Monday, April 25, 2016

Puppy Love

Monday's Recap -

Nina finds Julian waiting in her office at Crimson. She assumes he's there to start trouble and begins to have a meltdown. Julian tells her he only wanted Crimson's current financial reports, but Nina can't keep it together and starts crying. She ends up venting to Julian about her fight with Franco, the puppy and her disappointment over not being able to have a baby. Some of the things she says hit home for Julian and he gets upset. Nina wonders if Julian is worried about Carlos. Julian answers that Nina should worry about her own problems. 

Sonny wants news about Carlos from Ric at his office. Ric says the case against Carlos is weak and wonders if Sonny is going to kill Carlos. Sonny tells Ric that he knows better than to ask him something like that. Ric feels like Sonny should trust him. Sonny tells Ric he's still concerning his options where Carlos is concerned. Ric feels insulted that Sonny won't tell him more and walks out. Later Ric heads to the police station and runs into a witness who claims he has new information about Carlos. Then we see Sonny had Max send the witness at his behest. 

Alexis visits Carlos at the PCPD and asks if there is a chance Sabrina will return to Port Charles. He says no, she's keeping out of sight. Alexis thinks if that's the case, he should get off. Carlos wants a payoff from Julian to keep his mouth closed. Later Alexis goes home and Molly demands to know why she is representing Carlos. She accuses Alexis of losing her ethics. Alexis gets irked by Molly's attitude, takes out the knife that Helena used to kill her mother and says Carlos isn't evil like Helena was. Molly thinks Alexis is only defending Carlos, because of Julian. The conversation upsets Alexis and Molly ends up walking out.

Michael finds a baby rattle on the floor of Sabrina's aunt's house in Puerto Rico and demands to know who it belongs to. She claims it belongs to her friends baby. Michael asks her to call her friend over to verify it. She does so and manages to convince Michael and Felix that the rattle isn't Sabrina's baby rattle. Later Felix and Michael wonder if Sabrina was ever really in Puerto Rico at all. However after they leave, we see that Sabrina's aunt has another baby in the house, presumably Sabrina and Carlos' child. 

A new Jake and Jason wait at the hospital for Franco to arrive for little Jake's art therapy appointment. Nearby Franco walks off the elevators with the puppy in a box and runs into Monica. She questions him about what's in the box. Franco gets defensive and they end up having a nasty argument. Later Franco ends up giving the puppy to Jake without asking Jason first. Jason tells Jake he can't keep it. Then Monica comes over and scolds Franco for giving the dog to Jake. Little Jake is very upset that he can't keep the dog so Monica takes him to see if they have find the puppy a home. After Franco and Jason end up having an argument. Jason pushes Franco into the wall in anger and says he wishes he'd killed him when he had the chance. 

End of show!

NuJake's hair is so awful. I loathe bowl cuts on kids. Loved seeing Ric today!

Have a great night!

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