Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We're Together Now

That's all that matters!
Today's Show - 

Franco visits Heather in prison and they talk about him painting again. Heather tells him she's also painting again and has moved into salads. Then Franco shows her a painting of her he made. He explains that he broke up with Nina and he's lost without her. Later Heather gets worked up when she learns that Franco is working at the hospital with Dr. Obrecht. He tells her that he's having dark thoughts and wants to get Nina back. He asks Heather how to accomplish that. Heather advises him to have sex with Nina again. At the end, Heather is hopeful that Franco will give her a grandchild.  

Nina is surprised by Dillon while she's sleeping in the office at Crimson. Then Kiki comes by to tell Nina that Franco is losing his mind. Dillon is pleased to see that Kiki left the apartment. Kiki thinks Nina should go to Franco because he's drowning in sadness. Nina talks about how good sex with Franco was and says, "If only we'd stayed in bed." However Nina says she's going to leave Franco be. Dillon offers to take Kiki home, but Nina warns them that relationships don't work. Kiki says her and Dillon are "just" friends. At the end, Nina is alone again at Crimson and finds Franco waiting for her naked. 

Carlos calls Julian from the docks and asks for his help to get back to Sabrina. Julian reluctantly agrees, but after they hang up, he goes for his gun. Then Alexis walks in and asks what Julian is doing. Two officers show up with her and say they have a warrant to search their home looking for Carlos. Out of sight from the police, Alexis takes the gun and locks it up, but unbeknownst to her Julian takes Helena's dagger and slips it into his jacket pocket. After the police leave, Julian says he has to run an errand. Alexis asks if he's going to Carlos. Julian wonders if she's always going to question him when he leaves the house. Alexis tells him to go. On his way out, Julian tells her he loves her. Julian heads to the docks and finds Carlos. Julian gives him money and Carlos promises to keep their secrets.

Anna gets a ghostly visit from Duke while she's trapped in the volt on the docks. Anna is thrilled to see him and tells him how hard it's been without him. She confides in Duke about how she shot Carlos for killing him. Duke tells her she can't undo what she did and all that matters is that their together now. Anna tears up thinking about all the years they won't have together. Duke wishes he'd run away with Anna before the Nurses' Ball and apologizes for leaving her. Anna tells him that she discovered he has a son, named Griffin. She reminds him about Griffin's mother and tells him about how she kept Griffin a secret. Anna tells Duke that Griffin is a doctor and being around him makes her feel close to Duke. He is touched to learn he has a son, but feels sad for missing out on being with him. They agree that they'll never stop loving each other and kiss goodbye. After Anna wakes up alone, but remembers her encounter with Duke. 

Carly and Sonny worry about Dante at Sonny's place. Sonny wants to go after Carlos, but Carly worries that's the wrong move. Michael shows up and wonders if the police will let Carlos slip through his fingers. Carly pleads with Michael to let it go and let the police handle it. In private, Sonny tells Michael that Carlos will get what's coming to him. Then Sonny tells Michael to go visit with Avery and once alone, Sonny leaves making Carly worry about him. Sonny heads over to see Alexis and they get into an argument about Julian and Carlos. Alexis defends Julian, but Sonny thinks Julian is off helping Carlos. Meanwhile on the docks, Julian stabs Carlos with Helena's dagger.

End of show!

It's been a good week on GH. Are you enjoying it?

Have a great night!

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