Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Searching for Nikolas

Today's Recap - 

At Wyndermere, Hayden is convinced that Jason threw Nikolas out of the window. Sam insists that Jason is innocent and defends him. Then Jordan arrives with a couple of officers. She begins to investigate, but in secret Curtis tells Hayden he thinks her diamonds are on Nikolas' body. Nearby Jason tells Sam that something seems off with the furniture in the room. Jordan then orders everyone to leave and deems the room a crime scene. After Jordan begins questioning everyone about what happened. Curtis speaks first, then Hayden and both question Sam and Jason's presence. Then Sam is questioned and says woman's intuition told her to come looking for Jason at Wyndermere. Hayden insists to Jordan that Nikolas was pushed. 

Later Laura comes to Wyndermere looking for Nikolas. Jordan tells Laura she's got everyone searching for Nikolas including the coast guard. Hayden says Jordan should look at the video surveillance footage to see who arrived when. Jordan tells Laura that she's not sure Nikolas is the person who was seen on the rocks or not. Then she let's everyone go home, but warns Jason he's a person of interest. 

Julian wants to know if he and Alexis are "okay" at their house. Alexis is cold, but says she's still there. Then Molly comes home, Julian gets a call from Brad and then Julian takes off. After in private, Molly asks Alexis what's going with her and Julian. Molly thinks Julian pressured Alexis to represent Carlos and says that she notices the tension between them. Molly advises Alexis to look for support from her family and to follow her instincts. After Alexis calls Diane and says she's going to turn Julian in.

Brad waits for Lucas to wake up in his hospital room. Dr. Finn comes in and offers to sit with Lucas while Brad steps out. Dr. Obrecht comes in, sees Dr. Finn and orders him to step away from Lucas. Then Julian walks in and overhears them arguing. Brad also comes back into the room and Dr. Obrecht says she thinks Lucas may have come under foul play by Dr. Finn. Julian immediately reacts and grabs Dr. Finn by the collar. Then he and Brad order Finn and Obrecht to leave. After Julian calls Alexis and says he needs her. Meanwhile at the Nurses' station Brad confers with Dr. Obrecht and Dr. Finn over Lucas' test results. They find muscle relaxers in his system. Back in Lucas' hospital room, Alexis arrives to reluctantly support Julian. 

Tracy snaps at Sabrina when she tries to pick up her son at the Quartermaine's. Sabrina apologizes for abandoning Tracy as a friend while she was sick. Tracy is very cold to her. Michael tries to defend Sabrina. He also tells Tracy that Sabrina has to spend the night at the Q's. Tracy immediately informs Sabrina that she is now the baby's legal guardian. Tracy tells Sabrina she's an unfit parent. Michael reminds Tracy about a similar situation in her past with Paul. Then Sabrina tells Tracy she named the baby Edwardo after Edward. At the end, Tracy relaxes and let's Sabrina hold the baby. 

Ava goes to Sonny's house looking to take Avery home, but Sonny tells her that Avery is never going home with her. Sonny thinks the leverage Carly has of Ava sleeping with Paul nullifies Ava's right to Avery. Ava is upset and asks what she can do to change his mind. Sonny brings up Ava killing Connie and says she's lucky that he's going to let her live. Ava says she can't live without Avery so he might as well kill her. Sonny softens slightly and says he'll allow Ava to visit with Avery, but sooner or later she's going to pay for what she did to Connie. At the end, Sonny let's Ava hold Avery.  

End of show!

Have a great night!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The 2016 Nurses' Ball Concludes

Here's What Happened - 

Onstage, Brad, Sam and Lucy wait for Lucas to arrive for the wedding ceremony. When they can't find Lucas, Lucy asks the audience if anyone has seen him. Nurse Amy remembers that Lucas had to leave. Brad is confused and wonders what could keep Lucas from his own wedding. Lucy decides that Kiki and Dillon need to perform their act ahead of schedule to make up for Lucas' absence so Kiki and Dillon take to the stage. They perform a cute duet together. 

Jason talks to Carly during an intermission about his lawsuit over the ELQ stock. Then Sonny arrives with Michael and Morgan, surprising Carly and Jason. Later when Kiki and Dillon perform their routine, Morgan can see the chemistry they have together. After backstage, Nina tells Kiki and Dillon that they look so in love it gives her hope. Then Dillon tells Kiki that Morgan is a fool for letting her go and they kiss. Morgan decides to try and fix things with Kiki, but when he goes backstage he sees Kiki kissing Dillon. 

Dante and Lulu chat with Sonny and Michael and learn about what happened with Sabrina in Puerto Rico. After Andre tells Carly he thinks Morgan is nearly ready to be released. Nearby Sonny promises Robin he will get justice for Duke if its the last thing he does. Jason joins their conversation and Robin is thankful to have both of them with her. Then Lucy introduces the next number which is Lulu performing "Doctor's Orders" with Epiphany, Valerie, Maxie and Nurse Amy. After Michael finds Jason and promises to help him save ELQ. Morgan decides to leave the ball. Carly and Sonny go with him. When they get home, Carly looks through her Aveeno gift bag and she pimps Aveeno night cream. 

Robin takes the stage and talks about the new medicine available that can prevent HIV. She also talks about Stone and how most who are still contracting HIV are young poor men. For the last performance. Nurse Amy goes to do a solo number but Sabrina surprisingly shows up and they sing, "You're not alone" together. Epiphany ends up joining them. At the end, Felix brings Lucy roses onstage for hosting and she's thrilled her clothes stayed on. After the show is over, Jordan places Sabrina under arrest. 

Bobby wakes up in her hospital room and finds Lucas laying on the floor. Meanwhile in the hallway, Griffin and Finn hear Bobby calling for help. They rush into her room and Griffin starts CPR on Lucas. Right then Brad calls Lucas' phone. Bobby picks up and tells Brad to get to the hospital as soon as possible. When Brad arrives he finds Lucas is peril and Bobby in tears. Thankfully Finn is able to shock Lucas back to life. Bobby then tells Brad she doesn't know what happened, but Lucas' heart just stopped. Dr. Finn looks confused by Bobby's comment. They put Lucas on life support and Griffin notices an injection mark on Lucas' neck. He asks Finn if he did that. Finn swears he didn't. Brad wonders if what happened to Lucas is related to the recent deaths at GH. 

Curtis comes to Hayden rescue when Nikolas drags her into The Metro Court lobby. Hayden tells Curtis that Nikolas is broke and sold one of her diamonds to give his donation. Nik tells Hayden if she comes home with him, he'll hand over her diamonds. Curtis warns her not to trust Nikolas. Hayden tells Nik she won't go with him. Later at Wyndermere, Nik texts Hayden a picture of the diamonds and asks her again to come home. Curtis again warns Hayden not to go to Nikolas. He gives her his credit card and the police number for her to call tomorrow. At the end, Jason and Sam head to Wyndermere separately. A crash is heard and then we see Nikolas laying bloodied up on the rocks below.

End of show!

I think Dillon and Kiki's performance was the best of the ball. Overall I enjoyed the ball, but I'm not happy about this Nikolas recast situation at all. Not one bit!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The 2016 Nurses' Ball Continues...

Your ass is mine!
Wednesday's Recap - 

At the ball, Emma performs an adorable version of "Don't go breaking my heart" with Ned. After Lucy returns to hosting and talks about the two families who contribute the most to the ball, The Quartermaine's and The Scorpio's. Lucy also says no one is crashing the stage tonight. After the ball breaks for a moment and Robin tells Emma how great she was. Meanwhile Hayden tries to talk to Jordan, but Nik pulls her away before she has a chance.

Epiphany finds Dr. Obrecht tied up in The Metro Court restaurant closet. Dr. O demands that Epiphany untie her. When she does, Dr. Obrecht wants to crash the ball, but Epiphany tells her no way. Back in the ballroom, Franco checks on Elizabeth and Jake which ticks Jason off. Sam worries that the more Jason remembers, the more he's going to hate Franco. Nearby Lucy works on Griffin to perform. Then she goes looking for Lucas, but can't find him. Lucy decides to ask little Jake to perform his number ahead of schedule.

Carly reviews the contents of Ava's flash drive backstage and says, "your ass is mine," upon seeing what's on there. Later Carly finds Ava alone in the ladies room and tells Ava she's going to give up custody of Avery. Ava is ready to blow her off, but then Carly shows Ava that she has footage of her and Paul doing their own version of 50 Shades of Grey. Carly threatens to post the video online if Ava doesn't give up Avery. Ava laughs off Carly's threat saying it's just sex. Then she walks off. Carly decides to send the video to Paul instead. When Paul sees the video he insists that Ava appease Carly immediately. Ava meets Carly in the ladies room again and they end up having a fight over the flash drive. Ava grabs the drive and flushes it down the toilet, but Carly tells her she already saved it to the cloud.

Kevin and Laura run into each other in the hotel lobby and Kevin offers her a ticket to join him, since Laura didn't buy one. In the ballroom, Lucy introduces little Jake, but he has stage fright. Franco decides to step in to help and they end up performing together. Seeing Jake relax on stage chokes Liz up. Nina also watches in tears. After Liz joins Jake and Franco backstage. Sam and Jason walk back to congratulate Jake and Jason ends up staring down Franco. After Diane finds Jason and tells him that Nikolas is suing him. 

Meanwhile onstage, Milo, Griffin, Curtis, Dillon and Felix take the stage. At first they perform a little cabaret number that breaks into the expected strip tease with "Nurses' Ball" written on the butts of their underwear. Of course the crowd goes wild. After Maxie tells Griffin what a great job he did and there is an obvious attraction between them. Meanwhile Hayden tries again to talk to Jordan, but Nik once again pulls her away. Curtis sees and runs to Hayden's aid. 

Lucas finds Bobby passed out on the floor backstage and manages to wake her up. He insists on taking her to the hospital. Lucas asks nurse Amy (I was calling her Tiffany in yesterday's post, sorry I just don't care about her) to let Brad know. Lucas brings Bobby to the hospital and she's treated by Dr. Finn and Dr. Obrecht. Bobby insists that Lucas return to the ball to get married as planned. Later Dr. Obrecht wonders why Dr. Finn left his last position. Lucas then goes back to Bobby's room and finds someone unseen trying to inject Bobby with something. Back at the ball, Brad awaits Lucas' arrival for their wedding, but to no avail. However we see that Lucas is unconscious on the floor in Bobby's hospital room. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you didn't hear, apparently Tyler Christopher is being temporarily recast. Ugh, read here ---> Nik Recast

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The 2016 Nurses' Ball Begins

Just keep your clothes on!
Here's What Happened - 

Robin calls Patrick before her and Emma sit down to watch the Nurses' Ball on TV. Meanwhile backstage at the ball, Liz almost falls down because of the new nurse Tiffany, but Franco catches her and picks Liz up. Lucy asks if Liz is okay. When Liz tries to walk she says her ankle hurts and she can't perform. Franco agrees to help her walk the red carpet instead. Then Bobby and Lucas run into Felix and Brad backstage. They all share a toast to their upcoming nuptials and years of happiness together.

Scotty and Ava talk at Ava's place about him moving out, but Scotty quickly changes the subject. Then Kiki walks in and talks with Ava briefly about her relationship with Morgan ending. Ava tells her it might be for the best and tonight they will be the bells of the ball. Scotty says he's honored to squire such beautiful girls to the ball. Then they all head to the Metro Court together. 

On the red carpet, Nina nervously hosts with two GMA correspondents as people begin to arrive. Bobby and Lucas arrive first, followed by Epiphany without Milo. Then Anna arrives. (I loved Anna's dress) Nina corners Anna and asks awkward questions about Anna's recent criminal actions. After Brad and Felix arrive and Felix has a flirty exchange with the male GMA host. Jordan and Andre come in after and Nina makes an awkward comment about how Jordan needs to hold onto a hot guy like Andre. Later Andre talks to Anna as she's ordering a martini at the bar, but Jordan quickly comes by and steals Andre away.

Nikolas and Hayden arrive and Nina grills Hayden about her past as Rachel Berlin. Nik makes a snipe that Hayden might be hiding money somewhere. Then Nikolas and Hayden take some tense pictures together on the red carpet. After Lucy hits the red carpet as well as Carly, followed by Ava, Scotty and Kiki. Nina notes that Ava is a "homewrecker" and Dillon tells Kiki she looks beautiful. Ava makes sure to tell Carly to get Avery ready for her in the morning. Later Curtis and Valerie arrive, followed by Sam and Jason. 

In the ballroom, Anna gets a surprise when Robin and Emma show up for the ball. Back out on the carpet, Franco walks down with Liz. As it turns out, Liz is wearing the same dress as Hayden. Maxie intervenes and offers to get Liz another dress to wear. Later Franco and Liz try again to walk the red carpet with a different dress and they run into Sam and Jason. Jason warns them he doesn't want his son around Franco. After Jason runs into Robin and tells her that he's remembering things and he's so glad she's there. Later Nikolas verbally attacks Jason for trying to sabotage him, but Jason tells him to back off, because he wants peace.

At the hospital, Maxie runs into Griffin and he tells her about his being a priest. After Maxie wants Griffin to release Nathan for the ball, but Griffin says he can't authorize that. Maxie thinks he should escort her to the Nurses' Ball instead. She convinces him to come along, but when they arrive on the red carpet, Nina questions Maxie's judgement for bringing a man other than Nathan to the ball.

In the Metro Court lobby, Carly prepares gift bags for the ball and runs into Dr. Obrecht. Carly warns her not to interrupt the opening number this year like she did last year. Dr. O promises she won't ruin the opening number, but under her breath says she has something else in mind. Later Carly breaks into Ava's place looking for the confession of her killing Connie and finds a flash drive in Ava's martini shaker. Then Carly returns to the ball and plans to play whatever is on the flash drive for all to hear.

Lucy prepares to take the stage to begin the ball and vows to keep her clothes on this year. Then she introduces the first number, which is the nursing staff singing and dancing a modernized rendition of Welcome to the Nurses' Ball. Andre, Nurse Tiffany, Felix, Brad, Bobby and Epiphany tell a rap like history of the hospital and town during the number. After Lucy thanks Nikolas for his generous donation while backstage a group of masked nurses kidnap Dr. O before she tries to hijack the stage with an unplanned performance. Nearby Bobby gets lightheaded backstage and passes out. 

At the end, Lucy promises the audience it will be a night full of surprises and then a mysterious person takes the stage, but we don't get to see who it is. 

End of show!

So what did you think of the start of the ball?

Have a great night!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Back Tomorrow for the Ball

Starts 05/24!
I'm crunched for time and won't be able to recap today. I will be back tomorrow to dish about all the Nurses' Ball drama.

Enjoy GH today!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sabrina's Back

Friday's Recap - 

At GH, Brad and Lucas discuss their wedding plans. Lucas thinks they should get married at the Nurses' Ball. Brad agrees and they hug. Later Lucy comes to the hospital and they ask her to perform their wedding ceremony on stage at the ball. Lucy loves the idea and agrees. Lucas tells Lucy she has to keep it a secret. Lucy says she'll zip her lip and that she loves, love. Then they share a group hug. 

Curtis finds Hayden at the Metro Court and they talk about her fire sale of Nik's belongings. Then Nikolas shows up with a court order threatening to put them in jail if they sell anything else. Lucy approaches Nik right then and pushes him for a donation for the ball. Nik is hesitant, but assures her he'll get the donation to her as soon as possible. After Hayden realizes that Nik doesn't have the money to pay Lucy. Nik refuses to discuss his finances with her, warns Hayden again not to sell anything else and walks off. Later Hayden tells Curtis she thinks she should leave Port Charles. Meanwhile Nikolas meets with a diamond dealer about selling Hayden's diamonds. 

Lucy talks to Dillon at The Metro Court about his performance for the Nurses' Ball. She thinks his girlfriend, Kiki, should join him. Then Lucy asks Dillon to pass out flyers for the ball. After Dillon asks Kiki if she really will join him on stage and she says she'll think about it. Meanwhile at Morgan's clinic, Ava tries to convince Morgan to break up with Kiki. Morgan defends himself, but seems effected by Ava's words. Later Kiki comes to visit Morgan. He tells Kiki they should leave their relationship open. Kiki thinks something is off and asks what changed. Morgan says they keep hurting each other and they need to end things. Kiki gets mad and storms off vowing to forget about him for good. 

Sonny and Carly try to talk Michael out of going to look for Sabrina at their house. Michael doesn't want to hear it and says he'll go with or without their help. Carly is distraught by his decision, but kisses them goodbye nonetheless. After Sonny and Michael leave for Puerto Rico together. Later when Carly is alone, Ava stops by insisting she wants to take Avery home. They have a tense conversation and Ava insists that Carly get Avery's things together asap. However Ava gets a call that a crib she ordered for Avery hasn't been to delivered to her place yet. She suspects Carly and Sonny arranged that somehow, but says she'll leave Avery put for now. 

Sabrina meets with her Aunt while being kept in a safe house in Puerto Rico. She learns that her son is safe in Port Charles. She also learns that Carlos is dead. Sabrina says running away with Carlos was a mistake, but she loved him. Sabrina asks her aunt to help her get back to Port Charles as well. However her aunt says Marcos won't let her leave and will be upset when he learns the baby is gone. Then Marcos comes in upset. Sabrina asks him to help her get home and promises not to tell anyone he was hiding her. He agrees, but later when he's alone with Sabrina, Marcos pulls out a gun. Sabrina panics and tries to buy herself time by reasoning with him. Meanwhile Sonny tells Michael on their way to Puerto Rico that he admires his devotion to Sabrina and whatever happens when they arrive, they'll be ready.

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today's GH Scoop

No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few scoops for today's show! Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH!

Ava makes a plea to Morgan.

Carly has exciting news.

Dr. Obrecht begins an investigation.

Michael is overcome with strong emotions.

Have a great night!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Campus Disco

Blast from the past!
Here's What's Happened - 

Laura and Kevin return to the campus disco to investigate Helena's clue. Laura is flush with memories of the night Luke date raped her at the club. She ends up telling Kevin about that night and wonders what game Helena is trying to play by bringing her back to the disco. They end up looking around the place and find a letter nailed to the inside of a table. However when Laura opens the letter it's blank. Laura thinks Helena just wanted her to relive the worst night of her life. Then the building's real estate agent tells Laura and Kevin that she has had a hard time selling the place. She also says the owners are named Lloyd and Lucy Johnson. Laura recognizes those names as her and Luke's old alias's. Kevin insists that he wants to help Laura continue to investigate.

Nikolas finds Hayden taking pictures of his possessions at Wyndermere to sell online. Nik isn't happy about the idea and thinks Hayden should go get a job. Later Diane comes by when Nikolas is alone and says that he's got ELQ tax issues. Diane explains that Jason's stock transfer is the reason for the tax problem. Nik thinks Jason did this on purpose to mess with him. After Hayden returns and sees that Nikolas is upset and broke some of the items she was going to sell. 

Michael believes the baby left at the Q's is Sabrina's son after he sees the baby's rattle. Tracy decides to call Dr. Finn for help. He comes over to the Quartermaine's house to check the baby out. Dr. Finn thinks the baby is in good health, but he needs to be taken to the hospital for more tests. Michael agrees with Dr. Finn. Then Hayden comes by to see Tracy so Finn leaves. Hayden asks Tracy to give her a job. Tracy refuses and Hayden heads off. Later Michael takes the baby to GH against Tracy's wishes and introduces him to Felix. 

Dr. Finn is approached by Felix at GH to perform at the Nurses' Ball after he was treating a patient. Finn turns him down, but then asks Felix for a favor. He asks if Felix will let him into the drug lock up. Felix opens the door for him, but then gets called away. Finn ends up going into the drug lock up by himself. Later when Finn goes back to see the patient he was treating earlier, he finds him flat lining. 

Jason talks to Sonny about his memory returning at Sonny's house. He reminds Sonny that he remembers helping him during his mental episodes in the past. Jason recounts how Sonny treated him with respect when they first met and he apologizes for not trusting Sonny recently. Sonny accepts his apology and says all he needs from Jason is friendship and loyalty. Jason tells him he doesn't want to get back into the business, but he's there for Sonny otherwise. Sonny thinks that's the right choice for Jason. Jason also promises to help Sonny with the Julian situation if he needs it. Sonny offers to help Jason if he ever needs anything and welcomes him home.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Really Good Together

Tuesday's Recap - 

Michael goes to Sonny's house and tells Carly he was questioned by the police about Carlos, but Diane handled it for him. Michael says he doesn't know who stabbed Carlos. Michael also tells Carly about how he found Carlos on the pier and he's worried about how he's going to find Sabrina now. Michael says that Carlos claims he married Sabrina. Carly feels bad for Sabrina, but thinks Michael should let Sabrina look out for herself. 

Franco calls Liz to tell her that Jake is at his place with him. She heads over to Franco's apartment and lectures Jake. In private, Franco and Liz end up having a tense conversation. Franco thinks that he was making progress with Jake, but because Liz was afraid to stand up to Jason, now Jake is screwed. Franco thinks he's the right person to find out what happened to Jake while he was with Helena. Then Franco unintentionally makes a comment about Jake having a revolving door of father figures, which Liz slaps him for. Franco apologizes, but stresses that she needs to help Jake. Liz appears to consider it, but ends up taking Jake home. 

Sam takes Jason to GH to make sure everything is okay with him since his accident. Jason wonders how he could have forgotten that Alan died at GH. Monica sees them and asks why Jason is getting an exam. Sam gives them privacy and Jason tells Monica that he remembers Alan's death and that he's sorry he wasn't there. Monica is touched and thrilled to hear he remembers his old life. After Jason and Sam head over to Carly's place. He tells Carly that he remembers his past. Carly is thrilled and cries while they hug. Meanwhile Sam fills Michael in about Jason's returned memory. Michael joins Jason in the living room and Jason hugs Michael while Carly and Sam watch delighted. 

Laura finds Kevin struggling with the vending machine at the hospital and helps him free a candy bar. They end up talking about their past relationships with Lucy and Luke. Laura thinks the clue from Helena likely has something to do with Luke. Laura thinks Helena's clue points to the old club where she first worked for Luke. Kevin wants go with Laura to help investigate it. 

Lucy comes to GH and overhears Felix talking with the new nurse about the Nurses' Ball. The new nurse comments that Lucy is mostly preoccupied with her costume changes, but Lucy quickly corrects her. Later the new nurse makes a comment about Kevin and his brother Ryan. It upsets Lucy so she walks away. Lucy runs into Laura and Kevin and asks where they are heading off to. Kevin gives Lucy a chilly reception and steps away to take a phone call. In private, Lucy gives Laura her blessing to date Kevin. She also suggests that they perform at the ball, because she thinks they would be, "really good together." Then Lucy walks off upset. After Kevin returns and tells Laura he wants to help her with Helena's clue. 

Sonny goes to Alexis and Julian's place and can tell by Alexis' expression that she knows Julian killed Carlos. Sonny wants to take Alexis away and get the police involved. Julian orders Sonny to leave Alexis alone, but Sonny tells Alexis that she's a fool to trust Julian. Then Sonny notices something burning in the fireplace. Sonny starts smashing up the living room with a golf club and then hits Julian in the back of his legs with the club. Alexis cries and begs Sonny to stop. Sonny coldly hugs Alexis. Then he says since she sided with his enemy she's nothing to him anymore. After Julian promises Alexis that Sonny will never hurt her again. He thinks they love each other and are in the lie together now. At the end, Alexis offers to burn the shirt Julian worn when he killed Carlos. However she ends up hiding the shirt for safe keeping. 

Tracy looks at the news report about Carlos' death when someone rings the doorbell at the Q's. She goes to see who it is and finds a baby left on the doorstep. Later Monica comes home and finds Tracy rocking the unknown baby in the living room. Tracy says she's calling him Edward for now. Monica is confused, but tells Tracy the good news about Jason's memory returning. At the end, Michael goes to the Quartermaine's and sees Tracy with the baby. Michael recognizes the baby's rattle and thinks he is Sabrina's son. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Julexis No More

No recap today. I can't watch Julexis implode. I'll be back tomorrow! 😂

Have a great night!

Friday, May 13, 2016

One Hell of a Blade

Here's What Happened - 

In the ER, Anna tries to get Carlos to confess to Duke's murder with Sonny by her side. Griffin comes in and wants to read Carlos his last rights. He asks Carlos if there are any sins he wants to confess, but Carlos says no. Anna gets upset and demands that Griffin push Carlos to confess on Duke's behalf. Griffin says what he wants to do is at odd with his faith. After he continues to read Carlos his last rights and anoints him of his sins. Sonny asks Carlos to admit that Julian ordered Duke to be killed, but Carlos dies before he can say anything. After Griffin is troubled and heads to the chapel to ask God's for help.

Liz packs up her belongings at Wyndermere and tells Nikolas she found a house. She also says she wants to move away from Hayden. She tells Nikolas she hopes he'll kick Hayden to the curb. Nik says he plans on making Hayden's life a living hell. Liz thinks his plan is flawed, but Nik says he's got something on Hayden. Later Nik says he's going to sell off all Hayden clothes. Liz likes the idea, but thinks Nik might not have the stomach to war with Hayden. 

Hayden interrupts Curtis while he's working out in the gym and asks him to steal her diamonds back from Nikolas. Curtis flatly refuses, but Hayden begs him to help. Curtis decides to make Hayden box with him to burn off steam and after suggests she sell her engagement ring for money. However Hayden says the ring has sentimental value. Instead Curtis suggests that Hayden start selling Nikolas' belongings online and he sets her up with an online account to do so. Hayden loves the idea and thinks it will drive Nikolas crazy. She also thanks Curtis for being a good friend to her. 

Julian attempts to clean Helena's dagger and puts it back in Alexis' cabinet. Then Alexis comes downstairs and somberly tells Julian that Carlos is in the ER, but still alive. She thinks Julian looks surprised to hear that Carlos is alive. Julian swears he wasn't involved and insists he needs to go to GH to sort things out. Alexis questions him so Julian claims Carlos is a friend who might need him. Alexis thinks that sounds ridiculous. 

Jordan asks Paul how Carlos is doing at this hospital. Paul responds when a priest is called its not a good sign. Jordan tells Paul that she's tracing the pen Carlos used to stab Dante and she'll know soon who helped Carlos escape. After Anna vents to Sonny that it's not fair that Duke will never get justice. She sees Paul and snaps at him, then storms off. Sonny wonders how Paul is connected to Carlos. Sonny also wonders how Carlos got a hold of that pen and tells Paul he will deal with the person who helped Carlos. 

Anna goes to the chapel and demands answers from Griffin as to why he failed to help Duke and never mentioned he was a priest. She wants to know why he lied. Griffin explains that he wanted to tell her the truth, but he's not a confirmed priest yet. He also says that he'd like to try and help Anna forgive, because even Carlos deserves absolution. Anna is insulted by Griffin's attitude and takes off. She heads back to the ER and talks with Sonny. He tells her that Julian likely killed Carlos and that might be the thing Anna can use to get Julian locked up. After Anna vows to give Julian what he deserves.

Jordan goes to see Alexis and Julian at their place and tells them that Carlos died. She questions Julian about his whereabouts. Alexis says she saw Julian with Nina at Crimson and she had her gun locked up. Jordan says Carlos wasn't shot, he was stabbed with a hell of a blade. She advises Julian to notify his lawyers and walks out. After Alexis is suspicious and looks at Helena's dagger.

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Back Tomorrow

No recap today, I'll be back for tomorrow's show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We're Together Now

That's all that matters!
Today's Show - 

Franco visits Heather in prison and they talk about him painting again. Heather tells him she's also painting again and has moved into salads. Then Franco shows her a painting of her he made. He explains that he broke up with Nina and he's lost without her. Later Heather gets worked up when she learns that Franco is working at the hospital with Dr. Obrecht. He tells her that he's having dark thoughts and wants to get Nina back. He asks Heather how to accomplish that. Heather advises him to have sex with Nina again. At the end, Heather is hopeful that Franco will give her a grandchild.  

Nina is surprised by Dillon while she's sleeping in the office at Crimson. Then Kiki comes by to tell Nina that Franco is losing his mind. Dillon is pleased to see that Kiki left the apartment. Kiki thinks Nina should go to Franco because he's drowning in sadness. Nina talks about how good sex with Franco was and says, "If only we'd stayed in bed." However Nina says she's going to leave Franco be. Dillon offers to take Kiki home, but Nina warns them that relationships don't work. Kiki says her and Dillon are "just" friends. At the end, Nina is alone again at Crimson and finds Franco waiting for her naked. 

Carlos calls Julian from the docks and asks for his help to get back to Sabrina. Julian reluctantly agrees, but after they hang up, he goes for his gun. Then Alexis walks in and asks what Julian is doing. Two officers show up with her and say they have a warrant to search their home looking for Carlos. Out of sight from the police, Alexis takes the gun and locks it up, but unbeknownst to her Julian takes Helena's dagger and slips it into his jacket pocket. After the police leave, Julian says he has to run an errand. Alexis asks if he's going to Carlos. Julian wonders if she's always going to question him when he leaves the house. Alexis tells him to go. On his way out, Julian tells her he loves her. Julian heads to the docks and finds Carlos. Julian gives him money and Carlos promises to keep their secrets.

Anna gets a ghostly visit from Duke while she's trapped in the volt on the docks. Anna is thrilled to see him and tells him how hard it's been without him. She confides in Duke about how she shot Carlos for killing him. Duke tells her she can't undo what she did and all that matters is that their together now. Anna tears up thinking about all the years they won't have together. Duke wishes he'd run away with Anna before the Nurses' Ball and apologizes for leaving her. Anna tells him that she discovered he has a son, named Griffin. She reminds him about Griffin's mother and tells him about how she kept Griffin a secret. Anna tells Duke that Griffin is a doctor and being around him makes her feel close to Duke. He is touched to learn he has a son, but feels sad for missing out on being with him. They agree that they'll never stop loving each other and kiss goodbye. After Anna wakes up alone, but remembers her encounter with Duke. 

Carly and Sonny worry about Dante at Sonny's place. Sonny wants to go after Carlos, but Carly worries that's the wrong move. Michael shows up and wonders if the police will let Carlos slip through his fingers. Carly pleads with Michael to let it go and let the police handle it. In private, Sonny tells Michael that Carlos will get what's coming to him. Then Sonny tells Michael to go visit with Avery and once alone, Sonny leaves making Carly worry about him. Sonny heads over to see Alexis and they get into an argument about Julian and Carlos. Alexis defends Julian, but Sonny thinks Julian is off helping Carlos. Meanwhile on the docks, Julian stabs Carlos with Helena's dagger.

End of show!

It's been a good week on GH. Are you enjoying it?

Have a great night!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kill Me

Tuesday's Recap - 

Alexis wakes up next to Julian, but decides to sneak downstairs to make a secret call for an autopsy report on the witness. Sam is waiting there for her in the dark and overhears Alexis on the phone. After Sam pushes Alexis to stop representing Carlos and thinks she's only doing it for Julian. Sam says she thinks Julian had Duke killed and he's lying about his involvement in the mob. Alexis thinks Sam shouldn't judge her, especially because of Jason's past. Meanwhile Jason drags Dante away from the burning van on the highway. Dante starts to wake up and asks what happened. Jason gives him the highlights and then the paramedics come.

Later Julian comes downstairs and tells Sam to leave Alexis alone. Then Alexis gets a call about the autopsy and has to leave, but before doing so she asks Sam and Julian to remember what they mean to each other. After Sam talks with Julian alone. He promises her that he's changed, but Sam thinks they more he says that, the less she believes it. Then Jason knocks on the door looking for Sam so she decides to step outside with him and forgo her conversation with Julian. 

Carly and Sonny talk about the situation with Carlos and Julian in Sonny's office. It leads to a conversation about Alexis. Carly thinks Sonny is the one who Alexis really wanted, but she settled for Julian. Sonny thinks it sounds crazy, but Carly convinces him that Alexis, at one point, had hoped to change him into the man of her dreams. 

Anna and Griffin talk about his experience with guns at her house. He tells Anna that he got shot, because he asked for it during a time when he did something bad. Anna wants more details, but then gets a call from Jordan. Anna decides to go to the police station so she and Griffin agree to continue their conversation at another time. Once Anna gets to the station her and Jordan end up having a spat. 

Paul assures Jordan at the PCPD that he's completely invested in seeing Carlos get what's coming to him. Meanwhile Nathan chases Carlos through the woods near the accident and calls for back up. Carlos ends up knocking Nathan out with a rock and takes off. Back at the police station, Alexis meets up with Paul and Anna. When Anna gets news about the accident on the highway, she takes off after Carlos.

Maxie and Lulu look at wedding dresses online at Lulu's apartment and talk about Claudette. Maxie wants to investigate the Claudette situation further, but Lulu thinks Maxie should let it go. Then they get a call that Dante has been brought into the hospital and take off for GH. Sonny and Carly meet up with Lulu there. When Dante arrives at General Hospital, he tells Sonny, Lulu and Carly that Jason saved him.

Later Nathan is brought into the hospital unconscious. Griffin promises Maxie that he'll save him and says he owes Nathan at least that much. Meanwhile Anna goes to the docks looking for Carlos and finds him on the docks in the same place she shot him last year. Carlos dares her to finish him off for good this time, but Anna decides to arrest him instead. When she tries to handcuff him, he turns the tables on her. They end up having a kick ass fight, but unfortunately for Anna, Carlos knocks her out. Carlos takes Anna and locks her in a volt on the pier, then he calls Julian for help.

Back at Alexis' house, Jason tells Sam that he finally remembered his past.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Jason Unconditioned

Here's What Happened - 

After crashing his motorcycle into a police van on the highway, Jason discovers Dante laying unconscious underneath and a dead driver at the wheel. He runs to help Dante and wonders if he's dead too. Right then, Robin appears to Jason and tells him he has to save Dante. She explains she in his head and is part of his memories now. He's confused, but Robin tells him to follow his instincts. Later Jason tries to figure out how to help Dante and gets a visit from Carly. She helps Jason to figure out how to handle the situation with the van. Jason decides to move the dead driver from the vehicle, but suspects there are people missing from the scene. He wants to move the van, but then sees it's leaking gas. 

Helena then appears to Jason. She tells him he will never remember his past and he's incapable of saving Dante. It makes Jason angry so he decides to improvise by using a broken road sign to lift the van off Dante. Helena taunts him, saying her conditioning will unable him from helping anyone. Helena advises him to get on his motorcycle and leave Port Charles. However then Sam appears and implores Jason not to listen to Helena. He ends up telling Helena that he'll fight her with all he's got. Helena disappears and Jason then tells Sam how much he loves her. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. It gives him the energy to try and help Dante again, but Jason ends up passing out. 

Then Sonny appears and yells at Jason to wake up and save Dante. Jason wakes, but wants to get on his bike and escape. Sonny urges him not to listen to what Helena said, but Jason says in the past his life always belonged to Carly, Robin, Sam or Sonny, especially because of the business he was in. Sonny asks him if he was just a puppet on a string, but Jason ends up remembering that he and Sonny were friends. He recalls the first time he met Sonny at Luke's club years ago. 

Michael goes to visit with Sam looking for Jason. She tells him that Jason is out and Danny is with Monica visiting the Quartermaine caretakers' puppy named, Annabelle 2 after the Q's old dog. Then Michael mentions that he visited Carlos and Jason showed up to help him. It leads to a conversation about how Jason isn't connected to his past, which is hard for Sam at times. She talks about her memories of Jason and her fears about Helena's curse. 

Later Michael and Sam talk about Alexis representing Carlos and Julian's potential involvement. Sam says she feels like a hypocrite, but she thinks Alexis is better off without Julian. She recalls how Alexis always told her to leave Jason, because of his business, but she never felt like Jason played her the way Julian plays Alexis. Michael agrees and tells Sam that he thinks Jason is a better man for being with Sam. It chokes Sam up. At the end, Danny comes home and tells Michael and Sam that Annabelle 2 peed in Tracy's closet. He wonders where Jason is and why he isn't there to tuck him into bed. Sam puts him to bed and sings him a goodnight lullaby. Meanwhile we see that Jason once again is trying to free Dante from the van on the highway. He manages to pull Dante from the wreckage just before the van explodes. 

End of show!

Terrific episode of GH today! We need more like this writers!!!!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mini Vacation

Taking a short break this week from recapping. I'll be back Monday, May 9th!

Enjoy GH!

Monday, May 2, 2016

General Hospital Wins! - 2016 Daytime Emmy Award Winners

Here is list of GH Winners:

Outstanding Drama Series
General Hospital

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Mary Beth Evans, Days of Our Lives

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Tyler Christopher, General Hospital

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Jessica Collins, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Sean Blakemore, General Hospital

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team
The Bold and the Beautiful

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team
General Hospital

Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series
True O'Brien, Days of Our Lives

Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series
Bryan Craig, General Hospital

I'm very happy that GH won and especially for Tyler Christopher! No recap today, btw!

Enjoy GH!