Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The 2016 Nurses' Ball Begins

Just keep your clothes on!
Here's What Happened - 

Robin calls Patrick before her and Emma sit down to watch the Nurses' Ball on TV. Meanwhile backstage at the ball, Liz almost falls down because of the new nurse Tiffany, but Franco catches her and picks Liz up. Lucy asks if Liz is okay. When Liz tries to walk she says her ankle hurts and she can't perform. Franco agrees to help her walk the red carpet instead. Then Bobby and Lucas run into Felix and Brad backstage. They all share a toast to their upcoming nuptials and years of happiness together.

Scotty and Ava talk at Ava's place about him moving out, but Scotty quickly changes the subject. Then Kiki walks in and talks with Ava briefly about her relationship with Morgan ending. Ava tells her it might be for the best and tonight they will be the bells of the ball. Scotty says he's honored to squire such beautiful girls to the ball. Then they all head to the Metro Court together. 

On the red carpet, Nina nervously hosts with two GMA correspondents as people begin to arrive. Bobby and Lucas arrive first, followed by Epiphany without Milo. Then Anna arrives. (I loved Anna's dress) Nina corners Anna and asks awkward questions about Anna's recent criminal actions. After Brad and Felix arrive and Felix has a flirty exchange with the male GMA host. Jordan and Andre come in after and Nina makes an awkward comment about how Jordan needs to hold onto a hot guy like Andre. Later Andre talks to Anna as she's ordering a martini at the bar, but Jordan quickly comes by and steals Andre away.

Nikolas and Hayden arrive and Nina grills Hayden about her past as Rachel Berlin. Nik makes a snipe that Hayden might be hiding money somewhere. Then Nikolas and Hayden take some tense pictures together on the red carpet. After Lucy hits the red carpet as well as Carly, followed by Ava, Scotty and Kiki. Nina notes that Ava is a "homewrecker" and Dillon tells Kiki she looks beautiful. Ava makes sure to tell Carly to get Avery ready for her in the morning. Later Curtis and Valerie arrive, followed by Sam and Jason. 

In the ballroom, Anna gets a surprise when Robin and Emma show up for the ball. Back out on the carpet, Franco walks down with Liz. As it turns out, Liz is wearing the same dress as Hayden. Maxie intervenes and offers to get Liz another dress to wear. Later Franco and Liz try again to walk the red carpet with a different dress and they run into Sam and Jason. Jason warns them he doesn't want his son around Franco. After Jason runs into Robin and tells her that he's remembering things and he's so glad she's there. Later Nikolas verbally attacks Jason for trying to sabotage him, but Jason tells him to back off, because he wants peace.

At the hospital, Maxie runs into Griffin and he tells her about his being a priest. After Maxie wants Griffin to release Nathan for the ball, but Griffin says he can't authorize that. Maxie thinks he should escort her to the Nurses' Ball instead. She convinces him to come along, but when they arrive on the red carpet, Nina questions Maxie's judgement for bringing a man other than Nathan to the ball.

In the Metro Court lobby, Carly prepares gift bags for the ball and runs into Dr. Obrecht. Carly warns her not to interrupt the opening number this year like she did last year. Dr. O promises she won't ruin the opening number, but under her breath says she has something else in mind. Later Carly breaks into Ava's place looking for the confession of her killing Connie and finds a flash drive in Ava's martini shaker. Then Carly returns to the ball and plans to play whatever is on the flash drive for all to hear.

Lucy prepares to take the stage to begin the ball and vows to keep her clothes on this year. Then she introduces the first number, which is the nursing staff singing and dancing a modernized rendition of Welcome to the Nurses' Ball. Andre, Nurse Tiffany, Felix, Brad, Bobby and Epiphany tell a rap like history of the hospital and town during the number. After Lucy thanks Nikolas for his generous donation while backstage a group of masked nurses kidnap Dr. O before she tries to hijack the stage with an unplanned performance. Nearby Bobby gets lightheaded backstage and passes out. 

At the end, Lucy promises the audience it will be a night full of surprises and then a mysterious person takes the stage, but we don't get to see who it is. 

End of show!

So what did you think of the start of the ball?

Have a great night!

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