Friday, May 13, 2016

One Hell of a Blade

Here's What Happened - 

In the ER, Anna tries to get Carlos to confess to Duke's murder with Sonny by her side. Griffin comes in and wants to read Carlos his last rights. He asks Carlos if there are any sins he wants to confess, but Carlos says no. Anna gets upset and demands that Griffin push Carlos to confess on Duke's behalf. Griffin says what he wants to do is at odd with his faith. After he continues to read Carlos his last rights and anoints him of his sins. Sonny asks Carlos to admit that Julian ordered Duke to be killed, but Carlos dies before he can say anything. After Griffin is troubled and heads to the chapel to ask God's for help.

Liz packs up her belongings at Wyndermere and tells Nikolas she found a house. She also says she wants to move away from Hayden. She tells Nikolas she hopes he'll kick Hayden to the curb. Nik says he plans on making Hayden's life a living hell. Liz thinks his plan is flawed, but Nik says he's got something on Hayden. Later Nik says he's going to sell off all Hayden clothes. Liz likes the idea, but thinks Nik might not have the stomach to war with Hayden. 

Hayden interrupts Curtis while he's working out in the gym and asks him to steal her diamonds back from Nikolas. Curtis flatly refuses, but Hayden begs him to help. Curtis decides to make Hayden box with him to burn off steam and after suggests she sell her engagement ring for money. However Hayden says the ring has sentimental value. Instead Curtis suggests that Hayden start selling Nikolas' belongings online and he sets her up with an online account to do so. Hayden loves the idea and thinks it will drive Nikolas crazy. She also thanks Curtis for being a good friend to her. 

Julian attempts to clean Helena's dagger and puts it back in Alexis' cabinet. Then Alexis comes downstairs and somberly tells Julian that Carlos is in the ER, but still alive. She thinks Julian looks surprised to hear that Carlos is alive. Julian swears he wasn't involved and insists he needs to go to GH to sort things out. Alexis questions him so Julian claims Carlos is a friend who might need him. Alexis thinks that sounds ridiculous. 

Jordan asks Paul how Carlos is doing at this hospital. Paul responds when a priest is called its not a good sign. Jordan tells Paul that she's tracing the pen Carlos used to stab Dante and she'll know soon who helped Carlos escape. After Anna vents to Sonny that it's not fair that Duke will never get justice. She sees Paul and snaps at him, then storms off. Sonny wonders how Paul is connected to Carlos. Sonny also wonders how Carlos got a hold of that pen and tells Paul he will deal with the person who helped Carlos. 

Anna goes to the chapel and demands answers from Griffin as to why he failed to help Duke and never mentioned he was a priest. She wants to know why he lied. Griffin explains that he wanted to tell her the truth, but he's not a confirmed priest yet. He also says that he'd like to try and help Anna forgive, because even Carlos deserves absolution. Anna is insulted by Griffin's attitude and takes off. She heads back to the ER and talks with Sonny. He tells her that Julian likely killed Carlos and that might be the thing Anna can use to get Julian locked up. After Anna vows to give Julian what he deserves.

Jordan goes to see Alexis and Julian at their place and tells them that Carlos died. She questions Julian about his whereabouts. Alexis says she saw Julian with Nina at Crimson and she had her gun locked up. Jordan says Carlos wasn't shot, he was stabbed with a hell of a blade. She advises Julian to notify his lawyers and walks out. After Alexis is suspicious and looks at Helena's dagger.

End of show!

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