Friday, June 24, 2016

Ghost Carlos Strikes Again!

Your wife will turn you in!
Friday's Recap - 

Anna receives flowers at the PCPD from her online date, Sawyer. Then Paul comes in and questions Anna about Sawyer, saying he's only trying to make up for standing her up. Meanwhile Diane comes to see Alexis in the interrogation room and tells her she will fight to get her out of jail. Then Mayor Lomax comes to the station and taunts Alexis for her current situation. Alexis and Diane then leave for Alexis' arraignment. In private, Mayor Lomax orders Paul to put Alexis in her place. Later Diane and Alexis return after Diane successfully got Alexis released. Diane thinks Paul must be off his game to allow that. Anna asks to speak with Alexis alone and advises Alexis to get evidence from her house to convict Julian. At the end, Mayor Lomax asks Paul why he didn't bury Alexis. Paul says when the trial starts he'll make sure Carlos' murderer goes to jail. 

Sonny and Carly run into Julian at The Metro Court. Sonny taunts Julian and calls him a coward for allowing Alexis to rot in jail. Later Michael comes to see Sonny and Carly and says he wants a future with Sabrina. Carly doesn't like the idea given Sabrina's actions with Carlos. However Michael stands firm saying he wants to take care of Sabrina and Teddy. Then he walks out. After Sonny thinks Carly needs to back off Michael. However Carly thinks Sabrina just wants someone with money to take of her and her kid. At the end, Anna comes to speak with Sonny and tells him Alexis made bail. Sonny hopes Alexis will turn on Julian now. 

From his hotel room, Dr. Finn demands that Felix send over his patient files despite his being suspended. After Tracy gives Finn a call and he decides to go see her at the Q's for an unofficial check up. When he gets there he looks Tracy over and thinks she's in good health. Then Monica walks in and realizes what they're doing. She scolds Tracy. Later Michael comes to the Q's and notices something is wrong with baby Teddy. He asks Finn to look at him. Dr. Finn looks Teddy over and says he needs to go to the hospital right away. 

Sabrina goes to GH and talks to Felix. He tells her that Alexis was arrested for Carlos' murder. Sabrina says she falsely thought she could change Carlos. Then they talk about Sabrina living at the Q's and what that means for her and Michael. Later Michael and Dr. Finn rush into GH with Tracy and baby Teddy, which panics Sabrina. Then Monica comes over and asks what's going on. 

Julian goes home to pack his bag and gets a visit from ghost Carlos. Julian asks what he wants, but Carlos says Julian is the one who brought him there. Carlos thinks Alexis will likely turn him in. Julian says he doesn't know how to get out of the situation he's in and he thinks Alexis loves him unconditionally. Carlos thinks he has become Alexis' lapdog and she doesn't love him anymore. Carlos thinks Julian loves power and will ultimately do whatever he has to do to save himself. Then Carlos disappears. At the end, Alexis come home and finds Julian waiting there. Then ghost Carlos reappears and looks at Julian knowingly.

End of show!

The shaky camera work during Carlos' scenes made me dizzy today. 

Have a great weekend!

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