Friday, May 20, 2016

Sabrina's Back

Friday's Recap - 

At GH, Brad and Lucas discuss their wedding plans. Lucas thinks they should get married at the Nurses' Ball. Brad agrees and they hug. Later Lucy comes to the hospital and they ask her to perform their wedding ceremony on stage at the ball. Lucy loves the idea and agrees. Lucas tells Lucy she has to keep it a secret. Lucy says she'll zip her lip and that she loves, love. Then they share a group hug. 

Curtis finds Hayden at the Metro Court and they talk about her fire sale of Nik's belongings. Then Nikolas shows up with a court order threatening to put them in jail if they sell anything else. Lucy approaches Nik right then and pushes him for a donation for the ball. Nik is hesitant, but assures her he'll get the donation to her as soon as possible. After Hayden realizes that Nik doesn't have the money to pay Lucy. Nik refuses to discuss his finances with her, warns Hayden again not to sell anything else and walks off. Later Hayden tells Curtis she thinks she should leave Port Charles. Meanwhile Nikolas meets with a diamond dealer about selling Hayden's diamonds. 

Lucy talks to Dillon at The Metro Court about his performance for the Nurses' Ball. She thinks his girlfriend, Kiki, should join him. Then Lucy asks Dillon to pass out flyers for the ball. After Dillon asks Kiki if she really will join him on stage and she says she'll think about it. Meanwhile at Morgan's clinic, Ava tries to convince Morgan to break up with Kiki. Morgan defends himself, but seems effected by Ava's words. Later Kiki comes to visit Morgan. He tells Kiki they should leave their relationship open. Kiki thinks something is off and asks what changed. Morgan says they keep hurting each other and they need to end things. Kiki gets mad and storms off vowing to forget about him for good. 

Sonny and Carly try to talk Michael out of going to look for Sabrina at their house. Michael doesn't want to hear it and says he'll go with or without their help. Carly is distraught by his decision, but kisses them goodbye nonetheless. After Sonny and Michael leave for Puerto Rico together. Later when Carly is alone, Ava stops by insisting she wants to take Avery home. They have a tense conversation and Ava insists that Carly get Avery's things together asap. However Ava gets a call that a crib she ordered for Avery hasn't been to delivered to her place yet. She suspects Carly and Sonny arranged that somehow, but says she'll leave Avery put for now. 

Sabrina meets with her Aunt while being kept in a safe house in Puerto Rico. She learns that her son is safe in Port Charles. She also learns that Carlos is dead. Sabrina says running away with Carlos was a mistake, but she loved him. Sabrina asks her aunt to help her get back to Port Charles as well. However her aunt says Marcos won't let her leave and will be upset when he learns the baby is gone. Then Marcos comes in upset. Sabrina asks him to help her get home and promises not to tell anyone he was hiding her. He agrees, but later when he's alone with Sabrina, Marcos pulls out a gun. Sabrina panics and tries to buy herself time by reasoning with him. Meanwhile Sonny tells Michael on their way to Puerto Rico that he admires his devotion to Sabrina and whatever happens when they arrive, they'll be ready.

End of show!

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