Thursday, April 7, 2016

Protecting From No One

Thursday's Recap - 

Ava has a frightening dream at her place so Scotty wakes her up. After Julian stops by and Ava tells him about the dead bird she found in her bed the night before. Julian doesn't want to speak in front of Scotty so Scotty takes out the trash. In private, Julian thinks one of their associates put the bird in her bed, not Sonny. He thinks she's still a target, because people think she's a snitch. Julian promises to stand by her and offers to take care of it. Later Julian goes to warn one of the bad guys to stay away from Ava. Julian says he's running the Jerome organization, effective immediately. Back at Ava's place, Scotty brings bagels back home to Ava with extra cream cheese and they have a moment.

Alexis and Kristina have a tense chat at home. Kristina tells Alexis she knows she went to speak with Professor Parker. Alexis apologizes and says she was wrong for assuming she knew how Kristina feels better than Kristina does. Alexis explains that Parker set her straight and she realizes that somewhere along the way she made Kristina feel like she couldn't confide in her. Alexis asks for Kristina's forgiveness. They agree to start over with open communication.

Paul stops by Sonny's place and ends up talking with Carly about Carlos. Carly warns Paul that she only cares about Sonny's safety. After Paul tries to make a call to Ava, but has reception trouble. He realizes Anna must have messed with his phone. Meanwhile Anna gets another visit from Sonny at her place as she's packing to leave town. Sonny wants to know where she's going and insists that he's coming with her. Anna doesn't want that, because she thinks Sonny will try to kill Carlos if they find him. Sonny assures her that he'll behave and says he's going to get his plane ready. 

Sam and Jason wake up in bliss in his bed saying how good they feel about what happened between them. They end up going at it again and after Sam wonders if it felt familiar to Jason. He answers that it certainly felt natural and he's very happy. Sam worries that something is going to go wrong, but says she's trying to stay cool. Jason tells her to just be herself. After they decide to tell any who might ask that they're starting over together. Later Carly comes knocking in a panic over Sonny and asks for Jason's help.

Paul stops by Anna's house and warns her not to associate with Sonny. Then Paul deduces that Anna and Sonny are taking off to look for Carlos. He asks Anna not to take matters into her own hands, but Anna refuses. Meanwhile Sonny goes home to tell Carly that he's going out of town. However Carly doesn't like what she hears and asks Sonny not to go after Carlos. Sonny asks Carly to have faith in him. Back over at Anna's house, Paul threatens to call the police for Anna's own protection. Anna decides to attack Paul and chloroforms him. Once he's passed out, she sneers, "I need protecting from no one!"

End of show!

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