Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Searching for Nikolas

Today's Recap - 

At Wyndermere, Hayden is convinced that Jason threw Nikolas out of the window. Sam insists that Jason is innocent and defends him. Then Jordan arrives with a couple of officers. She begins to investigate, but in secret Curtis tells Hayden he thinks her diamonds are on Nikolas' body. Nearby Jason tells Sam that something seems off with the furniture in the room. Jordan then orders everyone to leave and deems the room a crime scene. After Jordan begins questioning everyone about what happened. Curtis speaks first, then Hayden and both question Sam and Jason's presence. Then Sam is questioned and says woman's intuition told her to come looking for Jason at Wyndermere. Hayden insists to Jordan that Nikolas was pushed. 

Later Laura comes to Wyndermere looking for Nikolas. Jordan tells Laura she's got everyone searching for Nikolas including the coast guard. Hayden says Jordan should look at the video surveillance footage to see who arrived when. Jordan tells Laura that she's not sure Nikolas is the person who was seen on the rocks or not. Then she let's everyone go home, but warns Jason he's a person of interest. 

Julian wants to know if he and Alexis are "okay" at their house. Alexis is cold, but says she's still there. Then Molly comes home, Julian gets a call from Brad and then Julian takes off. After in private, Molly asks Alexis what's going with her and Julian. Molly thinks Julian pressured Alexis to represent Carlos and says that she notices the tension between them. Molly advises Alexis to look for support from her family and to follow her instincts. After Alexis calls Diane and says she's going to turn Julian in.

Brad waits for Lucas to wake up in his hospital room. Dr. Finn comes in and offers to sit with Lucas while Brad steps out. Dr. Obrecht comes in, sees Dr. Finn and orders him to step away from Lucas. Then Julian walks in and overhears them arguing. Brad also comes back into the room and Dr. Obrecht says she thinks Lucas may have come under foul play by Dr. Finn. Julian immediately reacts and grabs Dr. Finn by the collar. Then he and Brad order Finn and Obrecht to leave. After Julian calls Alexis and says he needs her. Meanwhile at the Nurses' station Brad confers with Dr. Obrecht and Dr. Finn over Lucas' test results. They find muscle relaxers in his system. Back in Lucas' hospital room, Alexis arrives to reluctantly support Julian. 

Tracy snaps at Sabrina when she tries to pick up her son at the Quartermaine's. Sabrina apologizes for abandoning Tracy as a friend while she was sick. Tracy is very cold to her. Michael tries to defend Sabrina. He also tells Tracy that Sabrina has to spend the night at the Q's. Tracy immediately informs Sabrina that she is now the baby's legal guardian. Tracy tells Sabrina she's an unfit parent. Michael reminds Tracy about a similar situation in her past with Paul. Then Sabrina tells Tracy she named the baby Edwardo after Edward. At the end, Tracy relaxes and let's Sabrina hold the baby. 

Ava goes to Sonny's house looking to take Avery home, but Sonny tells her that Avery is never going home with her. Sonny thinks the leverage Carly has of Ava sleeping with Paul nullifies Ava's right to Avery. Ava is upset and asks what she can do to change his mind. Sonny brings up Ava killing Connie and says she's lucky that he's going to let her live. Ava says she can't live without Avery so he might as well kill her. Sonny softens slightly and says he'll allow Ava to visit with Avery, but sooner or later she's going to pay for what she did to Connie. At the end, Sonny let's Ava hold Avery.  

End of show!

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