Monday, June 6, 2016

Full Confession

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Monday's Recap - 

At Wyndermere, Liz and Hayden's cat fight is interrupted by Hayden's mother. Liz walks out in a huff leaving Hayden alone with her mother. Once alone, Hayden's mom says she came to visit her, because of what happened to Nikolas. Then they get into an argument about Hayden's father. She offers to speak to the authorities about Hayden finances, because she loves her and wants to help. Later Hayden's mother asks about her diamond necklace, but Hayden says Nikolas stole the diamonds. Her mother thinks she's lying. Then Hayden mentions Liz's last name in frustration, Webber, which seems familiar to Hayden's mother. At the end, Hayden's mother says she'll be back tomorrow to help look for the diamonds.

Liz heads to the hospital and runs into Franco who says he left her a voice message. She's distant toward him and explains that she's worried about Nikolas. Later Dr. Obrecht demands that Liz get all of Dr. Finn's files, but Liz says she's too busy. Franco sees that Liz is upset and offers to help her. Liz vents about Hayden so he offers to help her get revenge. He thinks Elizabeth needs a win. She asks what his idea is, but then pulls back saying she can't complicate things more for herself right now. 

At General Hospital, Lucas tells Brad, Dr. Mays, Dr. Obrecht, Dr. Finn and Monica that someone tried to kill him. Then Jordan walks in and wants to question Lucas about what happened. He tells everyone that he found someone standing over Bobby with a syringe and they attacked him instead. He can't describe who he saw, but says he thought it was a doctor because they wore a white lab coat, with a cap and a mask. Later in the hallway, Dr. O accuses Dr. Finn of being a drug addict who tried to kill Lucas. Jordan tells Dr. Finn to make himself available for questioning. In private, Jordan also tells Monica that Jason is wanted for Nikolas' murder. 

Later Monica catches up with Dr. Finn and asks him to take a drug to help exonerate himself. She insists that he show up for the test tomorrow. Nearby Dr. O tells Dr. Mays she will find out what Dr. Finn is hiding. Meanwhile in Lucas' room, Lucas apologizes for missing their wedding. Brad says they will get married one way or another. 

Sam and Jason continue to piece together what happened to Nikolas at the safe house. Jason thinks Nikolas faked his death and wonders why. They try to figure out how Nikolas could have set the whole thing up and run through some possible scenarios. Later Jason gets a call from Monica and learns about the warrant out for his arrest. After Sam and Jason decide to drink Tequila and play dominoes while hiding out. 

Maxie and Nathan go home and Nathan is anxious for them to talk. He insists that Maxie sit down and says he wants to make a full confession. Nathan tells her that he shot Claudette's lover. As Nathan talks about what happened we get a flashback of Nathan coming home from work drunk and shooting someone he found in Claudette's bed. Maxie then confesses that she's been looking for Claudette and now understands why she's keeping out of sight. Maxie is understanding of Nathan's lies, but says she's not sure she can get beyond how this changes what she thought she knew about him. Maxie doesn't know if things can be the same now. Nathan asks if they are still getting married, but she says she needs to time to think about things and walks out. 

End of show!

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