Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday & Friday Scoops

I won't be back to recap until Monday, April 18th. In the meantime, enjoy a few scoops for today and tomorrow's GH. Spoilers are courtesy of --- > GHH!

Thursday 4/14 

 Jason has news for the Quartermaine's regarding ELQ.

Laura's search for answers  leads her in an interesting direction.

Ned wonders if Tracy has truly changed. 

Andre is called in to do a psych eval of an inmate.

Sonny has a warning for Alexis about Julian.

Friday 4/15 

 Jordan suspects Paul is hiding something.

Julian reveals his secrets to Ava.

Nina shares advice with Nathan, which may lead to an unexpected reaction.

Scott has an interesting idea.

Michael gets a clue about Sabrina's location. 

Franco attempts to make amends with Nina, but it may not have the results he hoped for.

Enjoy GH!

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