Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Destroy Thy Shirt

Today's Highlights - 

Morgan is afraid to check out of the clinic, but Dr. Maddox thinks he's ready. Andre runs down how his out patient therapy will work and assures Morgan he'll be okay. Meanwhile Sonny confronts Ava at the park for pushing Morgan to break up with Kiki. He is angry that Ava is playing games with Morgan's mind and warns her that he will retaliate if she keeps it up. Later Sonny goes to see Morgan at the clinic and asks about Ava putting pressure on him. Morgan tells him not to but in and that ending things will Kiki was his choice.

Tracy finds Kiki and Dillon kissing at Crimson. Kiki leaves to give them privacy and once alone, Tracy asks Dillon to take pictures of baby Edward. Dillon agrees as long as Tracy understands that little Eduardo isn't her baby. They head over the Q's together and later chose to put a photo of the baby on the mantel. Meanwhile Ava runs into Kiki at the park and Kiki tells her about her date with Dillon. They decide to work on their mother/daughter relationship and Ava offers to take Kiki shopping.

Michael brings Sabrina a lawyer at the PCPD, but she refuses and says she wants to speak openly with Anna and Paul. After hearing her out, Anna lobbies Paul to drop the charges against Sabrina, which he does. After Sabrina and Michael go to the Q's for her baby. When they arrive, Tracy asks Sabrina to move into the mansion and says she's transferring her baby rights back to Sabrina. They agree to renew their friendship. Michael thinks Sabrina living there will also give them time to talk about their relationship. Meanwhile back at the PCPD, Anna asks Paul for her old job back. She wants to put a case together against Julian for killing Carlos.

Julian and Alexis discuss her keeping the bloody shirt at their house. Alexis says she was keeping it, but decided to destroy it afterall. Julian says they should destroy it together. He goes to put the shirt in the fire place, but Alexis grabs it away. They end up arguing and Alexis says she thinks Julian lied to her their whole relationship and never really loved her. Julian thinks she just wants to control him. Then he grabs the shirt from her hands and grabs her wrist. Alexis cries for him to let her go. He tries to convince her he was protecting their relationship with his choices and asks if they can save their marriage.

End of show!

I really hate the way Julian is being written right now. Sorry to complain, but I do. Another GH couple gets flushed down the toilet.

Have a great night!

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