Friday, April 1, 2016

Our Trust Is Destroyed

Here's What Happened - 

Curtis works out at the gym on the pouching bag when he gets a call from Nina about his work for Crimson. She insists that he come to meet her to discuss his findings. Nearby Dante and Nathan arrive to work out. On Curtis' way out, Dante advises him to respect Valerie. Curtis sternly tells him to mind his business. After Dante and Nathan spar in the ring and Dante vents about feeling bad over how he treated Valerie. It leads to a conversation about Claudette. Dante thinks Nathan needs to tell Maxie the truth.

Julian is surprised by Alexis at the park while he's on a cell phone call. Alexis says she was stalking him and wants to talk about Kristina coming out to her. Alexis feels bad for the way her conversation went with Kristina. She tells him about Kristina's dalliance with Professor Parker and thinks she might have come off homophobic. Meanwhile Lucas comes to see Kristina and she talks to him about her feelings about possibly being gay. Kristina feels that Alexis won't be okay with it. She tells him about her attraction to Professor Parker. Lucas thinks Alexis will come around. Later Kristina wonders if Sonny's head will explode when he hears the news. Lucas advises Kristina to trust her own feelings. At the end, Alexis and Julian come home. Lucas tells them he and Brad set a date for their wedding. In private, Alexis and Kristina end up having a tense conversation about her being gay. Alexis decides to call Professor Parker. 

Maxie cleans up the office at Crimson in preparation for a meeting with Joe Z, a feature writer for the magazine. When he arrives, Maxie tells him about all the sabotage at Crimson. Joe wonders if something will happen to the issue with his feature article, but says he enjoys a challenge. Later Curtis arrives to see Nina and Maxie gets a compliment from Joe Z. on her shoes. Maxie ends up confiding to Joe Z. about her relationship woes with Nathan and the Claudette thing. Joe advises Maxie to leave Claudette in the past. Later Nathan shows up and wants to take Maxie to the park for a walk. Once they arrive, Nathan tells her Claudette was his wife and things ended badly. Meanwhile Curtis goes to work to see who is sabotaging Crimson. Later he tells Nina he knows who the culprit is just as Julian walks in. 

Sam stops by Jason's place and helps him assemble toys while they exchange flirty banter. Then Sam gives Jason some background on Rachel and Raymond Berlin over some beer. It leads to a conversation about when Hayden got shot. Sam wonders if Hayden was the target all along and not Jason. They deduce that there must have been a second shooter. Jason thinks they need to go speak with Shawn Butler. 

Hayden stops by Nik's room at The Metro Court and wants to talk. Nikolas gets cold and tells her to get out. Hayden pleads with him not to give up on their love. Nikolas demands to know what she was up to when they got married. Hayden brings up getting shot and they have a round about conversation regarding who was responsible for that. Then Hayden says when he fell off the roof she realized how much she cares for him. Nik says all the trust they built has been destroyed and their marriage is over. Hayden can't believe what she's hearing, but says they won't be divorcing because of what she knows about him. 

End of show!

The outside scenes today were a nice change of pace.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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