Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Campus Disco

Blast from the past!
Here's What's Happened - 

Laura and Kevin return to the campus disco to investigate Helena's clue. Laura is flush with memories of the night Luke date raped her at the club. She ends up telling Kevin about that night and wonders what game Helena is trying to play by bringing her back to the disco. They end up looking around the place and find a letter nailed to the inside of a table. However when Laura opens the letter it's blank. Laura thinks Helena just wanted her to relive the worst night of her life. Then the building's real estate agent tells Laura and Kevin that she has had a hard time selling the place. She also says the owners are named Lloyd and Lucy Johnson. Laura recognizes those names as her and Luke's old alias's. Kevin insists that he wants to help Laura continue to investigate.

Nikolas finds Hayden taking pictures of his possessions at Wyndermere to sell online. Nik isn't happy about the idea and thinks Hayden should go get a job. Later Diane comes by when Nikolas is alone and says that he's got ELQ tax issues. Diane explains that Jason's stock transfer is the reason for the tax problem. Nik thinks Jason did this on purpose to mess with him. After Hayden returns and sees that Nikolas is upset and broke some of the items she was going to sell. 

Michael believes the baby left at the Q's is Sabrina's son after he sees the baby's rattle. Tracy decides to call Dr. Finn for help. He comes over to the Quartermaine's house to check the baby out. Dr. Finn thinks the baby is in good health, but he needs to be taken to the hospital for more tests. Michael agrees with Dr. Finn. Then Hayden comes by to see Tracy so Finn leaves. Hayden asks Tracy to give her a job. Tracy refuses and Hayden heads off. Later Michael takes the baby to GH against Tracy's wishes and introduces him to Felix. 

Dr. Finn is approached by Felix at GH to perform at the Nurses' Ball after he was treating a patient. Finn turns him down, but then asks Felix for a favor. He asks if Felix will let him into the drug lock up. Felix opens the door for him, but then gets called away. Finn ends up going into the drug lock up by himself. Later when Finn goes back to see the patient he was treating earlier, he finds him flat lining. 

Jason talks to Sonny about his memory returning at Sonny's house. He reminds Sonny that he remembers helping him during his mental episodes in the past. Jason recounts how Sonny treated him with respect when they first met and he apologizes for not trusting Sonny recently. Sonny accepts his apology and says all he needs from Jason is friendship and loyalty. Jason tells him he doesn't want to get back into the business, but he's there for Sonny otherwise. Sonny thinks that's the right choice for Jason. Jason also promises to help Sonny with the Julian situation if he needs it. Sonny offers to help Jason if he ever needs anything and welcomes him home.

End of show!

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