Friday, April 29, 2016

Maybe Our Jason Is Gone


Friday's Recap - 

Carly talks to Dr. Finn at The Metro Court about Jocelyn's kidney. Dr. Finn suspects her kidney came from the black market. Carly worries that if she doesn't find out where her kidney came from it could be a problem if Jocelyn develops health issues. She also notices that he eats a chocolate chop cookie and wonders why since he said he was diabetic. Dr. Finn asks her as a friend not to question him further on that. 

At GH, Brad makes excuses to hold off on getting married, which makes Lucas think he's stalling. Brad assures him that's not the case and promises they will find the right date/venue. Later Brad approaches Dr. Finn and asks why he requested time in the lab. Finn says he's conducting a specialized kind of research and refuses to tell Brad anything more. Meanwhile Lucas thinks he may have a solution to his and Brad's wedding issues. 

Over at the courthouse, Jordan comes to tell Anna she has her full support. Scotty tells Anna he's got a secret weapon to help her. Then Paul tells Anna not to count on Scotty to save her. Paul takes Anna aside and says he doesn't want to prosecute her, but Anna insists that the truth has to come out. Later the hearing begins and Paul lobbies to have Anna denied bail. He produces a file on Anna's mental state. Then Andre arrives and wants to speak on Anna's behalf. He takes the stand and gives Anna a glowing recommendation for bail. The judge grants Anna bail, much to Paul's disappointment. After Anna thanks Andre and hugs him. Jordan looks on with concern.

Carlos tells Michael in the interrogation room at the PCPD that he married Sabrina and he plans on getting out. Michael thinks Carlos married Sabrina so she couldn't testify against him. Carlos swears he loves Sabrina and Alexis is getting him off. Then Alexis shows up and asks to speak with Carlos alone. Michael questions Alexis for defending Carlos and implores Alexis to rethink the situation. After Alexis speaks with Carlos alone and tells him about the witness who claims he saw Carlos shoot Duke. Carlos thinks Sonny is behind the witness. Later Michael talks to Carlos again and Carlos says he wants to make a deal.

Sonny asks Jason at his office to help Michael from allowing Carlos to use Sabrina to get Michael in trouble. Jason wonders if Sonny is playing him, but Sonny swears he doesn't play his friends. Sonny claims he's only asking for Michael's sake. Jason is hesitant to get involved, which disappoints Sonny. Carly walks in and Jason decides to leave. After Carly talks to Sonny about how hard it is that Jason is different now. Sonny wonders if "their" Jason is gone. Back at the PCPD, Carlos offers to tell Michael where Sabrina is if Michael will break him out. Right then Jason shows up and sees Michael talking to Carlos. 

End of show!

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