Monday, May 9, 2016

Jason Unconditioned

Here's What Happened - 

After crashing his motorcycle into a police van on the highway, Jason discovers Dante laying unconscious underneath and a dead driver at the wheel. He runs to help Dante and wonders if he's dead too. Right then, Robin appears to Jason and tells him he has to save Dante. She explains she in his head and is part of his memories now. He's confused, but Robin tells him to follow his instincts. Later Jason tries to figure out how to help Dante and gets a visit from Carly. She helps Jason to figure out how to handle the situation with the van. Jason decides to move the dead driver from the vehicle, but suspects there are people missing from the scene. He wants to move the van, but then sees it's leaking gas. 

Helena then appears to Jason. She tells him he will never remember his past and he's incapable of saving Dante. It makes Jason angry so he decides to improvise by using a broken road sign to lift the van off Dante. Helena taunts him, saying her conditioning will unable him from helping anyone. Helena advises him to get on his motorcycle and leave Port Charles. However then Sam appears and implores Jason not to listen to Helena. He ends up telling Helena that he'll fight her with all he's got. Helena disappears and Jason then tells Sam how much he loves her. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. It gives him the energy to try and help Dante again, but Jason ends up passing out. 

Then Sonny appears and yells at Jason to wake up and save Dante. Jason wakes, but wants to get on his bike and escape. Sonny urges him not to listen to what Helena said, but Jason says in the past his life always belonged to Carly, Robin, Sam or Sonny, especially because of the business he was in. Sonny asks him if he was just a puppet on a string, but Jason ends up remembering that he and Sonny were friends. He recalls the first time he met Sonny at Luke's club years ago. 

Michael goes to visit with Sam looking for Jason. She tells him that Jason is out and Danny is with Monica visiting the Quartermaine caretakers' puppy named, Annabelle 2 after the Q's old dog. Then Michael mentions that he visited Carlos and Jason showed up to help him. It leads to a conversation about how Jason isn't connected to his past, which is hard for Sam at times. She talks about her memories of Jason and her fears about Helena's curse. 

Later Michael and Sam talk about Alexis representing Carlos and Julian's potential involvement. Sam says she feels like a hypocrite, but she thinks Alexis is better off without Julian. She recalls how Alexis always told her to leave Jason, because of his business, but she never felt like Jason played her the way Julian plays Alexis. Michael agrees and tells Sam that he thinks Jason is a better man for being with Sam. It chokes Sam up. At the end, Danny comes home and tells Michael and Sam that Annabelle 2 peed in Tracy's closet. He wonders where Jason is and why he isn't there to tuck him into bed. Sam puts him to bed and sings him a goodnight lullaby. Meanwhile we see that Jason once again is trying to free Dante from the van on the highway. He manages to pull Dante from the wreckage just before the van explodes. 

End of show!

Terrific episode of GH today! We need more like this writers!!!!

Have a great night!

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