Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The 2016 Nurses' Ball Continues...

Your ass is mine!
Wednesday's Recap - 

At the ball, Emma performs an adorable version of "Don't go breaking my heart" with Ned. After Lucy returns to hosting and talks about the two families who contribute the most to the ball, The Quartermaine's and The Scorpio's. Lucy also says no one is crashing the stage tonight. After the ball breaks for a moment and Robin tells Emma how great she was. Meanwhile Hayden tries to talk to Jordan, but Nik pulls her away before she has a chance.

Epiphany finds Dr. Obrecht tied up in The Metro Court restaurant closet. Dr. O demands that Epiphany untie her. When she does, Dr. Obrecht wants to crash the ball, but Epiphany tells her no way. Back in the ballroom, Franco checks on Elizabeth and Jake which ticks Jason off. Sam worries that the more Jason remembers, the more he's going to hate Franco. Nearby Lucy works on Griffin to perform. Then she goes looking for Lucas, but can't find him. Lucy decides to ask little Jake to perform his number ahead of schedule.

Carly reviews the contents of Ava's flash drive backstage and says, "your ass is mine," upon seeing what's on there. Later Carly finds Ava alone in the ladies room and tells Ava she's going to give up custody of Avery. Ava is ready to blow her off, but then Carly shows Ava that she has footage of her and Paul doing their own version of 50 Shades of Grey. Carly threatens to post the video online if Ava doesn't give up Avery. Ava laughs off Carly's threat saying it's just sex. Then she walks off. Carly decides to send the video to Paul instead. When Paul sees the video he insists that Ava appease Carly immediately. Ava meets Carly in the ladies room again and they end up having a fight over the flash drive. Ava grabs the drive and flushes it down the toilet, but Carly tells her she already saved it to the cloud.

Kevin and Laura run into each other in the hotel lobby and Kevin offers her a ticket to join him, since Laura didn't buy one. In the ballroom, Lucy introduces little Jake, but he has stage fright. Franco decides to step in to help and they end up performing together. Seeing Jake relax on stage chokes Liz up. Nina also watches in tears. After Liz joins Jake and Franco backstage. Sam and Jason walk back to congratulate Jake and Jason ends up staring down Franco. After Diane finds Jason and tells him that Nikolas is suing him. 

Meanwhile onstage, Milo, Griffin, Curtis, Dillon and Felix take the stage. At first they perform a little cabaret number that breaks into the expected strip tease with "Nurses' Ball" written on the butts of their underwear. Of course the crowd goes wild. After Maxie tells Griffin what a great job he did and there is an obvious attraction between them. Meanwhile Hayden tries again to talk to Jordan, but Nik once again pulls her away. Curtis sees and runs to Hayden's aid. 

Lucas finds Bobby passed out on the floor backstage and manages to wake her up. He insists on taking her to the hospital. Lucas asks nurse Amy (I was calling her Tiffany in yesterday's post, sorry I just don't care about her) to let Brad know. Lucas brings Bobby to the hospital and she's treated by Dr. Finn and Dr. Obrecht. Bobby insists that Lucas return to the ball to get married as planned. Later Dr. Obrecht wonders why Dr. Finn left his last position. Lucas then goes back to Bobby's room and finds someone unseen trying to inject Bobby with something. Back at the ball, Brad awaits Lucas' arrival for their wedding, but to no avail. However we see that Lucas is unconscious on the floor in Bobby's hospital room. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you didn't hear, apparently Tyler Christopher is being temporarily recast. Ugh, read here ---> Nik Recast

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