Thursday, May 26, 2016

The 2016 Nurses' Ball Concludes

Here's What Happened - 

Onstage, Brad, Sam and Lucy wait for Lucas to arrive for the wedding ceremony. When they can't find Lucas, Lucy asks the audience if anyone has seen him. Nurse Amy remembers that Lucas had to leave. Brad is confused and wonders what could keep Lucas from his own wedding. Lucy decides that Kiki and Dillon need to perform their act ahead of schedule to make up for Lucas' absence so Kiki and Dillon take to the stage. They perform a cute duet together. 

Jason talks to Carly during an intermission about his lawsuit over the ELQ stock. Then Sonny arrives with Michael and Morgan, surprising Carly and Jason. Later when Kiki and Dillon perform their routine, Morgan can see the chemistry they have together. After backstage, Nina tells Kiki and Dillon that they look so in love it gives her hope. Then Dillon tells Kiki that Morgan is a fool for letting her go and they kiss. Morgan decides to try and fix things with Kiki, but when he goes backstage he sees Kiki kissing Dillon. 

Dante and Lulu chat with Sonny and Michael and learn about what happened with Sabrina in Puerto Rico. After Andre tells Carly he thinks Morgan is nearly ready to be released. Nearby Sonny promises Robin he will get justice for Duke if its the last thing he does. Jason joins their conversation and Robin is thankful to have both of them with her. Then Lucy introduces the next number which is Lulu performing "Doctor's Orders" with Epiphany, Valerie, Maxie and Nurse Amy. After Michael finds Jason and promises to help him save ELQ. Morgan decides to leave the ball. Carly and Sonny go with him. When they get home, Carly looks through her Aveeno gift bag and she pimps Aveeno night cream. 

Robin takes the stage and talks about the new medicine available that can prevent HIV. She also talks about Stone and how most who are still contracting HIV are young poor men. For the last performance. Nurse Amy goes to do a solo number but Sabrina surprisingly shows up and they sing, "You're not alone" together. Epiphany ends up joining them. At the end, Felix brings Lucy roses onstage for hosting and she's thrilled her clothes stayed on. After the show is over, Jordan places Sabrina under arrest. 

Bobby wakes up in her hospital room and finds Lucas laying on the floor. Meanwhile in the hallway, Griffin and Finn hear Bobby calling for help. They rush into her room and Griffin starts CPR on Lucas. Right then Brad calls Lucas' phone. Bobby picks up and tells Brad to get to the hospital as soon as possible. When Brad arrives he finds Lucas is peril and Bobby in tears. Thankfully Finn is able to shock Lucas back to life. Bobby then tells Brad she doesn't know what happened, but Lucas' heart just stopped. Dr. Finn looks confused by Bobby's comment. They put Lucas on life support and Griffin notices an injection mark on Lucas' neck. He asks Finn if he did that. Finn swears he didn't. Brad wonders if what happened to Lucas is related to the recent deaths at GH. 

Curtis comes to Hayden rescue when Nikolas drags her into The Metro Court lobby. Hayden tells Curtis that Nikolas is broke and sold one of her diamonds to give his donation. Nik tells Hayden if she comes home with him, he'll hand over her diamonds. Curtis warns her not to trust Nikolas. Hayden tells Nik she won't go with him. Later at Wyndermere, Nik texts Hayden a picture of the diamonds and asks her again to come home. Curtis again warns Hayden not to go to Nikolas. He gives her his credit card and the police number for her to call tomorrow. At the end, Jason and Sam head to Wyndermere separately. A crash is heard and then we see Nikolas laying bloodied up on the rocks below.

End of show!

I think Dillon and Kiki's performance was the best of the ball. Overall I enjoyed the ball, but I'm not happy about this Nikolas recast situation at all. Not one bit!

Have a great night!

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