Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Don't Leave Town

Here's What Happened - 

Carly tells Sonny at their place that Lucas is in a coma. Sonny wants to tell Carly something, but they get interrupted by Ava, who stops by for a visit with Avery. Ava gloats to Carly so Sonny insists that Ava apologize to Carly or she can't visit Avery. Ava makes a concession and apologizes to Carly. However Carly looks disgusted and heads upstairs to get Avery. In private, Sonny warns Ava not to mess up their arrangement. When Carly returns, Ava takes the baby away for their visit. Once alone, Carly asks Sonny why he allowed this. Sonny brings up AJ and how keeping Michael away from him made Michael vulnerable to AJ's lies. Sonny hopes if Avery sees Ava for who she really is, it will help neutralize Ava. Carly ultimately agrees with him.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Dillon comes to see Kiki. He asks if she knows if anyone recorded their performance at the ball. Kiki says the whole thing seems like a dream and they agree it was fun to sing together. Then they talk about kissing and Kiki says their kiss was the best thing to happen to her in ages. However she thinks she's still on the rebound from Morgan. Dillon says they can take things slowly, but he wants to take her on a date. Kiki agrees and says Dillon seems like exactly what she needs. Later Ava comes to see Kiki with Avery and sits down with Kiki and Dillon. In private, Ava thanks Dillon for helping Kiki get over Morgan.

At Wyndermere, Hayden and Laura wait for news about Nikolas. Then Spencer comes in with Liz looking for his father. Laura explains that the police are looking for Nikolas and they think he fell out of his bedroom window. Spencer is surprisingly realistic and says Nikolas is likely dead from the fall. Laura, Liz and Hayden tell him they think Nikolas will come back to them. Laura implores Spencer to talk about his feelings, but he's determined to go to the PCPD. Laura goes with him and once alone, Liz and Hayden argue. Liz accuses Hayden of pushing Nikolas, but Hayden says she's not strong enough to do that. 

At the park, Lulu and Dante look over some new real estate options. Lulu brings up having another child and Dante likes what he hears. They agree they need a house big enough for everyone. Then both of them get phone calls about what happened to Nikolas so they take off for Wyndermere. When they get there, Lulu and Dante find Hayden and Liz alone. Liz tells them that Spencer and Laura are at the PCPD so they take off for the station. Once alone again, Hayden and Liz continue to fight. Liz insists Hayden is responsible for what happened to Nik and says she's going to pay. At the end, Spencer returns to Wyndermere but refuses to feel anything about his father's disappearance. 

Sam and Jason go to the PCPD and meet up with Jordan for questioning. Diane meets Jason there and everyone goes into the interrogation room. Jordan wants to know why Jason was at Wyndermere so Diane shows Jordan an affidavit describing Jason's reaction to learning Nikolas was suing him. Jason says he went to Wyndermere to speak with Nikolas about the lawsuit, but when he got there all he saw was Nikolas laying on the rocks. However Jordan thinks Jason pushed Nik. Then Jordan questions Sam and says the surveillance footage throws their account of the events into question. She shows them the timed footage of all of their visits and thinks Jason had enough time to push Nikolas. Diane defends Sam and Jason. Jordan warns them not to leave town. In private, Diane tells Jason he's in the hot seat, but she'll do her best to keep him free. Diane also says Jason was always her favorite client. At the end, Liz goes to the station to talk about Hayden with Jordan. Meanwhile Jason tells Sam at the park that he's going to leave town to avoid being arrested. 

End of show!

I can't take Sonny talking about AJ. I always hated Carly and Sonny for how they treated AJ and I hate how GH always cast AJ as the villain. Such a wasted character.

Have a great night!

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