Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kill Me

Tuesday's Recap - 

Alexis wakes up next to Julian, but decides to sneak downstairs to make a secret call for an autopsy report on the witness. Sam is waiting there for her in the dark and overhears Alexis on the phone. After Sam pushes Alexis to stop representing Carlos and thinks she's only doing it for Julian. Sam says she thinks Julian had Duke killed and he's lying about his involvement in the mob. Alexis thinks Sam shouldn't judge her, especially because of Jason's past. Meanwhile Jason drags Dante away from the burning van on the highway. Dante starts to wake up and asks what happened. Jason gives him the highlights and then the paramedics come.

Later Julian comes downstairs and tells Sam to leave Alexis alone. Then Alexis gets a call about the autopsy and has to leave, but before doing so she asks Sam and Julian to remember what they mean to each other. After Sam talks with Julian alone. He promises her that he's changed, but Sam thinks they more he says that, the less she believes it. Then Jason knocks on the door looking for Sam so she decides to step outside with him and forgo her conversation with Julian. 

Carly and Sonny talk about the situation with Carlos and Julian in Sonny's office. It leads to a conversation about Alexis. Carly thinks Sonny is the one who Alexis really wanted, but she settled for Julian. Sonny thinks it sounds crazy, but Carly convinces him that Alexis, at one point, had hoped to change him into the man of her dreams. 

Anna and Griffin talk about his experience with guns at her house. He tells Anna that he got shot, because he asked for it during a time when he did something bad. Anna wants more details, but then gets a call from Jordan. Anna decides to go to the police station so she and Griffin agree to continue their conversation at another time. Once Anna gets to the station her and Jordan end up having a spat. 

Paul assures Jordan at the PCPD that he's completely invested in seeing Carlos get what's coming to him. Meanwhile Nathan chases Carlos through the woods near the accident and calls for back up. Carlos ends up knocking Nathan out with a rock and takes off. Back at the police station, Alexis meets up with Paul and Anna. When Anna gets news about the accident on the highway, she takes off after Carlos.

Maxie and Lulu look at wedding dresses online at Lulu's apartment and talk about Claudette. Maxie wants to investigate the Claudette situation further, but Lulu thinks Maxie should let it go. Then they get a call that Dante has been brought into the hospital and take off for GH. Sonny and Carly meet up with Lulu there. When Dante arrives at General Hospital, he tells Sonny, Lulu and Carly that Jason saved him.

Later Nathan is brought into the hospital unconscious. Griffin promises Maxie that he'll save him and says he owes Nathan at least that much. Meanwhile Anna goes to the docks looking for Carlos and finds him on the docks in the same place she shot him last year. Carlos dares her to finish him off for good this time, but Anna decides to arrest him instead. When she tries to handcuff him, he turns the tables on her. They end up having a kick ass fight, but unfortunately for Anna, Carlos knocks her out. Carlos takes Anna and locks her in a volt on the pier, then he calls Julian for help.

Back at Alexis' house, Jason tells Sam that he finally remembered his past.

End of show!

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