Thursday, June 30, 2016

Do You Have Feelings for Elizabeth?

Good luck to you!
Thursday's Recap -

At GH, Liz tries to avoid Franco but he confronts her about their kiss. Nina happens to overhear and after asks Franco if he had sex with Elizabeth. Franco answers that he only bought Liz a toaster. Then he tells Nina he doesn't know how he feels about being "friend with benefits" with her. Nina says maybe she wants more than that. Franco says he needs time to figure out what he wants. Nina thinks he's avoiding answering her, because he wants Liz instead. Nearby Liz watches Franco and Nina talk when nurse Amy approaches her and makes her own commentary on the dysfunctional relationship between Nina and Franco. Meanwhile Nina asks if Franco has feelings for Elizabeth. Nina jumps to the conclusion that Franco wants to be a father to Liz's kids, particularly Jake, because of his issues with Jason. Franco says that he's just not connecting with Nina the way they used to anymore. Nina gets angry and says she hopes he gets what he's looking for.

At The Metro Court, Dillon and Morgan have a tense conversation about Kiki. Dillon tells Morgan he's not good for Kiki. Morgan warns Dillon to stay away from her. Meanwhile Carly confronts Kiki at the park about kissing Dillon. Kiki explains that after she was shot, Dillon helped her get through things. Carly realizes that Kiki is torn between Morgan and Dillon, but Kiki tries to assure her that she wants Morgan. Carly advises her to be honest with her feelings and Morgan. Later Kiki comes to work at The Metro Court and finds Dillon and Morgan in a heated discussion. Kiki ends up telling Dillon she doesn't have time for him anymore. Dillon is clearly upset, but wishes them well. 

Sonny and Anna talk about Julian at Sonny's place. Anna hopes that Alexis can get Julian to talk, but Sonny worries about Alexis being alone with Julian. Later Carly comes home and Anna quickly leaves. After Carly asks if she should be jealous about all the time Sonny's been spending with Anna. Sonny assures her that it's only about Julian. Then Carly tells Sonny she's worried about Morgan, because she saw Kiki kissing Dillon. 

Alexis tries to get Julian to admit he killed Carlos at their house, but he insists that she take a pregnancy test. Alexis refuses unless he confesses to Carlos' murder. However Julian claims that if Alexis can prove she's pregnant, he'd be prompted to confess to things he otherwise wouldn't. Alexis takes the test and goes into the bathroom. Later she comes out and shows Julian the test confirming that she's indeed pregnant. Alexis tells him that he makes her sick, but Julian thinks the baby means their still connected. Later when Alexis is alone she gets a visit from Anna. Alexis tells her that she couldn't get a confession. Anna says next time Alexis needs to wear a wire.

Hayden goes to see Dr. Finn in jail and finds him in the throws of withdrawals. Finn tells her that he needs to make it until he gets released, because the drugs he takes are illegal. Later Finn admits to Hayden that he lost funding for the drugs because of her father. He admits that there is a package waiting for him at GH from his dealer so Hayden takes off to get it for Finn. She makes her way to GH and overhears a bit of Nina's fight with Franco. Then Hayden goes looking for Dr. Finn's package. While doing so she overhears Amy and Liz talking about Finn's arrest. Hayden decides to steal some scrubs, dresses as a nurse and looks through all the packages at the hospital. However Elizabeth catches her. Back at the PCPD, Dr. Finn succumbs to the withdrawals and passes out. 

End of show!

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