days. They agree it's nice to be friends, then they get close and end up kissing.

End of show!

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