Monday, April 11, 2016

Stop Pumping Me

Monday's Recap - 

Maxie and Nathan wake up in bed at her apartment. Maxie tells Nathan that she thinks he's a wonderful man and she feels bad for what he went through with Claudette. The subject makes Nathan a little uncomfortable, but Maxie tells him to feel free to talk about Claudette to her. Then Maxie starts probing for more information on Claudette. Nathan tells her to stop pumping him for information and asks Maxie to drop it. Maxie apologizes and says she won't bring Claudette up again. At the end, Nathan tells Maxie they should stay focused on the future, but when he goes into the shower, Maxie does a web search on Claudette. 

Hayden tells Nikolas she wants him to sign the documents turning ELQ over to her at Wyndermere. She tells him if he does, she'll clear him for trying to kill her. Nikolas doesn't want to hear it and snaps at her. Then Laura walks in and sees him all bruised up. Hayden excuses herself saying she'll be back for the documents. In private, Nikolas tells Laura about his fight with Jason and that Sam knows he tried to kill Hayden. Then he fills Laura in on what transpired with Hayden and ELQ. Laura figures out that Hayden threatened to use her and Elizabeth as accessories after the fact if Nikolas doesn't comply. Nik tells Laura he loves her and will protect her and Liz. Laura tells him he's a wonderful son and she's very glad he's her first born. After Nik tells Laura he's going to sign the papers, but he'd rather she didn't see him do so. 

Ned comes to visit Tracy at the hospital. Tracy wants his phone to call a certain "bitch" to let her know she's is back in business. She has Ned send a text message to Hayden. Later Hayden shows up and tells Tracy she's glad she's doing better. Hayden gives Tracy a cat figurine as a symbol of their upcoming fortune. Then Hayden tells Tracy when Nik signs ELQ over to her, she's keeping it for herself. Hayden also tells Ned she's really Rachel Berlin. At the end, Tracy warns Hayden that she won't get away with stealing ELQ, but Hayden thinks she already got away with it.

Jason and Sam wake up blissful in his bed. Sam vents about the situation with Nikolas. Jason says he wants to find a legal way to deal with Nikolas. Jason makes a phone call to an unknown person and after he and Sam take off together. They head to Wyndermere as Nik is signing the ELQ papers. Jason tells Nik he has an offer he won't be able to refuse.

Paul wakes up handcuffed to the stairs with tape on his mouth at Anna's place. He pulls the tape off and finds a paper clip, which he uses to remove the handcuffs. Meanwhile Anna and Sonny plan their strategy on his plane for capturing Carlos. Anna confesses to shooting Carlos on the docks last spring. Sonny doesn't think she should feel guilty, but Anna feels she broke the law and abandoned her principals. When they land, Anna is detained because of a warrant out for her arrest for what she did with Paul. Sonny decides to take advantage of the situation and leaves without her. Sonny goes to meet up with a contact who tells him that Carlos hasn't been seen. Meanwhile back on the plane, Anna gets a call from Paul who tells her that he hopes Sonny kills Carlos. Then we see Sonny walk into a church. Carlos is there dressed as a priest. He pulls a gun out and points it at Sonny.

End of show!

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