Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Have A Plan

Still kicking!
Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Jason get a visit at the safe house from one of Sonny's men, who brings money and guns for them. Then Sam and Jason go to get fake ID's from the guy they think Nik got one from. Later they had back to the safe house and make their plans to find Nikolas. Then they decide to make dinner. Sam tells Jason that she learned a lot about cooking over the years, but suggests he cook and she'll prepare Tequila. Jason remembers a previous time when they were on the run. Sam thinks as long as they're together everything will be fine. 

Ava confronts Nikolas on the plane to London, who is calling himself Nile Caradine. Nik tries to pretend she's mistaken about his true identity, but Ava quickly snaps a selfie of them. She tells him she won't expose him and warns him to never return to Port Charles. Nik says, "I have a plan." Ava asks why Nik decided to fake his death. He answers that it serves his purposes for the world to think he's dead. Nearby a British passenger named, Hocksley, asks Nik who he is and thinks he recognizes him as an actor. Ava plays along and tells the man he's right and gets Nik to give him an autograph. When they land, Nik thanks Ava for keeping his secret. Ava tells him he owes her a favor now. At the end, Hocksley asks Nik to join him for dinner, but Nik refuses. After Hocksley makes a call to someone unknown saying they need to prepare for company.

Anna goes to Jordan's office to ask about Nathan's search warrant for Julian's house, but Jordan quickly shuts her down and says Anna needs to stay away from the case. They get into an argument over it. Andre walks in so Anna asks for his opinion on the situation. Andre tells Anna he can't support her on this issue so Anna walks out annoyed. However in private, Andre tells Jordan that he thinks Anna would be an asset to her investigation. Jordan gets defensive and questions his feelings for Anna. Andre swears he's just friends with Anna, but Jordan isn't so sure. Andre leaves at Jordan's request, although he's clearly unhappy with their conversation. 

Felicia and Emma talk about how to keep Anna from getting lonely at Anna's house. Emma shows Felicia that she created a dating profile for Anna with the username, Zero Dark Flirty. Felicia advises Emma to make sure she checks with Anna first before posting a profile. Emma is worried that Anna will be lonely once she leaves town. Emma is also worried that Anna misses Duke. Felicia agrees, but thinks Anna has to help herself. Later Anna comes home and admits to Felicia that she feels lonely. Felicia worries that maybe she's been a bad friend for not realizing Anna still misses Duke. Felicia suggests that Anna date again, but Anna says she's not ready for that. At the end, Felicia takes Emma to the airport. Once alone, Anna sees the dating profile on the computer. Then she gets a knock on the door from Andre.

Julian and Alexis get nervous at their place when Nathan finds Helena's dagger. Alexis explains how Helena left the dagger for her in her will. Once alone, Alexis tells Julian she doesn't care what happens to him anymore. However Julian hopes she still loves him. Alexis advises him not to be delusional and says she's divorcing him. Julian gets upset and says he wants to work this out. He suggests they see a marriage counselor to which Alexis laughs out loud. She says whatever they had is over. Alexis says she needs to focus on putting her life back together without him. She tells him he'll get off for Carlos' murder, but their marriage is over. Julian refuses to give her a divorce and refuses to leave. He says til death do them part. Meanwhile Nathan tells Jordan at the PCPD there was blood found on Helena's dagger. 

End of show!

Felicia still looks so great! I love her!

Have a great night!

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