Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Really Good Together

Tuesday's Recap - 

Michael goes to Sonny's house and tells Carly he was questioned by the police about Carlos, but Diane handled it for him. Michael says he doesn't know who stabbed Carlos. Michael also tells Carly about how he found Carlos on the pier and he's worried about how he's going to find Sabrina now. Michael says that Carlos claims he married Sabrina. Carly feels bad for Sabrina, but thinks Michael should let Sabrina look out for herself. 

Franco calls Liz to tell her that Jake is at his place with him. She heads over to Franco's apartment and lectures Jake. In private, Franco and Liz end up having a tense conversation. Franco thinks that he was making progress with Jake, but because Liz was afraid to stand up to Jason, now Jake is screwed. Franco thinks he's the right person to find out what happened to Jake while he was with Helena. Then Franco unintentionally makes a comment about Jake having a revolving door of father figures, which Liz slaps him for. Franco apologizes, but stresses that she needs to help Jake. Liz appears to consider it, but ends up taking Jake home. 

Sam takes Jason to GH to make sure everything is okay with him since his accident. Jason wonders how he could have forgotten that Alan died at GH. Monica sees them and asks why Jason is getting an exam. Sam gives them privacy and Jason tells Monica that he remembers Alan's death and that he's sorry he wasn't there. Monica is touched and thrilled to hear he remembers his old life. After Jason and Sam head over to Carly's place. He tells Carly that he remembers his past. Carly is thrilled and cries while they hug. Meanwhile Sam fills Michael in about Jason's returned memory. Michael joins Jason in the living room and Jason hugs Michael while Carly and Sam watch delighted. 

Laura finds Kevin struggling with the vending machine at the hospital and helps him free a candy bar. They end up talking about their past relationships with Lucy and Luke. Laura thinks the clue from Helena likely has something to do with Luke. Laura thinks Helena's clue points to the old club where she first worked for Luke. Kevin wants go with Laura to help investigate it. 

Lucy comes to GH and overhears Felix talking with the new nurse about the Nurses' Ball. The new nurse comments that Lucy is mostly preoccupied with her costume changes, but Lucy quickly corrects her. Later the new nurse makes a comment about Kevin and his brother Ryan. It upsets Lucy so she walks away. Lucy runs into Laura and Kevin and asks where they are heading off to. Kevin gives Lucy a chilly reception and steps away to take a phone call. In private, Lucy gives Laura her blessing to date Kevin. She also suggests that they perform at the ball, because she thinks they would be, "really good together." Then Lucy walks off upset. After Kevin returns and tells Laura he wants to help her with Helena's clue. 

Sonny goes to Alexis and Julian's place and can tell by Alexis' expression that she knows Julian killed Carlos. Sonny wants to take Alexis away and get the police involved. Julian orders Sonny to leave Alexis alone, but Sonny tells Alexis that she's a fool to trust Julian. Then Sonny notices something burning in the fireplace. Sonny starts smashing up the living room with a golf club and then hits Julian in the back of his legs with the club. Alexis cries and begs Sonny to stop. Sonny coldly hugs Alexis. Then he says since she sided with his enemy she's nothing to him anymore. After Julian promises Alexis that Sonny will never hurt her again. He thinks they love each other and are in the lie together now. At the end, Alexis offers to burn the shirt Julian worn when he killed Carlos. However she ends up hiding the shirt for safe keeping. 

Tracy looks at the news report about Carlos' death when someone rings the doorbell at the Q's. She goes to see who it is and finds a baby left on the doorstep. Later Monica comes home and finds Tracy rocking the unknown baby in the living room. Tracy says she's calling him Edward for now. Monica is confused, but tells Tracy the good news about Jason's memory returning. At the end, Michael goes to the Quartermaine's and sees Tracy with the baby. Michael recognizes the baby's rattle and thinks he is Sabrina's son. 

End of show!

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